How to Pack for a Trip to Disney World

How to Pack for a Trip to Disney World

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, there are a lot of things you need to plan for before departing! Most importantly, knowing how to pack is key to get the most out of your magical stay without any mishaps! You’re going to be doing a lot of walking and no one wants to have to carry around more stuff than they need! Nevertheless, because you’re likely to be there all day without any breaks to go back to your hotel, you also want to be sure you’re prepared for anything!

Here are five helpful tips on how to pack for a trip to Disney World!

Disney World Castle

1. Backpack

Bring a backpack for your days at Disney, in addition to your suitcase(s) of clothing and other items. This will allow you to carry any bigger or large items that don’t fit in your pockets, plus some of the day’s purchases if you decide to shop around the parks!

How to Pack for a Trip to Disney World
Disney Loungefly Backpacks featuring Disney Villains and iconic characters!

2. Healthy Snacks

This is where having a backpack comes in handy! You can pack some healthy snacks with you for your day at the park! Not only will it help you save some money, but you’ll also be saving a lot of time by not waiting in line depending on the time of day! Bring along these healthy treats for your morning or afternoon snacks such as these Homemade Granola Bars‏.

How to Pack for a Trip to Disney World
Healthy granola bar snacks to pack along with you for your day at the park!

3. Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

Bring small packs of wet wipes and hand sanitizer. You’ll be amazed at how often you need to do a quick wash-up and having these on you will save so much time!

How to Pack for a Trip to Disney World
How to Pack for a Trip to Disney World

4. Poncho

Bring a poncho in case it rains! You don’t want to take up valuable space with a big raincoat, so use a small, foldable poncho that can easily fit in your backpack. They roll up very small and you can just pull it out if you need it!

Disney World guests wearing ponchos and/or raincoats, and carrying umbrellas, on a rainy Florida day.

5. Walking Shoes

Having fantastic walking shoes at Disney creates a lifetime of a difference! This is not the time for getting fancy with your footwear. Remember, you’re going to be walking a lot! It’s important to wear nice, comfortable walking shoes or sneakers. Your feet will thank you and you’ll get more enjoyment out of your time at the park, minus any sores, aches, or painful blisters!

With these tips in mind, you’re fully prepared for packing for your trip. Remember, planning ahead and packing properly will help you make the most of your trip and have a wonderful time at Disney World!

What kind of snacks do you like to bring on Disney trips? Share below!

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  1. Thank you for the tips, I’m pinning so I have for when we go. I wouldn’t of thought of bringing poncho. I still have one a purchased at Ikea.

    • Yes, bring one for every family member. You can get some at the dollar stores and they are way less expensive there versus purchasing one at Disney.

  2. Disney World is such a lot of fun but it’s the little things you need to remember to take with you that are important to make the visit really enjoyable. Thanks for the great tips.

  3. Great tips, not only for Disney but any trip you expect to be outdoors and walking a lot. The sanitation is even more important when visiting other countries.


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