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Mobile App Simplify Long Distance Calling From Canada


Mobile App Simplify Long Distance Calling From CanadaPin
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Mobile App Simplify Long Distance Calling From Canada

The days of calling cards are numbered, and for many who have been burned by unexpected fees, it’s come none too soon. Today, there are now pay-as-you-go and subscription-based long distance calling solutions that are cheap, reliable, and high-quality. But besides all that, you can also make international calling really simple by using a mobile app on your smartphone. A long distance calling app can make international calls from Canada reliable, easy-to-make, and even easier to manage.

Tap to Call

If you’re sick and tired of having to dial long PINs or access numbers when you’re making an international call, a mobile app like the one from G3 Telecom has the solution. One-tap calling makes calling long distance as easy as making local calls. Simply open your contact list and tap, no need to dial the PIN or an international calling code.


When you want to make long distance calls from a cell phone, it’s important that you have options. Find a service that lets you route calls from your mobile carrier or by using Wifi or data. With more flexibility, you don’t have to worry about where you’re calling from.


Mobile App Simplify Long Distance Calling from CanadaPin
Woman holding a cell phone


Manage Your Account

One of the problems with calling cards is that you never know how much money you have left on your account until it’s gone. You may be able to call a number to find out your balance, but it’s inconvenient and time consuming. The advantage of a mobile app is that you can find out what your remaining balance is just by tapping an icon. It should also let you top up your account and manage payments quickly and simply.


Last but not least, a long distance calling service that uses an app should be cheap – and show you exactly how much a call is going to cost. An app should be able to locate where you are and calculate the cost of your call destination, showing you exactly what you’re going to pay. It takes the guess work out of long distance calling and can help you manage your budget in a big way.

Apps make international calls from Canada easier, but the main reason you’re looking for an alternative to your phone carrier is a better deal. Monthly plans can be a lot more affordable than pay-as-you-go options, which makes them ideal if you regularly call the same place. If you’re calling friends and family back home, you can pay as little as 1 cent a minute with a country-specific bundle. There are also multi-country bundles you can sign up for that work well if you’re doing business in a number of different countries.

The cost of long distance calling has gone down in recent decades, but Canadians still overpay for international calling. You don’t have to pay the excessive rates charged by major phone companies or put up with the underhanded tactics of most calling card companies. Sign up for something better and start saving when you place calls overseas.


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