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Fun Times at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa (Review)

One of our family’s favourite indoor activities is frequenting the amazing museums we have in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. As a child, my favourite museum memory was the Crazy Kitchen at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. My family and I really enjoyed this Ottawa Museum. Check out my review!

Ottawa Museum underwent an $80 Million Dollar Renovation

After closing for three years to undergo an $80 million-dollar renovation, the Canada Science and Technology Museum reopened on November 2017. Shortly after visiting the first time, we decided that it was well worth the investment to purchase a yearly membership. At $125 for a family of four, it was a no-brainer, and one of the most affordable memberships available. You can even add on parking for an extra $35.40 which is a steal based on parking rates. AND…this gets you access to all THREE Ingenium museums which includes visits to the Agricultural and Aviation museums.

Boys playing at Canada Aviation and Space Museum in OttawaPin

So much interactive activities to participate in

We have probably visited close to 15 times since they opened, and have also taken advantage of the other Ingenium museums as well. On our most recent visit, we spent about 2 ½ hours because there is SO much to do!

One area of the activity at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa that is perfect for my 2 and 4-year-old boys, is the Zooom Room. Based on my observations it’s quite the popular spot for little ones. There is a designated toddler area with a starry sky, an interactive gear wall, an ultra-sensory play structure, a vehicle-building station and test ramps, a light and sound console and much more! You could spend hours in that room alone!  

The original Crazy Kitchen from 1967

Did you know? The crazy kitchen is the same as when they first opened way back in 1967. They have revamped the outside with a video camera feature and screen so you can see your friends and family on the inside while you’re on the outside. It’s hilarious to see how everyone is off balanced from this wonky kitchen with its angular space and angled floor that makes you feel all wobbly. It didn’t seem to nauseate my boys that kept running through giggling and off balanced. So fun!

Kids at Canada Aviation and Space MuseumPin

There are plenty of exhibits with hands-on interactive stations including puzzles, and play doctor sections at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa. We stopped at many on our travels to the next major exhibits. The current special exhibit is called Moving Stories and it takes you through the history of transportation in Canada. There is a very cool kids area for them to build their own car which kept them busy for a while.

Trains, trains and more train

We wrapped up our visit with a stop to the train section. The kids love these big impressive trains, and what’s best is the train table at the end. It’s always hard to pull them away from that part! We managed to skip the gift shop this time but we often pop in for some toys on our way out. They have the coolest gifts for kids and adults

Check out the March Break Lineup

The museum has so much going on to keep your brain cells active coming up this March Break! Fun-filled activities, experiments, and demonstrations that are sure to keep visitors of all ages engaged. 

Canada Aviation and Space Museum - ReviewPin

You can visit their top-notch interactive exhibitions, get up close with demonstrations in the galleries, or head to the big demo stage for piping hot and supercool experiments at the Museum of Science and Technology in OttawaDon’t forget to try the special engineering challenge in Exploratek!

Here is a list of some upcoming March Break Fun!  Visit their website for more info and I hope you enjoy the museum as much as we do!

Fun Times at the Museum of Science and Technology in OttawaPin
Fun Times at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa

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Disclaimer: I received a free yearly family membership from Ingenium Canada to review the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa. All of the opinions are my own. 

Born and raised in Ottawa, I’m a wife and mom of two beautiful toddler boys that keep me busy having fun at home and running all over the city exploring new adventures. I studied Communications and Marketing at Carleton University which led me to a Marketing career in the Shopping centre and Real estate industries. That led me to selling homes. I’m currently employed in my hardest and most rewarding role of all, as a Stay at home mom. I love being a mom and am a huge kid at heart, hence why I love taking my kids to everything and experiencing all that this city has to offer. I’m fun loving, love shopping, reading, and watching movies. I also am a dog lover and have a beautiful German Shepherd Nika.

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  1. My favourite museum growing up was the Museum of Science and Technology, My brother and I would go in the Crazy Kitchen over and over again. After having moved back to Ottawa recently after a 20 year abscence, I can’t wait to introduce my daughter to the joys of the Craxy Kitchen too! Also the renovation looks fantastic and I look forward to seeing the zoom area as well!

    • Welcome back! You are continuing the family tradition. The Crazy kitchen is gone now, but they have other exhibits that are as much fun.

  2. I love museum because I am learning so much when I visit them. I love the crooked kitchen at the Museum of Sciences and technology !

  3. We absolutely love this museum- I loved it as a child and my son adores going there now too! We can never miss a walk-through of the trains 🙂

  4. we have never been to this museum and it looks awesome, we would be especially excited to check out the zooom area because our youngest would love that!


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