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Gumboot Kids Books Review: Nature Mysteries with Scout and Daisy

There are so many great books in the critically acclaimed (CBC) Gumboot Kids book series by Firefly Books that we had to split them into two special posts! You can also read Part 1 of our Gumboot Kids Nature Mystery Book Series

Read along and follow Scout and Daisy with the Gumboot Kids as they embark on educational adventures that will have your child turning the pages to see what happens next.

The Case of the Vanishing Caterpillar: A Gumboot Kids Nature Mystery


As Scout is tending to his garden, he notices something missing; his little caterpillar friend has vanished! Where did she go? Join Scout and Daisy as they find clues to figure out what happened to the vanishing Caterpillar!

In this story, Scout is on a mission to find his friend caterpillar, but what he and Daisy learn along the way is much more than they thought! Throughout the story, they learn all about the process of how little crawly caterpillar friends become beautiful, fluttery butterflies!


With this fun story, Scout and Daisy will find out just what happened to their caterpillar friend and your little ones will learn all about the beauty of nature and how butterflies are born!

The Case of the Story Rock: A Gumboot Kids Nature Mystery


During an adventure in the desert, Scout uncovers something incredible! A Rock has told him a story! How can a rock tell a story? Follow Scout and Daisy as they find clues about the Story Rock! 

Rocks tell stories in amazing and unusual ways! When Scout finds a fossil, he and Daisy become intrigued to learn more! With the help of a handy book back at their campsite, they learn about what fossils are and how some of them are as old as the dinosaurs!


A stone-age adventure! It’s a great story that teaches history through science and nature. There are so many things to learn if you just look around at your natural surroundings. From rocks to petrified wood, these natural things tell a story of their own. If your little one likes dinosaurs and fossils, this book is definitely for them!

The Case of the Singing Ocean: A Gumboot Kids Nature Mystery


Scout and Daisy visit the beach when they hear what sounds like singing, but there is nobody else at the beach! Who could be singing? Find out as Scout and Daisy search for clues to solve the case of the singing ocean! 

Learning about ocean life is an important lesson. These majestic creatures are rare to be seen and sometimes scary to hear if you’ve never heard them before! We are talking about whales!


Even though they are under water, ocean life makes sounds. Sometimes, if you’re close by an ocean and listen carefully, you might just hear them! If you look closely, you might even be lucky enough to see them!

With the help of their trusty book about ocean life, Scout and Daisy learn all about these amazing gentle giants, what they do in the ocean, and what they look like! If your little one loves ocean animals, they will certainly enjoy this story along with you!

The Case of the Buzzing Honey Makers: A Gumboot Kids Nature Mystery


Scout and Daisy are at the farmers market to buy some honey from the buzzing bee farmers, but find there is no honey left! Where will Scout find some honey? Follow Scout and Daisy as they learn all about Bees and the case of the buzzing honey maker! 

Bees are usually something scary to most children. They have a bad reputation to sting people, afterall. This cute story will teach you and your little one that there is more to a bee than meets the eye! They are not actually after your meal or even you when you are having a picnick. They are simply doing what bees do!


Do you know how important bees are to the environment? They buzz around from flower to flower collecting pollen. They also help add other pollen’s to other plants to help them grow and flourish for other species of bugs and animals to survive.

So, how do we get honey? When there is no honey for us, the bees must be working extra hard in their hives! Find out in this cute story as our two main characters go on a journey to find out where the bees are!

You can buy all of the Gumboots Kids book series through online bookstores like Amazon, Indigo, or BookManager! Follow Firefly Books on social media: Twitter and Instagram!

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  1. They all look like really sweet books. We would read The Case of the Singing Ocean: A Gumboot Kids Nature Mystery first. That one sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. I like the $100 PayPal Cash Worldwide Giveaway. I prefer to enter your giveaways. Lots of following on the worldwide one.

  3. The Firefly book I’d buy would be Animal Record Breakers: Thousands of Amazing Facts and Spectacular Feats. It looks like a good introduction to the animal world.

  4. I would like to do the fun fish crafts because my nephew loves fish! Looks like fun. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  5. I would enjoy making the peppermint and lemon air freshener with my niece to give as gifts to family members.

  6. I would love reading ‘Buzzing Honey Makers” to my granddaughters. I know they would really enjoy it especially since their Dad keeps bees.

  7. I would purchase ‘A Child’s Portrait of Shakespeare’ as my grandchildren live 25 minutes from Stratford. They have been to a Shakespere play even though it was a little above them. I think they would enjoy this book.

  8. Seashell Decor with Marbled Effect Using Nail Polish Dip sounds and looks really good. I have been teaching my great niece how to do different crafts for the last 3 years. And I think you would have fun with these. She has her own flower beds that she likes to decorate and this would be pretty in it.

  9. There are so many cute ones. thank you for sharing. would love to try the Nail Polish Dipped Marbled Seashell Decor. Thank you


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