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How To Prepare A Winter Emergency Kit For Your Vehicle

How can you go about preparing an emergency kit for your vehicle this winter? There are some key items that you are going to want to have this winter if you are driving in an area that might be prone to having some snowfall or, otherwise, poor road conditions. Lets face it, the odds of getting stuck are going to be small. If you do, you are going to be glad that you have these items around for you!

This list also represents items that would be useful in the most common vehicle emergencies, but is by no means exhaustive of everything you may want to consider for your kit.

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It’s important to pack yourself an emergency kit for your vehicle. Having these multipurpose items in your trunk can leave you more prepared even when help isn’t a day’s drive away.

Trunk Emergency Kit

This emergency kit should to fit in the corner of your trunk. Fit everything listed below in a plastic container.

First Aid Kit

You will need bandages, sterile wipes, alcohol pads, cotton swabs, Hydrogen Peroxide, and medical tape.

Flashlight and Batteries

A flashlight is vital in this kit as it can be useful for many things, including flashing for help, making you more visible to other drivers while you are standing or walking on the side of the road, looking at parts of the car that you normally cannot see because of no light. Make sure to use LED flashlights for the best results. Carry extra batteries in your kit too, at least six double A or Triple A depending on how many batteries your flashlight uses.


Make sure to buy a few lighters that are disposable as they will last a long time.

Portable battery booster

Nothing takes the bounce out of your bungee like finding out your car won’t start during a winter day. With a portable battery booster, you won’t need to worry about that anymore. The battery booster will safely give you the needed charge to start your engine.


A small air leak in a tire can be easily overlooked or not noticed at all which could leave you unexpectedly stranded. This ingenious and inexpensive Fix-a-Flat Tire Emergency Flat Tire Repair Solution can inflate and seal nearly any flat tire and make it safe to drive on for fifty miles. You can expect a small additional cost when getting the tire fixed, but well worth not being stranded.

Roll of duct tape

It’s true. Duct tape can fix almost anything. It can be used to hold lights, trim and a loose body panels in place so a simple fender bender will not leave you stranded. This could save you an expensive tow bill if you can temporarily hold parts in place until you can drive somewhere to fix them.

Spare fuses

It’s important to realize that a blown fuse may not indicate a serious problem; however, being caught without a replacement, can be.

Hand tools

You should have tools that can serve multiple functions, so as to save on space. For example, a screwdriver with interchangeable tips and an adjustable wrench. It is also a good idea to purchase tools made by reputable companies such as Craftsman, Irwin, or Kobalt. I have bought cheap tools in the past and have had them break the very first time I used them. This would only complicate your roadside situation.

Winter Emergency Kit For Your Vehicle

Floor Mats

The first thing you are going to want in your winter emergency kit are floor mats. Floor mats you ask? Yes, these are really good tools to have if you are ever stuck in a winter environment. The nice thing about having floor mats is that not only are you going to keep the snow off the floor of the car, but if you are stuck, you can use them as a means of a flat surface for your tires. This will allow your tires to get out of snowy areas, or out of the driveway if it is stuck.

Spare Parts to Include in the Winter Emergency Kit

The next thing you are going to want in you winter emergency kit are some spare parts. A spare tire is good, and any other spare parts that you can think of. Anything that can get something to be unstuck easily is a good thing as well. The fans in your car can also get stuck. If you have a stick, or something hard to whack against the dash, it can be helpful.

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Stay Warm

Keep lots of blankets, and other things that can keep you warm in your car. Some extra coats, or maybe some boots and gloves will work out too. In lieu of that, you should keep some hand warmers, and foot warmers in the car. If the car stops running and it gets cold quick, these will help you keep warm for hours at a time. Three packs of those can keep your warm for almost 24 hours. They usually only cost a couple of dollars per pack.

SOS Flash Code

It is worth learning the flash code for SOS, Save Our Souls, etc. Grab your flashlight, and do three long, three short, and three long flashes. You can even use the high-beams or low beams of your vehicle and even do the same thing with the horn of the vehicle which, in this scenario, is probably the best thing to do.

How to Prepare a Winter Emergency Kit for your VehiclePin
How to Prepare a Winter Emergency Kit for your Vehicle

Other items to include in your winter emergency kit are food, water, and candles. The main thing is to stay warm when you are stuck on the road. Have lots of items that can keep you warm, or keep your heater running for short periods of time. Have items that can help you get out of snowy areas, like a portable shovel, and always do what you have to to stay safe.

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  1. Perfect timing for me to see this posting, we just had our official winter storm. Time to get prepared, need to get some of those hand warmers.


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