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Reading Eggs App Review

School’s back in session! One aspect of learning that usually goes by the wayside during the summer is reading. What if learning and improving a child’s reading skills could be fun? Reading Eggs wants to help kids crack into reading fun with their app created by a highly experienced team of teachers, educational writers, animators, and web developers. Reading Eggs asked if my kids would enjoy brushing up on their reading skills by reviewing this app. My kids were curious to see what this program had in store for them!

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Before you crack into reading

This app can be used by iOS and Android users. Once the program has been downloaded on to your device, you can set your child to begin the program at a specific reading level. I used an iPhone and an Android phone to crack into this app with my kids.

There are a few steps to do to get started with this app. This is to make sure your child is using the program correctly. Kids also complete a placement test to make sure they are placed in the correct level. Parents must also note that the program is free for only one month. Once this trial is over, there is a monthly fee of $9.99. My little ones loved being on a device to play games. I could not wait to see how well they would like using this program to motivate them to like reading, too.

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Let the learning (and fun) begin!

My kids are reluctant readers but could not wait to jump into the program. My son really enjoyed his initial lessons. He really liked Soot the Dog because he likes to cook. My little guy also liked the Spelling lessons and the Driving Tests. He is learning about word groupings, how to spell, and how to put together sentences.

My daughter really digs reading the Books section of this app. Kids can read books each week that touch on a variety of subjects. What I really loved about this section is that there is a quiz at the end of each story. This tests crack into their recollection skills about details in each book.

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Hopping around to each egg 

Both of my kids found it easy to move around from section to section. For most sections, there is an egg in the top left side of the screen that allows users to exit a particular lesson. Since there are so many different sections for kids to choose from, kids do not have a shortage of areas to explore and discover.

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Keeping kids on track

A great idea Reading Eggs has built into this program is a progress hub. It lets kids and parents know how well they are doing every week. It keeps track of the lessons they have finished, the amount of books they have read, and the eggs they have earned for their hard work. This keeps kids wanting to crack more into the program and feel proud of the work they have completed.

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Egg-cellent extras

They make sure young learners have fun within this app as well. At the end of each lesson, kids get praised for the work they have done. Kids are also rewarded with bonus fun with some of the lessons. With the Drive Test section, after a successful run, kids are able to choose their own car and race around a track to collect stars while avoiding hazards. 


Kids love creating avatars! This app allows kids to customize for their profile in this program. My daughter has changed her little friend quit a few times that adds to the fun of her experience while using this app. There are a lot of choices for kids to select to make their avatar special for them.


There are also fun Game areas for kids to enjoy. My kids loved visiting these sections to play around without noticing they were learning. They loved the Play Kitchen where users could create meals, pizzas, sundaes, and more to create fun dishes. Where is My Reading Egg is a game where kids go in search of a particular character in a large group of other characters. Concentration gets users to match pairs. All of these games crack open young minds more to allow for learning to continue.


Reading Eggs Review

My kids loved being able to crack into reading whenever they wanted with Reading Eggs. Once all of the registration was complete, my kids were able to dive into learning games to help improve their reading skills. The app is easy to use, and the games are so much fun to play. The progress hub keeps kids going in the right direction while noting their accomplishments. The extra fun games adds more learning to maintain the fun of this program. It is a fun addition to my children’s reading journey!

Think your kids would be excited about learning to read with Reading Eggs? We found out more about this app by visiting their website and by checking out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest pages!

Disclaimer: I was generously compensated by Reading Eggs to write this post. The views I share are my own.

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  1. Anything that helps a child enjoy reading is a huge plus from my point of view. It’s such an important skill both for in school, your job and life in general.


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