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B. Toys Review: Learning Through Play

Finding toys that my active youngster can play with and learn from is a constant struggle. B. Toys wants to help make this task easier for parents to accomplish with their range of toys for little ones, from newborns to those starting school.

My family was asked by B. Toys if my son could play with some of their toys to see if the bridge between educating and enjoying toys could be met. We were happy to see how much fun and learning he would experience with the items we received.

Who are B. Toys?

B. Toys want to inspire a child’s individuality by being playful and educational. They also want kids to enjoy their experience with their toys, whether it leads to be curious, happy, or adventurous because they want kids to B. exactly who they want to B.

B. toys’ new and improved official website, classifies its wide range of toys into 9 categoriesClassics, Pretend Play, Vehicles, Soft Toys, Active Play, Musical Toys, Bath Toys, Wooden Toys, STEM & Creative Learning Toys, and Summer/Outdoors Toys. Beyond shopping by age, shopping by category helps identify the best-suited toy(s) for your little one!”

B. Toys Review

I was excited to receive all the fun items from B. Toys. I must let you know that, at the time of this review, my son was about 16 months-old and that all the toys I reviewed are recommended for children aged 18 months – 3 years-old.

Below are the toys he played with:

B. Toys Review Products Pin

Toulouse-Lap Trec Magnetic Drawing Board Review

The Toulouse-Lap Trec Magnetic Drawing Board allows children to express their creativity wherever they go! This sketch board includes a magnetic pencil and four animal stamps (a bunny, dog, cat, and duck). This drawing board is recommended for children 18 months +.

B. Toys Review Drawing Board ReviewPin

This drawing board was a hit the moment I took it out of its packaging for my son! He quickly took the magnetic pencil out of its holder and started scribbling up a storm along its surface. He then began to get creative by using the animal stamps. His go-to stamp was the bunny. When on the move around our home, he takes it with him to continue his artwork.

B. Toys Review Baby rating Board Pin

I love how simple yet fun this toy is. The learning curve to using this board is a simple one.  A child can draw whatever they like, then simply wipe it away by pushing the bar up or down the board. My son didn’t need much instruction before mastering this product. It is also great that the stamps can be put back into place easily when they are no longer needed.   

Hi! Phone Toy Smartphone – Sliver Review

The Hi! Phone Toy Smartphone in Silver from B. Toys allows for kids to have fun-on-the-go. Kids can press the buttons to hear numbers 0 through 9, record messages and have them played back to them, and listen to four fun songs. This toy cellphone is recommended for children 18 months +.

B. Toys Review Phone Pin

We could not wait to give our son this toy! He is always trying to play with our smartphones if they are in reach, and now he has one of his own. It was fun to see the phone light up whenever he pressed the phone’s number buttons. The Record function is a mode that my son is not able to do on his own yet but is fun to use! My older children and I love recording messages and playing them back for our little one to hear.

B. Toys Review Baby Phone Pin

My little guy was also able to figure out how to use the Music mode that plays different types of music for a few seconds at a time. He liked trying to cycle through to hear them all over and over again. Finally, this phone’s Voice Mail button is really cute. When pressed, it shares a few pre-recorded messages. Our favourite one is, “I just wanted to tell you that you’re the bee’s knees!”

One area that some parents may take issue with this toy is one of the messages on the Answer button. The third message in the cycle says, “Hi there, Cutie Pie!” Some people may be offended by this statement being said to their child. This term was originally meant to be a term of endearment, but there may be some people who feel differently to having their child hear this message or use this statement to another child.

Another minor issue we had with this phone is that the volume for this toy is low. The volume is pre-set at one level. It was hard to hear what was being played for our son unless you held the phone close to your body. I understand that having the volume loud may hurt a child’s delicate ears, but I feel that the volume could be set a bit higher.

Mini Maestro Wooden Toy Piano Review

The Mini Maestro Wooden Toy Piano is a colourful toy that features 25 (two octaves) and a Music button that plays classical compositions. This instrument includes an illustrated songbook featuring six songs for young musicians to learn and play. This mini piano is recommended for children 3 years+.

B. Toys Piano ReviewPin

My little guy is into playing instruments, so when he saw this toy piano, he went straight to work on his first musical piece. The keys are small enough for my tike’s little hands, yet big enough for us to try as well. My guy was able to slide himself underneath the keyboard and explore each key as he pressed each of them. 

Even though my son is too young to read, we loved being able to read the notes and play as well. The Music button was also fun to press. My guy loves trying to play along with some of the songs played when this function was enacted.

B. Toys Review baby pianoPin

The minor issue I had with this toy is opposite to the one I had to the Hi! Phone. I feel the volume is set too loud. This toy is, again, pre-set at this level. I would prefer if there was a way to make the volume higher or lower.

Our Overall Thoughts on B. Toys

Overall, we loved all the toys B. Toys shared with us! Each toy allowed for my son to learn while having fun. My little one was also able to use his imagination with these toys and enjoy the journey they led him on. We also enjoyed going some of these journeys with him. Most of the toys were easy for my guy to use on his own without much instruction. Our biggest issues came from the lack of volume control for the HI! Phone and the Mini Maestro Wooden Toy Piano. If each of these items had a volume control button, it would have raised the level of fun we experienced. Without a doubt, we are excited to find more playtime ideas from B. Toys for our little guy in the future!

I learned more about B. Toys by following their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels.

Disclaimer: I was given these toys from B. Toys to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. I would like to give the TOULOUSE-LAP TREC MAGNETIC DRAWING BOARD to my grandson since he loves to use a crayon on a blank piece of paper.

  2. I would love to have the Light Me To The Moon – Blue
    Projector Flashlight for when my grandkids come to the lake
    in the summer. this would be so fun!


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