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Travellers Guide To Sleeping In Airports

Looking for a traveller’s guide to sleeping in airports? Look no further. The following article is filled to the very brim with a host of information. Read on to learn all you need to know about where to sleep, what to pack, napping rooms, hotels, and so much more.

There are a plethora of reasons for sleeping in airports, these cover early morning flights, early arrivals, large gaps between layovers, flight delays, cancellations and so much more. Perhaps you are travelling on a budget and are attempting to save on accommodation fees. Chances are you know someone who has slept in an airport or you have done this yourself.

Sleeping in airports is a good way of saving money and having a rest at the same time. It’s very safe as well. The old adage “There is safety in numbers,” is so true, the more people around you, the safer you should be. Sleeping in airports is not a safety risk, nor does it need to be an uncomfortable experience. The chance of personal body harm is very limited due to the major increase in airport security these days.

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Read the top tips below about sleeping in airports which you will surely find them beneficial.

Be prepared

First and foremost, be prepared for the unexpected and pack a carry-on. Pack a sleeping kit which includes a blow-up neck cushion and a warm blanket in case the temperatures drop. Remember to pack your toothbrush and a sample size bottle of mouthwash as well as a travel grooming kit. You may wish to pack an Ipad, reading material, hand held game, laptop/notebook, crossword books, magazines, knitting etc, to amuse yourself before you nod off.

It’s a good idea to pack a sample size bottle of hand sanitizer and small hand towel as well. If you don’t wish to lug a pillow around, wrap a jacket around a small travel bag, this will act as a pillow. You can also use a rolled up skirt, pair of jeans etc. If you forget to take your toothbrush grab a sachet of salt from the bistro area of the airport and rub the salt across your teeth with your finger, the salt will clean your teeth very well.

Airport Nap and resting rooms

Numerous airports have designated areas for those who wish to enjoy a short nap. In actual fact, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport lets you rent rooms by the hour. Therefore you can nap in safety, without leaving the airport. This is nothing new, day rooms are available in many airports across the USA. To reserve a room simply visit minutesuites.com and reserve your room online. The mini hotel is easily found on concourse B just outside gate 15. The cost is approximately $48 for the first hour then $12 each fifteen minutes after that. For those who wish to rent the room for 8 hours or more, a discount is given. There are not many of these rooms available so be sure to make an early reservation.

Other airports such as Changi, Singapore, offer napping rooms by the hour as well, the cost depends on the amount of space and the extras you request. For those who are hoping to save money, there are often resting areas which are free to use as well. The resting chairs are quite comfortable.

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Airport Hotels

There are airport hotels that offer comfort as well as varied luxuries such as a showers, sleeping areas and relaxation areas. You can find a great number of hotels in airports all around the globe. For a fee, they provide you with all that you need to make you travels most enjoyable.

You can get some shut eye at Vancouver International Airport

If you wish to sleep here, ensure that you head right down to the USA departures area. You will find it much quieter there and much more comfortable. The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel which is located inside the airport offers day rate. Just store your bags at the CDS Baggage Storage which is easily found in the International Terminal near the Tim Hortons (lower level) or at the Domestic Terminal which is right beside the baggage carousels.

Airport Lounges, bars, and clubs

Bars, clubs, and lounges are a good option for relaxation or a quick nap. Most of these are reasonably quiet in comparison to the hustle and bustle of the general transit areas of an airport. A host of airports have these and the drinks, dining and rest options are great. The downside is that they are not free but the cost is very minimal.

Sleeping in the general flight waiting area

Some may moan and groan about sleeping where other travellers can see them, others couldn’t care less. Sleeping in airports is not always an option it’s a must, so ensure that your clothes are not tight. They should be comfortable and give you freedom to move. Your shoes should be comfortable as well and many travellers often kick off their shoes, so don’t be shy. Bring your own pillow if you must, but remember that you will be toting it everywhere you go until you reach your destination. You will no doubt experience hunger pains sooner or later, so pack something to nibble on but ensure that it is nothing which is vetoed by airport security.

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Where to sleep in airports

Now choose your sleeping area such as a corner of the airport waiting room which is out of harms way and not in any draft, either the floor or a chair. Sleeping propped up against a can be much more comfortable than laying down on a hard floor. Ensure that no one can trip over your legs. If you don’t feel safe move somewhere else. Tuck your wallet, shoulder bag, clutch purse etc into your shirt or blouse. Pull a visor cap over your eyes to block out the lights. Any personal identification should be kept upon your body nor stored in a locker, place the key on a necklace. Chain around your neck or in your front pocket or your bra.

Look about and see if anyone else is on their own. It would be wise to take a nap close to them, that way you can both give each other a little moral support if needed. Who knows, you may even make a life-long friend.

Tips for sleeping in an airport

If you are concerned about missing your flight while you are in the land-of-nod, you can arrange to have a steward to wake you up with most airlines. They will wake you before the boarding call, so don’t panic. Tell them where you intend to sleep. Travellers would be wise to have a watch with an alarm clock or set their mobile phone to wake them. Approach sleeping in the airport with anger and so forth, you will only increase your anxiety and blood-pressure. Some things are unavoidable. Hum to yourself, whistle softly, do whatever it takes to keep your stress levels down. Bring a pack of cards and play single handed poker or other card games. This will help you pass the time.

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Sleeping in airports doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact it can be a very pleasant experience if you prepare yourself for the unexpected, follow these travel safety tips, and retain your cheerful persona.

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