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Save Time Cooking with HelloFresh – Review

For most families, the holidays is a busy time of the year. One of the tasks that can be a bit cumbersome to manage at this time of year is weekday meal preparation. With everyone’s busy schedules, prepping and cooking a fresh, healthy meal may be the last thing you feel like doing night after night. This holiday season, see how you can save time cooking with HelloFresh!

HelloFresh knows how busy this time of the year is for families. They want to help with their flexible subscription service that provides yummy recipes featuring fresh ingredients that get sent straight to your door every week. asked if these meals could help save my family time cooking during the holiday by trying their service for two weeks. I gladly accepted their offer.

Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin

I reviewed HelloFresh last year and I absolutely became a fan! Planning out what we were going to eat for that week became really simple since we only had to think about four nights a week versus seven of them. Since most of the ingredients are premeasured, the time spent in the kitchen is considerably reduced. My family’s favourite part about HelloFresh was the variety of meals we got to savour. Each one was different and delicious!

Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFresh

For this review, my family received two weeks’ worth of meals to cook and enjoy. I was really excited to see which culinary delights waited for us within our boxes.

With each week’s order you receive three meals to cook and enjoy. Each week’s shipment arrives in a refrigerated box to help keep ingredients cooler for longer. The recipes for each meal lays on top, with the produce separated from the meat (if selected). The meat sits upon a bed of ice packs to keep cool while being shipped.

Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin

There have been a few subtle changes to the way in which how the ingredients were shipped to my home. Before, the items for each meal were placed in smaller boxes to be separated once they arrived at your door. 

Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin

Now, the produce for each meal is separated into durable paper bags instead of the boxes. I loved this change as it made taking the items out of the shipping much easier.

Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin

When it came to preparing and cooking our meals, HelloFresh makes these tasks simple. The recipes for each meal are broken down into six steps to follow. Each meal should take about 30 minutes to create from start to finish.

Pork and Apple Burgers Hello Fresh Meal

Since my family had six meals to try, it was hard to choose just one or two as family favourites. For a fun night, we loved the ease of the Pork and Apple Burgers. They were so easy to make and we didn’t feel guilty about eating burgers and fries for dinner.

Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin

What surprised me the most about this recipe was the addition of the apples to this burger. We were curious as to how much of a difference they would make to the overall flavour of the dish. There was a subtle sweet flavour, enhancing the flavour of the pork. The potato wedges and side salad brought this meal together and we have a fabulous time eating them.

Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin
Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin
Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin

One-Pan Chicken Pot Pie Hello Fresh Meal

The meal that surprised us the most has to be the One-Pan Chicken Pot Pie. It was the perfect family meal to make you feel warm and cozy on a dreary late fall evening. I was not sure how easy it would be to put together a meal like this since the dumplings acting as the crust for this dish was to be made from scratch.

Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin

From start to finish, this meal was simply spectacular! Having many of the veggies and the chicken prepped and premeasured gave me a sigh of relief. It would have taken much longer to cook this meal if this step had not already been taken care of for me. Besides the dumplings, everything else went into the pan to cook before placing them in the oven to cook. We savoured every bite of this dish and will be on our minds for years to come.

Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin
Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin
Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin


Overall, having some of our weekly meals prepared for us ahead of time by HelloFresh really helped us save time cooking. With the produce and meat prepped and the steps to put each recipe together at your fingertips, each meal was a breeze to create. The best part of this experience had to be the variety meals within each box shipped to your home. They ranged from cozy family-style meals to fun meals to savour. It was truly a pleasure and a time saver for my family with each meal we ate! A subscription would also make a great holiday gift idea this year.

Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFreshPin
Save Time Cooking This Holiday Season with HelloFresh

Want to find out more about HelloFresh? You can visit them on their website or connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages!

Disclaimer: I received products from HelloFresh in order to conduct this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. I would love to receive their PRONTO Plan, fresh meals in under 30 minutes is what I need coming home from work tired and not wanting to cook.

  2. This would be an item I would get for my daughter as in the small towns in SK there is no home to home delivery and delivery trucks usually just leave every thing at our local Esso for the town to pickup from. My daughter likes a lot of veggies and her place doesn’t have an oven so it would have to be simple types like a crock pot or an electric frying pan type of meal.

  3. I would love the Hello Fresh Pronto Plan; my schedule is insane (without the holidays thrown in), so it would be perfect. I would love some bold, flavours and recipes from all around the world; my family has a very diverse cuisine palette and would dive whole-heartedly into any meal. Thanks!

  4. That chicken pot pie looks rather delicious. I would love anything that has great chicken and hearty vegetables… mostly greens and carb like vegetables.

  5. We are pretty experimental eaters and we love our classics and trying a few new recipes each week. I’d be open to any kind of meal.. love the idea that everything you need is in the box!

  6. We love casseroles in the winter but enjoy flexibility to avoid food sensitivities. I’m also trying to introduce different flavours to the little ones before they get too stuck in a rut.

  7. We love flexible ingredients for food sensitivities & to be able to introduce new flavours to the little ones. Casseroles great in winter!

  8. I like most of your yummy looking healthy meals. I am diabetic and on a low carb eating plan. Do you have salt free and sugar free meals?

  9. We would enjoy things like stir fries, and cuisine from different countries to try. Sometimes I don’t try recipes because I can’t find the fresh herbs required or cooking sauces in them. These meals would have them all. I love the convenience.

  10. I’d love meal kits with most of the prep done – don’t make me peel a potato! 🙂 Would love Hello Fresh, I’m sure!


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