Nursery Decor Tips For Safety, Development, and Style – Part 3

Nursery Decor Tips For Safety, Development, and Style – Part 3

The final instalment in my Nursery Decor Tips For Safety, Development, and Style, is by far the best part. When the paint has finally dried, the last picture has been hung, and the last teddy bear placed on the shelf, the awaited arrival of your little one will seem much more real and a lot more exciting (if that’s even possible)!

These simple and easy to follow nursery decor tips will point you in the right direction and help get you started on giving your little bundle their fabulous space that they will laugh, cry, and grow up in.

Part 3

Decorating For Style


Nursery Decor Tips For Safety, Development, and Style - Part 3
Nursery room


Exit duck and clown art- Nursery decor is less about using the juvenile patterns we are use to seeing in the past, and more about being an extension of your home. By bringing your decorating choices throughout your home into the nursery you will increase the life of your design and allow for a more consistent and comforting feeling into your little ones bedroom. Nursery’s are now sweet without looking immature, and sophisticated without being pretentious.

Nix the matchy-matchy mindset- Matching all your nursery pieces is a thing of the past. Adding a more eclectic feeling to your nursery by using mismatched pieces can help increase the longevity of your design. It adds depth and an interesting atmosphere that your little bean can grow into, and is less likely to make you tire of the decor and want to redecorate in a couple of years.

Wall decals – These are huge for nursery decorating because they are cheap, extremely easy and fool proof to use. They also peel off without damaging paint when you want a change. A great website to visit is . They sell countless wall decals and have tips and ideas for using their products.


Nursery Decor Tips For Safety, Development, and Style
A white bassinet


Grey – The grey colour can be coupled with every colour imaginable. Grey is gender neutral and is seen everywhere for the coming year.

Black and white with pops of colour add loads of drama and sophistication.  It will add interest, stimulation and a definite cool vibe.

Traditional made modern – There is a more modern approach to nursery decor by taking traditional furnishings and adding pops of colour. For example- DIY by taking an old rocking chair and modernize it with gorgeous paint colours.


Nursery Decor Tips For Safety, Development, and Style - Part 3
Nursery Decor Tips For Safety, Development, and Style – Part 3


Decorating your baby’s space is easier and even more enjoyable now than it ever was. Nursery decor is all grown up, and the predictable designs and boring decorating choices of yesterday are long gone. In today’s nursery you will find a more sophisticated, advanced, stylish, and usable spot that your little one will enjoy and grow in for years to come.

Don’t forget to read Part 1 and Part 2 of the series!

Happy decorating and best wishes! ūüôā

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