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OSIM uCozy 3D Back Massager Review

Suffering from back problems? I know what that’s like! I was so happy to be given the opportunity to review the OSIM uCozy 3D Massager!

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Moms, Dads, you know it was a long summer; fun but long. You may have been able to relax somewhat but let’s face it, we all know how busy us parents are when we are out trying to enjoy summer and also entertain our children! Now it’s our turn to sit back and get really relaxed. As the kids are getting ready to get back to school why not try something new for you for the office or at home!

Tense muscles can cause you to have a tense day, wouldn’t it be nice to have a masseuse at your disposal? For less than several masseuse sessions, you can do just that with a robotic massage device that will change how you see personal massage devices!

OSIM uCozy 3D Back Massager Review

The uCozy 3D Back Massager by OSIM is a must-have accessory for those who have tight backs and muscle aches that can make everyday life painful.

This massage machine uses targeted 3D kneading massage with ergonomically designed 3D massage nodes and firm dual-directional kneading action to the uCozy 3D provides deep tissue relief for body aches. To further enhance your massage experience, the angled design of the uCozy 3D cradles your neck for a snug, intense and targeted massage. Use anywhere, anytime, the portable uCozy 3D neck and shoulders massager can be used in the comfort of your home, on your office chair, or even in the car (with the car adapter).

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How to use the uCozy 3D Back Massager

You can use the uCozy 3D Back Massager to relax tense and stressed out muscles while you’re commuting, sitting at your desk at work, or while you’re checking over the kid’s homework.

It’s quite versatile and can be used on various parts of the body like the neck and shoulders, mid back, lower back, hip, leg, arm or any other part that hurts. There’s one button which functions as the power and heat off/on button and on the other end of the device is the plug outlet. Unfortunately, this is not battery or blue tooth operated so you do need to be near an electrical outlet or car adapter to use it. Both plugs for home and car are included along with the instructions manual.

The warmth function promotes circulation and further alleviates muscle aches, leaving you refreshed after each massage session. With the click of a button, you can turn off the heat function for a regular massage.

Check out the video below to see it in action!

YouTube video

uCozy 3D Massager benefits

  • Soothing warmth function that promotes circulation and helps relieve muscle aches leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed after each session.
  • Targeted 3D kneading massage with ergonomic designed 3D massage nodes and firm dual direction massaging, provides deep tissue relief for body aches and pain.
  • The angled design of the uCozy 3D massager further enhances your experience by cradling your neck for a snug, intense and targeted massage.
  • Use at home or on the go. uCozy 3D massager comes with both a regular plug and a special car adapter for use at home or while travelling!
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The device starts off warm with kneading massage one way and after a few minutes switches direction for the ultimate massage. It also has a timer so it doesn’t overwork itself or your muscles. It shuts off manually by holding down the power button for a few seconds. You’ll know when it’s off because the massage motor stops as does the light and heat. You can’t go wrong with its one button control.


I have the uCozy 3D Back Massager and I honestly love mine. It feels like actual strong hands kneading the knots out of the worst spots from my neck down to my hips, all while sitting in a chair. My husband and my young adult daughter also now use the uCozy for their muscle relaxing needs after work. We all agree it’s been a blessing in disguise!

The uCozy 3D Back Massager by OSIM is like having your own personal masseuse anytime you need them. Functional and portable, I would definitely recommend getting this as a luxury gift for yourself or a loved one!

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Want your own personal massage device for the home or office? Visit OSIM Canada to check out their latest and greatest in home and office massage technology! You can also follow OSIM on Facebook or Instagram to see what they’ve been up to!

Who? Rose. I’m Rose. A 40 year old mother from Canada who is recently discovering who she really is in more than one way. For the longest time, I lived as someone I was not. Brainwashed by people who were supposed to nourish and protect their child. I blamed myself. Now, I blame nobody. I choose to make changes for myself. For my body, for my spirit. Even if it took me this long. It’s better now than ever. Life isn’t an easy journey but it’s your journey. No matter who you are, where you come from or what you did in your past; it’s never too late to start over and really, truly find yourself. It took me years of trial and error trying to find myself. Call me a “late bloomer” but I’d rather be late than have never bloomed at all.

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  1. I would order this one uCozy 3D Back Massager I was in a car accident and hurt my neck back and my knees I can bring this with me and use it anywhere

  2. I would love to try the uLove 2 Massage Chair because my family has a lot of chronic pain issues. Not only does this chair look awesome, it would be an absolute dream to relax in at the end of the day… Or any time. How amazing is that!

  3. My hubby and I would love to have the “uSqueez 2 Smart Foot Massager”. It has 5 different settings too. We both suffer from sore feet at the end of each day so I guess we’d have to toss a coin as to who got to use it first.

  4. If my budget would allow it; I would love to try the uDream Well-Being Chair. It would be my dream to own one. I pick nail salons for a pedicure on the basis that they have a massage chair. I am always tense and the chair would help me relax and be more flexible

  5. If i could try something else it would have to be the uMist Aroma. Always love scents that fill my home with a sense of clean and feel relaxing with essential oils. Plus, looks like a nice a lovely styled design to own keeping the room humidified.

  6. The 3D back massager sounds wonderful, however the uJolly Back Massager would help with the pain I get in my back and also my shoulders.

  7. I would love to win the back messager. I have lower and middle back pain. And a heating pad just don’t cot it. Would love to win!

  8. i would like the uJolly Back Massager because it would help me with back and shoulder pain. I would like the heat and that it can give relief in only 15 minutes.

  9. Looks like they have some high quality products on their website and a good collection of different stuff as well. I would probably try the foot massager as having been a athlete in the past and heavier in the past I now have some arthritic feet that pops up once or 2x a year. It can be very painful and the uSqueez 2 Smart Foot Massager looks like it would be phenomenal to promote blood flow. I seem to get these flares after running for more than a couple miles and it lasts days so I’m sure this would help recovery time from a week to like 1-3 days.

  10. I would love to try the uCozy 3D Back Massager
    $238.00 $198.00. I have a serious fall and hurt my back. I would love to give this massager a try.

  11. As someone who suffers from chronic back pain issues, I would benefit from the therapeutic relief of the uCozy 3D Back Massager. I would love to try it!

  12. I’d love to try the uSqueez 2 Smart Foot Massager. I love foot massages but have no one to give them to me so this would be awesome.

  13. I would love to try the uLove 2 Massage Chair, because my back bothers me so much, and I think this could help with that. Plus it’s just amazing!

  14. I’d love to try the uDivine V Massage Chair because it looks comfortable and like it would address a lot of my pain issues.

  15. I would choose the uCozy 3D Back Massager. It’s probably the best for relief to the tops of the shoulders and can also be used on the legs and stomach.

  16. Would love to try the uCozy 3D Back Massager because have back problems from sitting in office for 8 plus hours this looks like it would help a great deal.

  17. While the massage chairs look interesting, I’d most want to try this back pillow massager simply because of it’s convenient size!

  18. I love would to have the uLove2 massage chair because my family all love massage chairs after trying one in our hotel room overlooking Niagara falls

  19. The word for Thursday is Products Please delete my previous reply, as it shows my email address.
    Thank you so much, and sorry for the error. Deb