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TuxMat Custom Car Mats Review

Upgrading your vehicle from summer fun to fall and winter adventures is easy with TuxMat Custom Car Mats! We were thrilled to review a set of TuxMat custom car mats in our family vehicle and wow, do they ever make a big difference! They instantly give the interior of your vehicle an upgrade while maintaining the cleanliness of your original vehicle floors. These car mats are a game changer!

Fall vehicle maintenance 

With summer coming to an end, you might be thinking about your fall vehicle maintenance routine. After all, you just spent all summer with ins and outs of summer activities, travelling here and there with the kids and the dogs and the neighbour next door, as a mother myself, I know what the back seats can go through, especially the floors! Even with rubber mats that came with our vehicle, you can see how dirty it can get! 

car matsPin

Get your vehicle ready for fall and winter plus prevent those nasty street salt stains that never come out by investing in a new set of floor mats. Not just any floor mats, the TuxMat! 

TuxMat floor mats review

TuxMat is a Canadian company specializing in saving your vehicle floors with their genius custom floor mats to fit your vehicle and lifestyle needs. They are like a special suit of armour, protecting your vehicle’s floors from spills, dirt and stains. 

TuxMat Custom Car Mats ReviewPin
TuxMat Car Mats Front

TuxMat Custom Car Mats are made of durable, three-layer material. The top layer is high quality PVC to protect from spills and wetness that come from winter boots and rainy day shoes. The second layer is EVA, it is the material that makes the vertical dimension of TuxMat possible, which makes cleaning it easier possible. The third layer is sound proofing, anti-skid cloth, which also protects your vehicle’s carpet from wear and tear. These mats are surprisingly super soft for driving comfort! 

Tuxmat Car matsPin
TuxMat Car Mats Back

Did I mention you can get them for many different models of vehicle? You can get Tuxmat car mats for the front seats, back seats and also trunk if you want the whole kit. 

Easy to install TuxMat Car Mats

Its straightforward installation with TuxMat Custom Car Mats following the instructions. Make sure your truck is clean and you remove any old mats. Install TuxMat floor mats with ease using the tools and accessories included with the mats. If you cannot figure it out on your own, there is a handy video available to show you how to install TuxMat custom car mats if you want to see how it’s done! 

YouTube video

Easy to clean TuxMat Car Mats

Don’t worry about scrubbing with TuxMat; just pass a vacuum to pick up any debris and wipe it down with a soap and water cloth. Keep the car doors open and your TuxMats will air dry in minutes! Check out the video below! It’s that simple! 

YouTube video

I cannot express how great the TuxMat looks in our Jeep Cherokee! It’s like a mini facelift for your vehicle, super easy to install and makes the interior look better than new. 

Before TuxMat Car Mats vs After TuxMat Car Mats

TuxMat Custom Car Mats Pin

Just look at the amazing difference between the before and after photos above of these custom car mats! It’s like night and day; our old jeep mats vs our new TuxMat car mats? TuxMat wins this contest hands down! 

Benefits of TuxMat Car Mat

  • Custom available for many newer models of vehicles
  • Luxurious matching surface finish
  • Three layer vehicle floor protection
  • Covers nearly the entire vehicle flooring
  • Available for front floors, back floors and trunk
  • 4.9 rating on Google
  • Made in Toronto Canada 
  • Reliable way to invest in your vehicle for the long run

Final thoughts about TuxMat Custom Car Floor Mats 

I’ve never personally put much thought into custom floor mats for vehicles but honestly, I can see TuxMat floor mats being a huge game changer as school starts up again and then winter hits. After school snack crumbs, unknown spilled substances, and shoe dirt will be no more, at least not on our suv floors! 

The next time you give your vehicle its seasonal clean up; get that trash bag going, vacuum the crumbs and sand from the seats, and be sure to have some TuxMat custom car mats on hand for the finishing touch. Installed for winter, great all year round. We hope this car mats review will help you! 

Learn more about TuxMat Car Mats

For more information, you can visit TuxMat!

You can also follow them on their FacebookInstagram, and YouTube channels!

Disclaimer: I received TuxMat Custom Car Mats to conduct this review. The views I expressed are my own.

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