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5 Ways To Deal With A Friend Who’s Always Busy

Friends are one of this world’s greatest treasures. They’re the people unrelated to you yet are the ones you spend a lot of time with and whose interests match yours to a tee. But, as you all take different paths in life, certain circumstances may lead some to focus on things outside of friendship.

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When one of your buddies is too busy to hang out, what do you do then? Aside from respecting their boundaries and understanding their situation, here are several ways you can do to let them know you’re still thinking about them:

1. Send Them A Gift

Nothing perks up a person more than sending them a little gift when they least expect it. They don’t need a special occasion to receive something from you either. You can send over just about anything you think will make them smile.

If you’d rather not give them something to add to their collection (whatever it is), you can deliver a care package filled to the brim with snacks and home spa kits. Put in a handwritten letter, too, to make it more personalized and straight from your heart.

Moreover, why not go the extra mile and send a bunch of flowers? Flowers are an excellent gift for when you run out of ideas of what to give. A great flower for friends would be the classic rose but opt for the colour yellow, which symbolizes friendship. Other blooms you can offer are sunflowers, Gerbera daisies, and chrysanthemums. Not only will these show your friend that you care, but they’ll also add some natural beauty to their home or work desk. They’re perfect for those who work from home.

2. Do Quick, Simple Stuff Together

You and your friend might be yearning to meet up just to get away from responsibilities but can’t find the perfect schedule to do so. Instead of setting up a whole day to do something fun, grab some lunch or dinner together. A quick meal will allow you to catch up without feeling pressured to make the most of the time since you know that you can meet up again. You could also run errands or pick up groceries during weekends together. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s the thought and your presence that counts.

You can also schedule a video call after work hours. Even a simple catch-up via a call can brighten up their day. Watching a movie also doesn’t require you to enter a cinema either, not with available online streaming and screen-sharing services. You can even just host a virtual watch party and hang out together without needing to step out of your homes.

3. Work Around Their Schedule

Sometimes, your friend is just too busy with life and work that they can’t make some free time no matter how hard they try. If you have a relatively flexible schedule, you can take their schedule into consideration.

Don’t hesitate to ask your friend when they can take a holiday. Knowing this will allow you to narrow down other dates wherein you’re free, too. Once you land on a date when you’re both not swamped with work, start planning something you can do together.

Your friend deserves time off to unwind, especially if they’re a parent. Plan a simple night out where your friend can enjoy with the rest of the gang. It’s a great time for them to fill their cup and take care of themselves for a change. They shouldn’t feel guilty for having a mom’s night out from time to time, after all.

4. Ask How You Can Support Them

In some cases, your friend might be too busy to notice that they are. When you realize their absence in all your favourite hangout spots and on social media, take the initiative to check up on them. Sometimes, it only takes a concerned friend to pull them out of the water.

Once their head is out of the surface, ask your friend what you can do to support them. They might say that all is well and everything’s in control. Despite that, at least they know that they matter to you. Send them a brief message from time to time, too. It can be anything from a simple ‘good morning’ or ‘have a great day’ to help them start their morning positively.

And when your friend initiates a conversation, like asking you to send them funny videos or cookie recipes, make sure to reply promptly. If that’s what it takes to keep your friendship alive, then, by all means, send those links of funny animal videos.

5. Accept That Friendships Can Change

It’s been said that the only permanent thing in this world is change. That applies to everything under the sun, which includes your friendships.

Friendships, like rivers, ebb and flow as the years go by. More so if your friendship started as early as childhood. You and your friend will follow different paths as you grow older, which may separate you over time. But if you genuinely value their companionship, it won’t be a challenge to adjust to your friend’s life schedule, as they will with yours.

Even if you don’t hang out often as you did or talk as much, that doesn’t immediately mean your friendship is gone for good. Remember, things change. Trust that, one day, you and your friend will eventually have time to meet up. And in between those days, you could always text or call each other. Or you could send each other a funny birthday card on your special days, whatever works for you both.

5 Ways To Deal With A Friend Who’s Always BusyPin

In Conclusion

These are only some ways to deal with a busy friend. Understanding how your friendship works is the first step. That’s how you’ll know which methods effectively keep you and your friend together for a long time. It may also strengthen the relationship you have now.

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