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Fisher-Price’s Laugh and Learn® Smart Stages™ Chair Review

Like most toddlers, my 2 and 3 year-olds are like sponges where learning is concerned. They pick up new words and phrases every day and they also love asking questions about things they do not understand so they can understand what is happening around them. My other half and I like to foster children’s love of acquiring knowledge by getting them books, puzzles and toys that challenge them to think and learn through interaction and exploration. This is why I was really excited to have the chance to review the Laugh and Learn® Smart Stages™ Chair from Fisher-Price. It is one of seven innovative toys in the Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Toys collection.

What does Smart Stages mean? Well, the Smart Stages™ technology used in this toy allows for children to learn at the stage that you feel is right for them, instead at a pre-determined one set by the manufacturer. You or your child is able to toggle between each of the stages to suit their level of learning by either sliding the switch or entering your little one’s age into the chair to change the level of learning they will receive from the chair. There are three stages that the Laugh and Learn Smart Stages chair can be set to:

  • Level 1 Explore (12 months +)  – encourages first words and helps to get a baby’s sense of curiosity going.
  • Level 2 Encourage (18 months +) – modivates children through questions and simple directions.
  • Level 3 Pretend (24 months +) – helps to get a child’s sense of imagination flowing and encourages early role play.

When we received our chair to test and review, putting this chair together was simple for my other half to do.  It just took a few minutes and  some screws to put the pieces together. My children went ga-ga over this chair! It was bright, child-sized and, once the chair was switched on (after the 3 AA batteries were placed inside the chair), it started blinking and playing music. My children this chair could barely wait to discover everything this chair had to offer them.

Fisher-Price’s Laugh and Learn® Smart Stages™ Chair ReviewPin

My kids thought it was funny when the chair spoke to them whenever it recognized when they sat or got out of it. They also liked pointing out some of the letters of the alphabet and were amused whenever they lifted the seat to hear what the chair would say.

My children really loved being able to use the Smart Stages™ technology of this chair! They liked learning from the easier levels, and they also liked having fun with the more advanced stages whenever they liked!

Smart Stages CollagePin

The book on the arm of the chair was pretty neat, too! My kids had fun interacting with the chair as it asked them to do and look for different things on each page. The pictures were very colourful and cute, holding their attention very well from page to page.

I really appreciated that there was a volume control added to this chair. There are two settings that the chair has: Low and High. It was great to have the ability to have the volume low, so it would not disrupt my eldest daughter while she was working at our computer on the same floor. There were also times that I did not mind having the volume set at high because I secretly wanted to catch on to the catchy tunes the chair was teaching my kids! The handle was also a nice added tough for my kids to play with.

Fisher-Price’s Laugh and Learn® Smart Stages™ Chair ReviewPin

Overall, the Laugh and Learn® Smart Stages™ Chair from Fisher-Price was a big hit with my children. It was bright and colourful, it encouraged imaginative and interactive play, and the Smart Stages™ technology that allowed my children to learn at their own speed. We just might get a second chair so both of our younger ones can play together on their own chairs!

For information on the Laugh and Learn® Smart Stages™ Chair from Fisher-Price, you can visit their website or their Facebook page!

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Disclaimer: I was given this product in return for a review. The opinions expressed within this review are honest and my own.

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  1. I have not heard of them. Thanks so much for doing this review. 🙂 I love this product. So adorable and perfect for the little one I have in mind.

  2. Yes I heard of the chair!! and I think Fisher-Price out did themselves this time with the smart Stages toys, they did a wonderful job, I love how they grow with your child and all the interactive features, it is going to take a long time before your child will get bored with the Smart Stages Toys, way to go Fisher-Price!!

  3. I have just heard of the Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Toys collection by Fisher Price in the last couple of weeks – sounds great!


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