Feng Shui Love and Marriage Bedroom Ideas

No matter what is situated in the love and romance area of the bedroom, there are always many ways for activating this Feng Shui zone. So, use the below tips for maximizing the Feng Shui love and marriage bedroom ideas.

Feng Shui Love and Marriage Bedroom Ideas

Feng Shui Colour Tips

Decorators know through experience that colours affect the way the occupants feel about their surroundings. Feng Shui Masters have known this for many centuries and use this in colour luck management. Let’s first look at this basic guide to Feng Shui decorations and the effect the colours generate on home interiors and its inhabitants.


This is a yin colour. Representing strength and force. In Feng Shui black also symbolizes a brand new start and the end of conflict. Warning: use black in small doses in all Feng Shui decorations. Too much black tends to depressive.


In Feng Shui design, blue symbolizes honour, faith, truth, along with trustworthiness. Too much blue in home decorations causes the occupants to disagree about small matters and argue over seemingly small problems.


In Feng Shui, decorations in the colour brown symbolizes reliability and faithfulness. This earthy yin colour should be used in small quantifies around the home. Too much brown is depressive.


Gold represents positive Chi (energy) and brings good luck to the home according to Feng Shui theory. Never go overboard with this wealth attracting colour. Too much gold causes the home’s occupants to stress money concerns over family relationships.

Feng Shui Room Colour Classification With Baguas


Green represents infidelity and dishonesty. And green also symbolizes money and wealth in Feng Shui. Feng Shui decorators warn against using too much green in the home. Using large quantities of green in home decor causes occupants to turn envious and jealous.


This nondescript color fades into the room background and causes other colors to stand out prominently. Feng Shui decorators always look for balance and harmony in the decor by using equal yin and yang. Gray is neither yin or yang. It represents a combining of the two colors. So, this color is thought unbalanced and tends to cause disharmony.


This colour combines red (fire) and yellow (earth). A colour symbolizing high aspirations. Amplify positive Chi with splashes of this colour in decor.


Fire colour red is very popular in Feng Shui decor. This good luck colour awakens the energies in the room. Too much red in interior decorations causes hot tempers to flare and emotional outburst.


The color of truth and passion. A combination of red (fire) and blue (water). A bit of this color in an interior space influences creative endeavors.


This colour symbolizes purity. A very strong yang colour. White also reflects light bringing strong Chi influence to a room.


Yellow is empirical the colour representing prestige and high honour in Chinese Culture. Pale yellow is thought to amplify positive Chi in a space. Too much yellow causes negative Chi. Occupants become stubborn and set in their ways.

Feng Shui colours used in Feng Shui decorations greatly influence a room’s occupants. Learn to use the colours to maximize positive Chi in your home!

Pa Kua - Bagua - Feng Shui Tool

Feng Shui In The Bedroom

Are you looking to activate Feng Shui for love and romance in your home? Several marriage and romance areas can be found in any house. You can make your very own Feng Shui love corner! They are the south-west of the whole house, and the same direction of each room. The most powerful of these zones is the one located in the south-west of the love and romance area of the house. This place is the best for a bedroom.

The south-west of the bedroom, no matter in which part of the house this room is located, is also one of the most powerful places that can attract love and improve marriage. Of course, it is especially true if the bedroom is situated in the south-west of the house. In such a case, enhancing the natural qualities of the south-west of the bedroom will give the greatest results possible.

Surely, not always people have an opportunity to initially design the bedroom for it to correspond to the major Feng Shui principle. As a result, anything may be found to decorate in the love and marriage area of the bedroom: a window, a wardrobe, a mirror, a bed, and what else.

Feng Shui To Attract Love And Romance

  1. Feng Shui love and romance area of the bedroom should be always be neat and clean.
  2. All the objects located in the south-west of the bedroom should be in good condition. If a thing is broken or damaged, either repair, or remove it as soon as possible: broken things break relations.
  3. The love and romance area should be well-lit. Good lighting activates positive energy that attracts luck in love and relations.

Decorating Bedroom: Love and Marriage

  1. Decorate bedroom: Since it is ruled by the earth element of Feng Shui, decorate the love and romance bedroom with pink, yellow, or brown. These colours will attract and improve love and relations. The best material is stone.
  2. Over the bed: hang a picture of a couple in love to attract luck in love. Put a couple of pink pillows on the bed.
  3. On the windowsill: this is the ideal Feng Shui love birds placement! Add a pair of birds or hearts will attract new love and energize the current one; a wind chime will activate the space.
  4. In the wardrobe or mirror area: hang a pair of hearts or a charm that attracts luck in love.
Feng Shui Love and Marriage Bedroom Ideas

The good news is that Feng Shui design is not a precise science. It is aimed at both creating harmonious new environments, and improving existing ones. So, no matter in what condition the love area of the bedroom is now, everything can be changed for better.

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