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My Gym Ottawa Review

I stumbled upon My Gym Ottawa from another Ottawa mom’s Instagram stories. It looked so cool that I knew I had to check out their gymnastics classes for myself, and when I showed Jax, he was so excited, we just couldn’t wait to get there to try it out!

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My Gym Ottawa: NOT Your Typical Gymnastics Centre

Boutique style classes for kids

Now let me tell you, My Gym Ottawa is NOT your typical gymnastics centre – it has more of a boutique-type feel. The classes are gymnastics based to help children build physical development skills but incorporate cognitive and social/emotional development through a series of games, puppet shows and team building activities.

Excellent value for your money

Since Jax just turned 4, we chose My Gym Ottawa Mighty Mites classes since it’s age appropriate catering to kids that are 3 – 4 years old. It’s an hour long class, which is nice because I find most classes you’re paying top dollar for and it’s only 30 to 45 minutes. In between drills and exercises they let the kids run around for free play time while they set up the next station.

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What we found really amazing is that they have classes for all ages AND drop-in play available. They also have sibling classes that incorporate a variety of ages so that siblings can play together.

Flexible Membership Options

There are some great membership options at My Gym Ottawa to accommodate whichever package you want. A family membership (for all children in a family) is $75 and that’s lifetime so if you leave for a bit you don’t have to repurchase which is super convenient. 

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Highly trained, quality staff

Shout out to the staff – they are incredible! They go through 2 – 3 weeks of rigorous training before they can fully lead a class to ensure high quality, and it shows! Hudson and I would watch Jax, and I was fully prepared with an iPad and snacks for Hudson because naturally he would want to participate even though it wasn’t his age group. When he fussed a bit because he wanted to stop watching and take part, a staff member was there to give him some great toys to keep him occupied. It went over very well! Big kudos to their employees.

In our most recent class, we discovered that they actually have a ton of programs outside of regular classes including preschool prep, PD Day camps, March Break and summer camps, parents night out babysitting, themed holiday parties, birthday parties and a lot more! They even have a mobile program where they can bring the teachers and equipment to run programs outside of the gym. 

My Gym Ottawa: NOT Your Typical Gymnastics Centre Pin
My Gym Ottawa: NOT Your Typical Gymnastics Centre

As a mom who takes cleanliness very seriously, I was so impressed to see that the My Gym Ottawa facilities were absolutely SPOTLESS! I love seeing them on Instagram when they are cleaning… and when I say cleaning, I mean cleaning right down to EVERY SINGLE BALL in the ball pit.  Now THAT is quality control!

Disclaimer: I received free classes in order to write this review. The views I shared army own.

Born and raised in Ottawa, I’m a wife and mom of two beautiful toddler boys that keep me busy having fun at home and running all over the city exploring new adventures. I studied Communications and Marketing at Carleton University which led me to a Marketing career in the Shopping centre and Real estate industries. That led me to selling homes. I’m currently employed in my hardest and most rewarding role of all, as a Stay at home mom. I love being a mom and am a huge kid at heart, hence why I love taking my kids to everything and experiencing all that this city has to offer. I’m fun loving, love shopping, reading, and watching movies. I also am a dog lover and have a beautiful German Shepherd Nika.

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  1. It sounds like Mighty Mites Whiz Kids would be a perfect fit and my 4 and a half year old! Though our 18 month old might want to join a class too!

  2. Would love to do mighty mites. My son turns three soon and with baby number 2 due in a few months this would be an awesome outing for him

  3. Tough call, would be in between mighty mites/whiz kids for my yiunyoun or ninja training for my oldest, both sound great!

  4. I would register for Tiny Tykes for my baby, or Terrific Tots for my middle almost 3 year old, or Mighty Mites/Whiz Kids for my bigger guy. 🙂 Thanks!


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