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Scooting Around Town With Globber Scooter Review

When you live in Canada, you REALLY appreciate when Spring finally arrives! Especially if you’re cooped up in the winter with a 3 and 5 year old. The first second we can get out and get some fresh air daily we are on it! My two boys love going for walks, bike rides, but mostly scootering. We were excited to get a chance to go scooting around town with the award winning Globber Scooter and review the Primo foldable model with lights!

Globber Primo Foldable Scooter ReviewPin
First scooter ride out after the COVID 19 lockdown began.

We had bought my eldest son Jax, an awesome Primo lights scooter from Globber that we picked up at Mastermind Toys last year. Hudson couldn’t quite grasp the scooter just yet so he would walk instead. When this Spring came around he would try to steal Jax’s Globber Scooter and it looked like he was ready to join his big brother. Naturally we had to get the exact same model for Hudson right down to the colour. (story of our lives lol) We were able to find the exact same one in at Toys R Us.

We were so delighted when Globber reached out to us wanting us to review the high quality Primo foldable scooter with lights! I mean, we already LOVE their original so why not have a third that folds hanging around!? 

Globber Primo Foldable Scooter ReviewPin
Jax super excited about all the Globber Primo Foldable scooter with lights and it’s features!

Globber Scooter: Primo Foldable with lights Review

We love everything about these wheel scooters and they have been pretty central to our lives since the world shut down in March due to COVID 19. Our lengthy scooter walks are one of the things that kept us sane and optimistic during the lockdown. And the boys got so good and fast at it over the weeks that we were running to keep up with them. It became such a daily routine that my husband and I both bought bikes to keep up! It sure is a lot easier to follow them around now on our bikes while they ride their Globber Scooters! And this was also the start of another hobby for us during the pandemic.

Globber Primo Foldable Scooter ReviewPin
Scooting around the neighbourhood loving life!

I love that the Globber scooter will last a long time since it holds up to 110 lbs! Being an adjustable scooter with a 3-height T-bar, it’s recommended for kids aged 3 to 6+ making it a worthwhile investment!

The foldable scooter also offers a direction button lock which keeps the scooter moving straight if needed. Helps them scoot away independently until they are ready to transition from a three to two wheeler. What do my boys like the best? The lights of course!

Globber Scooter ReviewPin
Globber Primo Foldable Scooter

Globber Scooter Highlights:

  1. Folding scooter with push button folding
  2. system
  3. Easy-to-use
  4. Wide scooter deck with reinforced metal body
  5. frame
  6. Anti-slip deck design
  7. Extra large wide integrated brake which
  8. supports up to 110 lbs
  9. Adjustable scooter with 3-height T-bar
  10. Available in: Lime green, Navy, Blue, Pink
  11. Suggested Age: 3-6
Globber Primo Foldable Scooter ReviewPin
Scootering is hard work. Time for a break and some deep thoughts!

Globber Scooter Available at:

  • Toys “R” US, HBC, Indigo and Mastermind, your local toy stores
  • MSRP: $99.99

My boys truly love this scooter for kids and it looks like I might be buying a SECOND Globber foldable scooter! How did you stay active during the lockdown with high energy little ones?!

Born and raised in Ottawa, I’m a wife and mom of two beautiful toddler boys that keep me busy having fun at home and running all over the city exploring new adventures. I studied Communications and Marketing at Carleton University which led me to a Marketing career in the Shopping centre and Real estate industries. That led me to selling homes. I’m currently employed in my hardest and most rewarding role of all, as a Stay at home mom. I love being a mom and am a huge kid at heart, hence why I love taking my kids to everything and experiencing all that this city has to offer. I’m fun loving, love shopping, reading, and watching movies. I also am a dog lover and have a beautiful German Shepherd Nika.

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  1. What I like best of the Globber Scooter: Primo Foldable Scooter with lights! is that it is adjustable with 3-height T-bar.

  2. I like that the Globber Scooter grows with your child. That it can support up to 110 pounds and has adjustable 3-height T-bar. This is such a cute scooter and my grandson would really enjoy it!

  3. I love the push button folding option – my kids often scoot TO our destination but end up walking back (sometimes because they’re tired, sometimes because it starts raining, sometimes because we buy an ice cream…), so it’d be great to be able to quickly fold up the scooter (which I end up carrying…).

  4. I really like that it has a reinforced wide scooter deck and lights. The scooter deck makes the scooter safer to drive as to do the lights, allowing for better visibility. Thank you for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  5. I love direction button lock as my granddaughter is only 3 and is just learning how to use her cousins scooter

  6. There is a few things I like about this. I like that it folds up nicely for storage and the scooter grows with your child which is very nice.

  7. What I like best about the Globber Scooter: Primo Foldable Scooter with lights is the extra large wide integrated brake

  8. The thing I like best about the Globber Primo Foldable Scooter with lights is the 3-height T-bar since it prolongs the years of usage as your child grows. Your child can enjoy the scooter for years instead of just one season.

  9. My grandchildren always like popsicles or going out to the ice cream truck when it passes. I think they would rather make the Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles Recipe to enjoy later in the day.

  10. Such an amazing Scooter that my granddaughter would love. I love that it folds down for easy storage. Great for the cottage or around their subdivision.

  11. I love that it’s foldable, therefore easy to store and easy to take with you to the park, Grandma’s house, camping.

  12. I love that this scooter has LIGHTS!!! my daughter loves when things light up like her shoes and I know she would be totally excited for the feature

  13. my daughter would absolutely love to make the Princess Belle Paper Doll Craft! she loves the disney princesses with Belle being one of her favs

  14. definitely want to try out the watermelon strawberry lemonade. Looks delicious and refreshing. perfect for this time of year

  15. You have wonderful giveaways and they are great for my grandchildren so I tend to enter most of them because they are fun and educational thanks for all your wonderful work.

  16. I really like that this scooter is adjustable. It is great when you can adjust an item like this to fit different sizes which can grow with kids. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  17. I love that it folds! We have one that doesn’t and taking it apart to pack it is sometimes difficult to do.

  18. What I like about the Globber Scooter is the Wide scooter deck, Adjustable scooter with 3-height T-bar for growing child. Would be so much fun.

  19. The feature I like the most about the Globber scooter is the adjustable 3-height T-bar. This looks safe and stable.

  20. I really enjoyed this review. I think it’s cool that the scooter has a 110 lb limit – so that means it’s going to be playable for a while (and possibly an excellent hand-me-down for other tots!).

    What a great tool to keep the little ones active. IT LIGHTS UP? Amazing 👍😍

  21. I think it has a great deal of good qualities but I like the convenience of foldability,the safety issue with lights and it is very practical having the ability to adjust as your child grows.

  22. The thing I like best about te scooer is that it is compact for storage. So many people have storage problems and this is so compact. Thanks for the chance to win this excellent prize. ♥

  23. the scooter would be great gift for my neighbour’s little girl. they just had a loss in the family and this little one is always sad. it might just put a smile on her face.


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