26 Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids

Your kids will have so much fun making these pipe cleaner crafts!

When you have younger kids, you don’t have to worry about toys and gadgets that cost a small fortune. Smaller kids enjoy the simpler things in life. Take advantage of this while you can because when they get older, simple crafts won’t be their first choice. Little kids though love crafts that use some of the most basic craft supplies. The best part for moms is that these pipe cleaner supplies can be found in dollar stores and Walmart for really cheap.

26 Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids

What Can You Make With Pipe Cleaners?

Pipe cleaners are one of those things that can be used in thousands of different ways. You can also find pipe cleaners in a variety of colours. During the holidays, you can even find some that have tinsel mixed in with the material for a festive touch. They can also be used for making wreaths if you have any left over after your child’s projects.

Pipe cleaners can be used to make jewelry, rainbows, finger puppets, flowers, decorative pens, ornaments, crowns, and so much more. Hit up your local dollar store and stock up on a variety of colours. You’re going to need them for all the awesome crafts below. There are so many fun crafts that your little ones are going to love.

26 Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids

Fun Pipe Cleaner Crafts

With over 26 different crafts to choose from, you’re bound to find something your kids will love making. Most of the other supplies needed can also be found at Walmart or your local dollar store. Choose a few of these crafts and put together craft kits or busy bags for rainy days. You’ll love being able to pull these out of the cabinet and have something for those times when your kids are bored.

Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids

  1. Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Bracelet
  2. Hungry Caterpillar Simple Bead and Pipe Cleaner Craft
  3. Coffee Filter Butterfly
  4. Styrofoam Cup Mini Spring Flower Pots
  5. Pipe Cleaner Puppet
  6. Pony Bead Fish
  7. Easy Cross Pencil Toppers
  8. Pipe Cleaner Bird Feeder Kids Camp Craft Lightning
  9. Pipe Cleaners and Melted Beads Spring Ornaments
  10. Kid Friendly Spring Flower Vases
  11. Dr. Seuss Craft Cain The Hat Pencil Topper Finger Puppet
  12. Easy Monsters Finger Puppets
  13. Stick Bug
  14. Pool Noodle Spiders
  15. Pipe Cleaner Creations
  16. Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Magnet
  17. Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes
  18. Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets
  19. Pipe Cleaner Crafts – Make 5 Minute Crowns
  20. Button Pipe Cleaner Rings
  21. Pipe Cleaner Bottle Bird Feeder
  22. Fine Motor Skill Flower Beading
  23. Pipe Cleaner Snail
  24. Pipe Cleaner and Bead Snake Craft
  25. Nella The Princess Knight Bubble Wands
  26. Pipe Cleaner Fishing Game

I hope you enjoyed these Pipe Cleaner Crafts For Kids round up as much as I did! Also, check out all of our crafts!

What do your kids make with pipe cleaners? Share your ideas below so that we all have even more ways to keep our little ones busy.

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