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Feng Shui Love and Marriage

When it comes to love and romance, most people want a relationship that has a positive energy, where both parties are at peace within themselves and with each other. While it is true that the art of Feng Shui cannot guarantee that you will find your true love, or make a relationship last forever, there are some things you can do using Feng Shui techniques to help it along. So, use the below tips for maximizing the Feng Shui love and marriage bedroom ideas.

What Is Feng Shui

Feng shui (pronounced feng-shway) means wind-water. In the Chinese culture gentle wind and clear water have long been associated with good health, livelihood and fortune. It is an ancient art of living in harmony with the elements of the earth. One key component of feng shui is designing your living space so that positive energy, or chi, can flow throughout the space without anything blocking or hindering its path.

Below are few easy ways Feng Shui in a home will be helpful in aiding to improve love and romance in one’s life.

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Decorating with feng shui

Altering the Feng Shui of one’s environment can create new opportunities, options, and favorable results. For example, rearranging the bedroom furniture could promote better sleep, or hanging a wind-chime in a certain corner could encourage the flow of wealth and promote good health.

Feng Shui can be applied to certain areas in the house to create full benefit. For example, the front door influences one’s opportunity and the level of income. Making this area pleasant and not crowded can be beneficial. Getting rid of clutters in the house will help unblock good energy and create a better state of mind. Colours are another important aspect of Feng Shui. Colours can influence moods, energy levels, and one’s daily performance.

Feng Shui Colour Tips

Choose colours for your bedroom wisely, whether for the walls, bedding or any accent pieces you will be including in the room. Warm colours like pink and red will enliven your love life, while bold colours such as, scarlet, crimson, and burgundy will attract a passionate and adventurous love live.

Decorators know through experience that colours affect the way the occupants feel about their surroundings. Feng Shui Masters have known this for many centuries and use this in colour luck management. Let’s first look at this basic guide to Feng Shui decorations and the effect the colours generate on home interiors and its inhabitants.


This is a yin colour. Representing strength and force. In Feng Shui black also symbolizes a brand new start and the end of conflict. Warning: use black in small doses in all Feng Shui decorations. Too much black tends to depressive.


In Feng Shui design, blue symbolizes honour, faith, truth, along with trustworthiness. Too much blue in home decorations causes the occupants to disagree about small matters and argue over seemingly small problems.


In Feng Shui, decorations in the colour brown symbolizes reliability and faithfulness. This earthy yin colour should be used in small quantifies around the home. Too much brown is depressive.


Gold represents positive Chi (energy) and brings good luck to the home according to Feng Shui theory. Never go overboard with this wealth attracting colour. Too much gold causes the home’s occupants to stress money concerns over family relationships.

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Green represents infidelity and dishonesty. And green also symbolizes money and wealth in Feng Shui. Feng Shui decorators warn against using too much green in the home. Using large quantities of green in home decor causes occupants to turn envious and jealous.


This nondescript color fades into the room background and causes other colors to stand out prominently. Feng Shui decorators always look for balance and harmony in the decor by using equal yin and yang. Gray is neither yin or yang. It represents a combining of the two colors. So, this color is thought unbalanced and tends to cause disharmony.


This colour combines red (fire) and yellow (earth). A colour symbolizing high aspirations. Amplify positive Chi with splashes of this colour in decor.


Fire colour red is very popular in Feng Shui decor. This good luck colour awakens the energies in the room. Too much red in interior decorations causes hot tempers to flare and emotional outburst.


The color of truth and passion. A combination of red (fire) and blue (water). A bit of this color in an interior space influences creative endeavors.


This colour symbolizes purity. A very strong yang colour. White also reflects light bringing strong Chi influence to a room.


Yellow is empirical the colour representing prestige and high honour in Chinese Culture. Pale yellow is thought to amplify positive Chi in a space. Too much yellow causes negative Chi. Occupants become stubborn and set in their ways.

Feng Shui colours used in Feng Shui decorations greatly influence a room’s occupants. Learn to use the colours to maximize positive Chi in your home!

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Feng Shui To Attract Love And Marriage

Are you looking to activate Feng Shui for love and romance in your home? To create a space with positive chi your space must be clutter free. If the spaces throughout your home are cramped, cluttered with stuff, and your furniture is positioned any which way, the chi won’t flow. When the positive energy can flow freely throughout the space that surrounds you, then your life will become much more peaceful.

Feng Shui In The Bedroom

The Chi will greatly be enhanced if your entire home is clutter free, but for the purpose of this article I will focus on the main love room – the bedroom. If you want to bring some spark into your love life, start by cleaning up and clearing out all the clutter in your bedroom. Everything in its place is a good motto to have when applying the techniques of Feng Shui. If you exercise in your bedroom, stop doing so and clear out any exercise equipment or sporting equipment out of the room. The goal is to create an environment that is romantic and calming, not one that is full of energy arising from exertion and hard work.

Feng Shui Items For Love And Marriage

Move your bed away from the wall so that you can walk around both sides of the bed. If one side of your bed is shoved up against the wall, it creates a blockage in the flow of positive energy. The best position for your bed is on the opposite side of the room from the door entrance, but not directly in line with the door. If you can’t see the bedroom door from the bed, hang a mirror to provide a reflective view of the entryway.

Toss off the flannel sheets of winter and invest in some sensual bedding, such as pillows, blankets and quality linen sheets. Choose patterned sheets as they are thought to add zest to your sex life.

If you own a king size bed, consider downsizing to a queen size bed in order to cultivate intimacy. Take time to invest in a high quality mattress as well.

Remove the television set from the bedroom. It kills the romance in any space. If you struggle with falling asleep, try listening to soothing music, or reading romantic poetry or novels.

What Are The Symbols Of Love

Surround yourself with images that will add spark to love and the relationships in your life. Get rid of the family photos and child’s art work that is hanging on the walls. Your bedroom is not the place for these items. Place them elsewhere in your home to celebrate those relationships that are important to you. Hang artwork that will enhance love and the romance, the best symbol of love, such as, a picture of a couple holding hands, roses, or cherubs. Place candles in key areas of your bedroom to ignite for those romantic evenings.

Feng Shui In The Living room

As for the rest of your home, create spaces that are clutter free so that positive energy can flow freely throughout the entire home. For some Feng Shui living room ideas, have furniture that is made for two, such a love seat where you can snuggle with your loved one. If all you have is single person seating, you are actually blocking any potential flow of love energy.

Feng Shui Love and Marriage Bedroom IdeasPin

Feng Shui Love And Romance

I hope that you got a few key ideas to enrich your love and romance life with Feng Shui. Once you have created your bedroom with Feng Shui techniques, take some time to utilize similar techniques for the rest of your home, in order to create balance and the specific energy you desire for each space within your home.

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