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3 Ways Coding Can Benefit Your Kids

Do your kids love video games? Every mom knows it can be a challenge to limit screen time. When you spend so much of your time on screens yourself, it isn’t easy to know how much is too much for your kids. However, you may be able to turn their screen time into something more productive. Coding courses for kids are becoming more and more popular in Ottawa and around North America as parents realize that coding is becoming an essential job skill. From basic HTML to Python, JavaScript, and C++, learning a programming language is a huge asset in many careers.

3 Ways Coding Can Benefit Your KidsPin
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3 Ways Coding Can Benefit Your Kids

Coding Courses in Ottawa

Local moms can find coding camps in Ottawa that run during the summer or evening and weekend coding courses during the school year. Summer camps tend to last a couple of weeks and kids learn in an immersive environment every day, while school-term courses involve a couple of hours each week for the length of the term.

If your kids love playing video games, whether they’re console games or phone apps, ask if they’d like to learn how they work and how to make their own. Coding camps start by teaching them the foundational skills they need to program. As kids progress, they learn the more advanced programming languages and tools they need to express their own creativity by modifying and building their own games.

3 Ways Coding Can Benefit Your KidsPin
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How Kids Benefit from Coding

#1 Better Math Skills

There’s a close relationship between programming and math, but they’re not the same thing. To start with, advanced programming will introduce mathematical concepts like trigonometry, which is essential for calculating arcs and the movement of a projectile.

As more advanced coders play around with what they can do, they will find places where they need mathematical tools to find the answer. Programming gives them the motivation to learn these math concepts first, and that can make learning the math skills easier.

Learning to code also improves kids’ problem-solving skills. It flexes the same muscles you use to approach a math problem, with logic and precision.

3 Ways Coding Can Benefit Your KidsPin
Learning coding

#2 A Creative Outlet

Coding can be just like learning how to draw or build something, it’s just done on a computer. It’s another way kids can explore their creativity and make something unique. While from the outside, coding can sometimes look computational and mathematic, it’s also a means to a creative end.

Coding courses show kids how the commands they input change the end result. They can start playing around with video games making changes and eventually even designing some of their own stuff.

#3 Career and Education Opportunities

Computer sciences, video game design, app development, web development, and more are all big growth industries. When you sign your kids up for coding camp, you’re opening a door for them in the future if they want to pursue video games, web development, or computer sciences in school and as a career.

3 Ways Coding Can Benefit Your KidsPin
3 Ways Coding Can Benefit Your Kids

Even if they choose not to pursue computer sciences, learning how to code is like learning a language. No matter what you do later in life, it will be a huge job asset.

You might be surprised how early kids can start learning how to code. Find a coding camp in Ottawa and learn more about signing up your kids.

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  1. It is good to get the young ones familiar with Coding as it is our future. Sometimes I cannot believe how quickly children catch on to technology.


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