5 Popular Varieties of Honey #WorldHoneyBeeDay

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Popular Varieties of Honey

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5 Popular Varieties of Honey

In celebration of the World Honey Bee Day, previously known as Honey Bee Awareness Day, being held the third Saturday in August, I thought a blog post about popular varieties of honey would be ideal! People are surprised to learn that there are over 300 varieties of honey in Canada and the United States. Honey is essential to our well-being and is known to be good for us! Keep reading, to learn more about a few of the most popular flavours. They just might surprise you!


Lavender honey has an intense flavour and smell. Scads of people claim it’s their favourite. But, it’s also considered a medicinal type of honey. It contains a number of amino acids that the human body uses in a number of ways.

Most notably, lavender honey is very high in levels of the amino acid tyrosine. Your body uses tyrosine to make neurotransmitters that help treat conditions such as anxiety and depression. Lavender honey also has powerful antioxidant and antifungal properties, to keep germs at bay.


Popular Varieties of Honey

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Acacia is a very popular honey variety due to its mild, sweet flavour. It’s great to use in a number of recipes because it doesn’t overpower the other flavours in the dish. Acacia honey has a relaxing effect, which helps you fall asleep at bedtime. This makes it a great addition to a soothing cup of chamomile tea.


Dandelion honey has a strong, unique taste that many people enjoy. It aids the body and dealing with digestive issues such as gastritis and constipation. Dandelion honey is great on toast when you pair it with butter. Or, try mixing a bit of it into a glass of water to make a simple and delicious beverage when you’re craving something sweet.


Popular Varieties of Honey

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Manuka is a popular variety of  honey made using the nectar of a New Zealand Manuka tree. Unlike many other honey blends, it has powerful antibacterial properties and can be used to help your body fight off infections. Manuka honey comes in a variety of products such as teas and creams which are designed to treat wounds, fight colds and relieve sore throats.


Though it has a bitter aftertaste, sage honey is popular for its relaxing effect. It’s also very effective at stopping coughs and relieving chest congestion when brewed into a tea. The next time you have a sore or scratchy throat, eat a tablespoon of sage honey. You should typically start to feel relief almost instantly.


5 Popular Varieties of Honey #WorldHoneyBeeDay

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    We use honey often at our house. I never knew there was five types of honey. This was a great article. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  2. kristen visser says:

    WOW…I actually had no idea there were so many other types of honey! That is amazing! whenever we do buy honey it is always the traditional/original honey. I will have to keep my eye out for some of the ones you mentioned !

  3. Laurie P says:

    I’ve never enjoyed Honey, but my kiddos sure do!

  4. Calvin F says:

    My favorite natural sweetener is honey.

  5. Lynda Cook says:

    This was a great read, I just learned some new facts about honey I did not know about!

  6. HEIDI C. says:

    We love honey and keep a variety of them at home for eating and for other natural purposes.

  7. LisaM says:

    This is all very fascinating. I’m not a fan of lavender but I’ll even give that one a try…

  8. Carole D. says:

    We love honey so delicious! I bought black honey in Mexico, it was so good.

  9. LILLIAN BROWN says:

    had no idea there were so many other types of honey, Thanks

  10. Kevin B says:

    I’ve tried manuka honey. I seem to remember it had a strong flavor.

    The lavender honey sounds very interesting to try

  11. Kristi says:

    I’ve never heard of dandelion or sage honey but I’d like to try both. I love eating raw honey.

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