Mary MacLeod’s Shortbread: A Heart-Warming Treat


Mary MacLeod's Shortbread: A Heart-Warming Treat
Mary MacLeod’s Shortbread cookies


Mary MacLeod’s Shortbread: A Heart-Warming Treat

Mary MacLeod’s Shortbread are delicious all butter shortbread cookies. The company was founded in 1981 by Mary MacLeod in a small shop under the marquee of the Capitol Theatre in Toronto. At that time, she was actually the first business in Canada devoted exclusively to making artisanal shortbread. After 35 years, even though Mary is now deceased, her retail store and bakery are still located in Toronto at 639 Queen Street East.

Mary’s shortbread cookies use the most high-quality ingredients such as pure Ontario creamery butter, premium Canadian flours, Belgian chocolate, and the freshest nuts. They are also well known for their amazing flavours like Chocolate Crunch, Dutch Chocolate, Hazelnut Crunch, Coconut, Espresso Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, Butterscotch, Traditional, and Maple Crunch!

You may choose between a wide selection of Signature shortbreads in decorative packaging like the signature Tins, signature Clear Decorative, signature Jars, signature Baker’s Box, signature Shapes, and Butterscotch Crumbs. You can also purchase seasonal packages for holiday themes such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

My mother and I had the extreme pleasure of reviewing Mary’s MacLeods shortbread cookies for the past few weeks. We actually had to pace ourselves to keep them this long; they are sooo good! My mother even hid a few to keep for our guests on Christmas day as everyone in our household was devouring them! 


Mary MacLeod's Shortbread: A Heart-Warming Treat
Mary MacLeod’s Shortbread Cookies


We received these delicious shortbread:


Mary MacLeod's Shortbread: A Heart-Warming Treat
Mary MacLeod’s Shortbread Traditional Tin


The Signature Tin

The tin contains 35 shortbread cookies in their signature Chocolate Crunch, Dutch Chocolate, and Traditional shortbread flavours. If you’re searching for a perfect array of cookies to please all of your guests this holiday, then the Signature Tin is perfect for your family! The Dutch Chocolate cookie is by far one of the best chocolate shortbread cookies I’ve ever tasted, and I can only imagine how even more delicious it must be to pair it with a warm cup of traditional hot chocolate!

You truly can never go wrong with a traditional shortbread cookie with its melt in your mouth sweetness! This tin is packed with both buttery and chocolatey goodness!


Mary MacLeod's Shortbread: A Heart-Warming Treat
Mary MacLeod Butterscotch Shortbread cookies


The Butterscotch Bars

Each Butterscotch Bar offers a buttery blend of shortbread, caramel, and butterscotch chips for a flavourful and chewy bar. These bars could easily be considered as a dessert by how sweet they are! I couldn’t stop eating them! They’re soft, tender, and the caramel paired with the butterscotch chips make these shortbread bars so chewy that you can’t help but savour them for as long as possible, and find yourself craving more afterwards!

This perfectly satisfied my sweet tooth all in one delicious bar! I found they even paired incredibly well with a glass of warm milk! Quite frankly, I think I now may have found a new favourite holiday treat!


Mary MacLeod's Shortbread: A Heart-Warming Treat
Mary MacLeod’s Snowman Shortbread cookies


The Snowman Sleeve

These snowman shortbread cookies wearing tartan scarves with little chocolate chip buttons are perfect for dunking in a glass of milk and in your favourite tea or coffee. I’ve always loved cookies that tend to be soft and the perfect size for dunking in a glass of milk (or even hot chocolate!), and I’m delighted to say that the Snowman Sleeve Shortbread met my expectations and more! With the added bonus of coming in an adorable shape, these cookies were so soft, mellow, and immediately melt in your mouth upon that very first bite!

I also particularly enjoyed that the cookie retains its shortbread taste with just a hint of chocolate from the three chocolate chip buttons. Mmm, my mouth is already watering just thinking about them! Look no further if you’re searching for the ideal treat to please your kids, and your kids at heart, this holiday season!



The Chocolate Crunch Shortbread Ornament Tin

This large ornament tin is filled with 6 yummy signature Chocolate Crunch shortbread cookies and is the ideal gift to give this Christmas season. It also makes a perfect decoration for the Christmas tree, as the ornament is a beautiful round, red tin with adorable little designs and a golden bow. It can also just as easily be displayed on a table, as the bottom part of the ornament is flat! The ornament really is quite gorgeous, and the cookies are so delicious that it makes for a perfect gift if you’re searching to please the cookie lover in your family this holiday.

The more “crunchy” bit of the Chocolate Crunch Shortbread cookies isn’t actually the shortbread itself, but the chocolate chunks inside of it! It’s such a sweet twist on the traditional cookie, and I loved that about it! Crunching those delicious pieces of chocolate with every bite was undoubtedly what I enjoyed most about this cookie! You can find me eating far too many of these this holiday season!


Mary MacLeod's Shortbread: A Heart-Warming Treat
Mary MacLeod’s Mini Shortbread cookies

These mini traditional shortbread cookies are made by hand and in small batches with butter, sugar, and flour to give you the awesome full flavour of the shortbread cookies. These cookies are the perfect size for satisfying your shortbread cravings! They come in such a fun, small shape that they immediately reminded me of little buttons when I first received them. Pop one (or a few) in your mouth, and wait for the cookie to melt and dissolve until your taste buds become overwhelmed with shortbread goodness! For such a small cookie, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how soft and buttery they are! They still retain their incredible texture and taste that I’ve come to adore about Mary MacLeod’s Traditional Shortbreads! 

You can find Mary Macleod’s Shortbread cookies at select gourmet shops and boutique retailers across Canada. They also ship to the United States and internationally.

Mary MacLeod’s Shortbread cookies make a heart-warming gift for anyone during the cold Canadian winter. They make perfect Christmas gifts for co-workers, your kid’s teachers, friends, and relatives. These rich and flavourful shortbread cookies will surely please everyone on your gift list!


Mary MacLeod's Shortbread: A Heart-Warming Treat
Mary McLeod Shortbread Cookies


Want to find out more about Mary MacLeod’s Shortbread? Visit them on their website, and connect with them on their FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages!

Disclaimer: I received products from Mary MacLeod’s Shortbread s in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.


Christelle, but please call me Chrisi. Cinnamon hot chocolate connoisseur. Honorary Princess. Registered Nurse and aspiring writer to be.

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  1. I would love to try the Butterscotch Bar Cookies. It is hard to only pick one because there are so many flavours that sound delicious.

  2. I would most like to try the Butterscotch bars. Butterscotch has been one of my favorite flavours, ever since I was a kid, and these sound lovely. Thank you for the chance.

  3. We are a house of chocolate lovers so I would like to sample the Dutch Chocolate cookie! Shortbread is actually my absolute favorite cookie so the Signature Tin would be another favorite in my home.

  4. Is “all of them” an acceptable answer? I find it hard to decide on a specific shortbread when I love shortbread in general and they all look so delicious!

  5. These cookies are so good that I hope I get some under the tree or before even better! I love to bake shortbread but I would much rather just eat beautifully baked Mary McLeods and of course share with my guests…

  6. I have been inhaling the cookies visually of the chocolate crunch shortbread. I bet they are delicious. I Love Shortbread.

  7. Old Fashion Gal – Have a teenage son – tradition is everything. Having said that: Our choice Mary MacLeod’s Shortbread Traditional Tin


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