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LEGO Pet Sets Review

Did you know LEGO has been creating fun for builders of all ages since 1932? Today, there are so many themes and sets to enjoy! This spring, LEGO introduced fun pet themed sets for builders to construct and play with! My family was asked to review how much we would dig these playsets.

Below are the LEGO pet sets we received to play with:

Simple Assembly and Set-up of LEGO Pet Sets

For my kids, it was bags and bags of multicoloured blocks of all different sizes for them to put together. With the help of the instruction booklet that accompanied each set, both of my older children found it easy to snap these structures together. 

LEGO Pet Sets

Once the LEGO sets were assembled, my kids could not wait to jump in and start imagining with these LEGO playsets. Each one of them brought a different world of adventure and wonder to playtime when my kids played with them.

LEGO Friends Dog Rescue Centre Review

Help is on the way for pups great and small with the LEGO Dog Rescue Center. Builders can intake, care for and help LEGO doggies get better and find a new home with LEGO Friends Amber, Leo, and Dr. Gabriela Silva. This set is recommended for builders ages 7+. 

LEGO Friends Dog Rescue Centre ReviewPin

The LEGO Friends Dog Rescue Centre is a modular set (you can take it apart and configure it in different ways) with plenty of places for my kids to allow their inner veterinarian out to play! My daughter LOVES dogs, so this playset was perfect for her to play with.

She loved how there was the option for two and four-legged friends to enter the centre. It was also nice that there were clear doors you could open that allowed for more light to enter this space. The “Adopt” sign is cute and inviting for LEGO Friends to want to adopt a pup that needs a home.

LEGO Friends Dog Rescue CentrePin

Dr. Gabriela Silva and Grace the Dog were a lot of fun to play with in the Exam Room. The variety of mini areas and instruments in this space alone are amazing for builders to use to help pups get better. We especially loved the exam bed and the magnifying glass (that really works!).

LEGO Friends Dog Rescue Centre Pin

The slide that connects the two levels of this set is another fun touch LEGO thought of for kids to enjoy! We had Pickles with Dr. Silva at the top of the slide help Pickles go down this structure.

LEGO Friends Dog Rescue Centre Pin

Amber was waiting at the bottom of the slide to catch Pickles to give this pup a bunch of cuddles.

LEGO Friends Dog Rescue Centre Pin

LEGO Friends Autumn’s House Review

LEGO Friends’ character, Amber, and her friends welcome you to have adventures at LEGO Friends Autumn’s House! Builders can imagine experiencing a variety of activities with Amber, Leo, Aliya, and Amber’s Mom, Mia. From birdwatching and caring for Amber’s young foal, to cooking, eating, watching TV, and taking a snooze indoors, there’s no end to the fun with this playset! This set is recommended for builders 7+.

LEGO Friends Autumn’s House reviewPin

My kids and I found that there were many different places to play explore and play at Amber’s House. They loved how they were able to either play together or separately.

Amber was by her front door to welcome us into her home. The number of details the LEGO designers put into this area to make it feel like a home you would want to live in was amazing! The fall setting, the pumpkins around the house, the leaves on the house, and the large windows made us want to start our playtime fun inside.

LEGO Friends Autumn’s HousePin

My daughter put Daisy on a couch to play in Amber’s Bedroom. It was so much fun to play in this space with Amber’s bed, a rug, a brush, and the pictures adorning the walls. Daisy even has a dog dish and water in this room to enjoy!

LEGO Friends Autumn’s HousePin

We then played with Mia on the balcony of this playset. This was one of my favourite spaces because of how it was designed for fun! Birdwatchers would delight in the fact that there is a set of binoculars and a telescope mounted to a camera to capture nature around the home. The bird’s nest off to the side is a cute feature that makes us smile every time we see it, too!

LEGO Friends Autumn’s HousePin

A High Recommendation for LEGO Pet Sets 

My kids and I had a blast building and imagining with these LEGO Pet Sets. We loved how there are so many areas of play could be had with the LEGO Friends Dog Rescue set and the LEGO Friends Autumn’s House set. We highly recommend all of these sets for spring fun at home! 

I learned more about LEGO Canada by following their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels.

Disclaimer: I was given items from LEGO to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. My youngest granddaughter and grandson would definitely have a lot of fun playing with these LEGO pet sets. Thanks for sharing this helpful review!


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