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Fun Times with Playmobil Canada Family Fun Cruise Ship – Review

Vacations are fun for families to go on, but they cannot be enjoyed every day, right? I mean, to be able to set sail on a cruise ship whenever want to be a dream! Playmobil Canada wants to help bring part of this dream to reality! They asked me to review their Family Fun Cruise Ship playset to see if my family would enjoy cruising into spring and summer seasons in style and fun!

Playmobil Family Fun Cruise Ship Review

Photo courtesy: Playmobil Canada; Playmobil cruise ship boxed

I am no expert when it comes to life at sea, so I’ll let Captain PM of the cruise ship Panama take the wheel to give you a guided tour of this ship, I mean playset!

Ahoy there! I’m Captain PM, and welcome aboard the Playmobil Cruise Ship Panama, or Panama for short. My goal is to bring the fun of life at sea to your home so your family can set sail whenever you feel ready to take off for a luxurious ocean adventure!

Toy captain on ship waving

At the beginning of each voyage, I personally welcome passengers aboard the Panama to make them feel at home.

Toy captain of ship welcomes travellers onto the ship.

I will escort passengers to their suites where there are one Queen or two Double bedroom accommodations available to book for you to enjoy on your voyage.  Each suite has access to its own washroom, phone, and is spacious enough that you would want to stay and play there for your whole trip. But there is so much more to explore, so follow me…

Left: Toy people laying on a bed; Right: Toy bedroom on a toy cruise ship.

Are you hungry? There is a fine dining restaurant on the main deck for passengers, both families and couples, to sit comfortably while they enjoy their meal while watching the waves. The most popular meal is Chocolate Ice Cream and the Red punch Surprise.

Toy family sitting around a table on a toy cruise ship.
Toy couple enjoying a drink on a toy cruise ship

Nice Pool

I understand that it is hard to resist the urge to splash and play in the water with all of this water surrounding you at sea. Well, the ship has you covered with the luxury pool area. Kids big and small will enjoy climbing to the top of the ladder to whirl down the pool slide into our pool. It is conveniently connected to the poolside bar so you can snack and sip on the ship’s fabulous food

Toy family playing at a pool on a toy cruise ship
Bottles, spoons mugs and a bowl of pretend ice cream at a toy poolside bar.

Need to get away during your getaway? The Observation Deck is the place to be! You can take in the rays of the sun, soak in the scenery of the sea as we sail along, and capture the beauty around you.

Safety is always key aboard the Panama. In case of trouble, there is a lifeboat ready to zoom us away from the boat.

Toy lifeboat attached to a toy cruise ship.

There is no shortage of adventures your family can have aboard the Playmobil Cruise Ship Panama! You can have fun in the sun, or wind down in your suites below deck. What are you waiting for? Come along with me for endless fun every day! I can’t wait to have you along for the ride.

Toy people waving on the deck of a toy cruise ship.

Thanks, Captain PM for your guided tour of the Cruise Ship Panama.

Before inviting my little cruisers aboard this cruise ship, there was some assembly to take care of. It took about 45 minutes to complete because Playmobil put a lot of little details into making this ship a fun experience.

L: Piece of a toy cruise ship in a box; R: Pieces of toy cruise ship spread out on a table.

Once assembled, my kids punched their tickets and went right into their high seas adventure.

Kids playing with a toy cruise ship.


They enjoyed being able to pull out the lower deck in order to take in the suites. I thought it was clever to actually have a bathroom designated to each room to add to the level of luxury for this playset.

T: Hand pulling our Lower Deck of a toy cruise ship;, BL: Child playing with toy luggage; BR: Boy playing with toy luggage.

My kids had the most fun with the Main Deck area of this ship. They had fun sitting the characters down to eat and taking turns to have the little people zip down the slide into the pool.

L: Child playing with the poolside slide on a toy cruise ship TR: Kids playing with a toy cruise ship; BR: Girl playing with a toy cruise ship.

We love it!

I was wowed by the thought Playmobil put into this playset. There were plenty of stickers to add to the depth and colour of different parts of the ship. The cute idea to have brushes, combs, bottles and food as part of this set were really clever. They add to adventure kids can have while they play.

Overall, my family loves setting sail with the Playmobil Cruise Ship playset! Once assembled, my kids had A LOT of fun on the high seas while taking the characters on various adventures on their vacation.  We all enjoyed the little details to make this ship come alive and fun, the suites on the pull-out Lower Deck looked as though they would be comfortable to sleep in. The Main Deck was the life of this boat, providing my kids with countless opportunities for imaginative play. We can’t wait to cruise any time we want this spring and summer with Playmobil Canada!

Kids waving behind a toy cruise ship.

Want to find other ways Playmobil Canada can make playtime fun? Connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube pages!

Disclaimer: I received the Family Fun Cruise Ship playset in order to conduct this review. The views I shared are my own.


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  1. Hi! My kids would love the swimming pool and slide on the Playmobil cruise ship set. Hoping to win! Thanks.

  2. There isn’t just one thing my granddaughter would love about this ship, she would love everything about it, and this grandma would love playing with her with it, it’s an awesome cruise ship and she would have hours of fun playing with it!!

  3. ok this is the coolest thing EVER! my daughter would absolutely love this. Their favorite part would be the slide into the pool 🙂

  4. My granddaughter would enjoy the luxury pool area the most I think, especially the slide going into the pool. I think she would enjoy everything though!

  5. My kids would enjoy acting out the cruise with the people figures. I think they would be all over the life boat!

  6. I think she would enjoy everything about this product, but the option to pull out the lower deck in order to take in the suites is pretty cool.

  7. My youngest grandson would enjoy putting the people down the slide. My younger granddaughters would enjoy putting the little people in the rooms and moving them around the ship.

  8. I think the things my kids would enjoy most about the Family Fun Cruise Ship playset are the pool and boarding ramp.

  9. PlaymobilCanada has such super awesome toys out.My grandchildren love these toys and this one is so unique.Thanks so much for the chance to win. 🙂

  10. I am following PlaymobilCanada on twitter but cannot get the credit for it because that one doesn`t work in the rafflecopter for me. 🙂

  11. My kids would have fun floating the boat in the bath! I like how versatile the characters are as they can be played with any other toys.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  12. My son used to work as a Officer Engineer on a Cruise ship when he was a cadet.
    So his son would love to play with the pool characters.He could show him the
    life boots that he worked on too. Also, the engine room would be fun for him to see.
    There is a lot of play value with this well made toy.

  13. I think the poolside slide would be the part of the Family Fun Cruise Ship playset they would enjoy the most.

  14. My granddaughters would definitely like the slide and pool the best but everything looks fun and I know they would love it all.

  15. my son would love bringing the life boat up and down . I love Playmobil love the warranty on their products. we lost a wheel on my son’s ambulance and they sent us a new one for free

  16. He would love to play with the little bottles, spoons, mugs, bowl of pretend ice cream,etc. because he likes tiny/little things.

  17. my son would love the captain. He has a bath boat with a captain and he loves the captain more than the boat I think lol

  18. I can’t decide and I’m sure my kids will have a hard time deciding too!

    But I would guess they will gravitate to the pool and then the beds!

    I would love to find out!!!

  19. I know my grandchildren would love the rooms and the life boat. I so want to take them on a cruise this would be a fantastic starter gift to the bigger one. I would put the tickets right into the cruise boat!


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