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5 Easy Ways to Sleep Peacefully During Late Pregnancy

It is the last leg of your pregnancy, you are in your third trimester and coming in fast for the final stretch (pardon the pun). Pretty soon, you will be experiencing the happiness of being a parent first hand. You are so close that you think about it all the time, even dream about holding your bundle of joy, that is, IF you could get some quality sleep. Here are 5 easy ways to sleep peacefully during late pregnancy!

5 Easy Ways to Sleep Peacefully During Late PregnancyPin
5 Easy Ways to Sleep Peacefully During Late Pregnancy

Things are getting tougher with each passing day. Your belly feels like it weighs a million tons and any sudden movements make will make you just burst! You badly need regular sleep, but just cannot seem to get comfortable enough to fall asleep, or do anything about it for that matter. Your lower back hurts, your legs cramp, you feel dizzy and barfing all the time. The uncontrollable bladder is just the cherry on top, isn’t it?

Easy Ways to Sleep Peacefully during Late Pregnancy

What you are going through is not uncommon. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing in 2013, analyzed the most common symptoms experienced by pregnant women and concluded that about 79.9 % of the women experienced Polyuria, 75.6 % experienced Fatigue and 71.3 % experienced heart burn during the second and third pregnancy trimester.  All three of these conditions contribute a great deal to sleep disturbances during the latter part of pregnancy. These sleep disturbances, if left unaddressed are going to cause a lose out on precious sleeping time, not to mention increasing the risk of postpartum depression later on as well. 

How to get Some Snuggly Snoozes during Pregnancy?

You are not going to have to go it alone. We know it can get pretty exhausting dealing with the miracle of birth 24/7. That is why we will be giving you some sleep awesome tips to help you cope through the last few months of your pregnancy. We want you to sleep well, for your wellbeing and of course, for everyone around you. We know WE would not want to cross someone dealing with pregnancy hormones AND sleep deprivation.

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Tip # 1- Pillow Talk

And by pillow talk, we do not mean actually talking to your pillow. Well, you can do that too if you are into it and it helps. However, what we really mean to say is that you invest in a good pregnancy pillow for yourself. A pregnancy pillow is curved at all the right places and provides back, as well as tummy support.

There are a wide range of pregnancy pillows available in the market. Be sure to choose one that best suits your figure and provides support for your back. A memory foam mattress would not be a bad idea either. Remember, that in order to get a good night’s sleep during pregnancy, you will need to gear up!

Tip # 2- Sleep on your left Side

Doctors recommend sleeping on your left side during the latter part of pregnancy as it allows for optimal circulation of blood through your body. It also makes it easier for your baby to receive nutrients and oxygen through the placenta. A study published in 2011 suggested that pregnant women who sleep on their left side during the last months of pregnancy had a lesser risk of late stillbirth than those who slept either on their backs or on their right side. Sleeping on the left side during late pregnancy ensures better cardiac output and allows for better oxygen saturation for the baby.

Tip # 3- Don’t Force It!

Try not to force sleep. If you cannot get some shuteye while in bed, get up, walk around a bit, read a book, take a warm bath with your favourite essential oil or just write in your diary. Anything that helps you relax. For many women in their third trimester, sleeping on the bed can get pretty uncomfortable. Allow yourself to doze off even if you are on the couch, as long as you are comfortable.

Tip # 4 – Spousal Support

Ask your partner for help in getting some sleep, you are in together after all. Perhaps. you can request your significant other for a massage to help you relax and get some sleep. If you cannot sleep, or if there is something on your mind, talk to your partner. Let them know your thoughts and worries. This can work wonders in sorting through the thoughts that start crossing your mind once you get in bed. Once the thoughts are out on the table, you will feel much better.

Tip # 5 – Get Comfortable

Optimize yourself and your surroundings for your comfort. Wear your comfortable Pj’s and make sure that your environment induces sleep. Keep a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom. If you keep getting distracted by noise, play white noise sounds to help you relax and cancel out any commotion in your surroundings. Be prepared and keep all your essentials at the bedside table so that you do not have to get up in the middle of the night to get them or nag your partner, who would be fast asleep way before you. Invest in a humidifier to keep the snoring and nasal discomfort away during the last months.

Author Bio:

Eugene Gabriel has his BSc (Hons.) Degree in Psychology. He has always been fascinated by the effects of good quality sleep, or the lack of it on human productivity and overall well-being. He has helped thousands of individuals suffering from sleeping problems by teaching them about the healthy changes they need to make in their lifestyle in order to sleep peacefully. You can also follow him on his blog or on twitter @eugenegabrielj

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  1. A great post that will hopefully help to get a bit more sleep. I myself always sleep best whilst sleeping on my left side, never knew how good that was for me 🙂

  2. I was curious for the tips, I think now is a little late for me to get a pregnancy pillow as I think its mostly insomnia now. I def always try and sleep on my left side!


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