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Saving The Environment And Your Wallet With Electric Scooters


As we become more aware of our individual role in preserving the planet for future generations, we start looking for technologies that allow us to reduce our footprint on the environment as much as possible. Conventional transportation technologies are among the greatest contributors to pollution and the green house effect. We all need to get to work, shopping, or school and it’s getting particularly difficult to achieve such simple tasks in a crowded city. Electric scooters are the rising form of transportation today, gaining more and more popularity among the fans of environmental friendly technology and cost efficiency. Together with their amazing energy effectiveness and zero gas-related costs, electricity powered scooters are not only a great transportation alternative, but also the perfect solution for daily leisure.

The Features Of Electric Powered Scooters

For those who already use electric scooters, knowing that they are no longer playing a role in the pollution problem that the planet is currently facing is satisfaction enough. For many who consider getting one, the electric scooter is also an appealing transportation alternative simply because it takes away the worry of refueling and paying for the fuel. Within the context of rising gas prices, it becomes obvious why paying only 5 cents to recharge your electric scooter is far more appealing than going to the gas pump. A lifestyle choice, an electric scooter has many great benefits, including:

  • Adults, as well as kids, can use them successfully in their everyday transportation and leisure activities
  • Such machines are ideal for crowded urban areas, where easy parking and simply getting somewhere on time is no longer possible with traditional cars without wasting a lot of time and consuming a lot of energy
  • The smooth and effortless ride over different surfaces makes these scooters a versatile means of transportation adaptable to a variety of situations
  • Stopping is very easy due to their advanced braking system, which makes them quite safe for anyone who rides them
  • Access in public buildings is no longer an issue with electric powered scooters, while gas-powered scooters are still not allowed inside public buildings
  • Electric bikes are designed and built to last for many years, which makes them a long term investment
  • They are also quite cheap compared to other intermediate bikes, so you don’t need to worry about spending a fortune buying one
  • Although gas consuming scooters may be more powerful and faster, electric scooters can just as well climb up most hills due to their lightweight structure
  • They are relatively noiseless, which is a great advantage when you are dealing with complaining neighbors.

The smaller electric scooters from Scooteretti enjoy an excellent reputation even among those who have never considered owning one. Their size and light weight makes them suitable for women, children, and men, without any problems. They are so easy to park and navigate through the heavy traffic, which is a real blessing in a really jam-packed city.

As no harmful carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere, the electric scooter is God’s gift for environmentally conscious individuals. Although charging the battery implies that power plants still need to produce carbon dioxide, the actual impact on the environment is minuscule when compared to any other form of gas-guzzling transportation alternatives. Owning an electric scooter improves air quality, reduces pollution, and limits the effects of global warming. What more could you ask for from your transportation solution? Smaller operation and maintenance costs. Achieved! The electric scooter has almost no energy costs and caring for such equipment is more than reasonable.

About the author: Jennifer Hutchinson is a freelance writer and a passionate blogger who loves share her tips on how live in a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.


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  1. If I was still childless, I’d be all over one of these… sadly there is no room for a booster 😉

  2. I’ve seen so many of these around our city! They really are great for people who don’t need a lot and need something eco-friendly and affordable to zip around town 🙂

  3. There really are so many positives with a scooter. I do have concerns about where scooters are permitted to ride though. Ottawa seems unclear about where they are allowed, add in the NCC places and nobody has the answer. Pedestrians have to be safe on sidewalks and paths, but are roads the right place?

  4. In the Ottawa area you are permitted to use these electric scooters on all roads where a bicycle is permitted along with the bike lanes. You are not permitted to use them on bike paths.

    On the Gatineau side you are permitted to use them on all roadways where a bicycle is permitted, bike lanes, and bike paths owned by the City of Gatineau.

    NCC bike paths on both the Ottawa and Gatineau sides do not permit them on the pathways, but bike lanes and roadways are all OK.

    Parking of your electric scooter is permitted on sidewalks and municipal parking lots and it’s all free of charge!

    hope this helps clarify the legalities, and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to email at sales@scooteretti.com or call us at 613-244-0000

    Owner, Scooteretti

  5. I think these scooters are great for the environment but I do think that the drivers should have to take some kind of minimal test because there’s been a lot of different kinds of accidents around my area.


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