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Becoming a Big Kid with I See Me! Personalized Books and Gifts – Review

It has been great to see my younger daughter grow from a newborn to the tall toddler she is today. She has gone from not being able to do much to being able to walking, putting together proper sentences, and dancing and learning colours, the alphabet and beginning to love reading. I want to continue her love of reading and to inspire her to want to do more things that a child her age would be doing. I See Me! wants toddlers to become “big kids” and they have developed a line of personalized children’s books and unique gifts to help inspire toddlers to enhance their self esteem, to celebrate how unique they are, and to inspire them to want to become more independent. For this review, I received a personalized book entitled I’m A Big Kid and a personalized growth chart with her name on it.


Before receiving these products to review, I See Me asked me questions in order to make this book for my daughter, Maya, as possible. Besides her name and date of birth, I was asked for her hair colour and skin tone. I was also asked for a photo of Maya to use in the book.


I was curious what Maya would look like as a character in a book. When I received these products, I went directly to the book, and she looked so cute! I See Me! When Maya saw her book she wanted to jump right into reading her book! We sat down in our living room and read her book from cover to cover three times. She liked seeing herself in a book, and would giggle at every page.

Book Reading CollagePin

Below are some of my favourite pages. I liked them so much because of and I liked so many of the little personalized touches I See Me! used to make Maya’s book special. I loved the dedication page. It was a funny Maya as I had taken this shot while she was not paying attention to me while I was doing it. She also liked the touches of pink on it as well. I also liked how Maya’s name was incorporated in some of the items in her room, on the chalkboard and even into the story.

Fav Pages CollagePin

Another aspect of the book we enjoyed that we think is a total coincidence was one of toys that Book Maya had throughout the story was of this elephant. Maya has this exact toy. It was her first toy. It is special to us because her dad got it for her before she was born, and it holds a special spot in our heart.

Ellie CollagePin

Maya’s eyes were the size of saucers when she saw the personalized chart with her name on it! She loved looking at the planets and the stars, pointing them out and asking us what they were. I liked the quality of the material use to make this unique gift for her. It is thick and durable, so it will take quite a bit to damage it. I was impressed that there are also instructions on the back to assist parents in hanging the chart, as well as cleaning and ironing instructions just in case the growth chart gets dirty or wrinkled.

Chart CollagePin

Overall, I really liked the personalized big kid book and the growth chart from I See me! My daughter is in love with a book that is all about her doing big kid things tailored to her, and I love the little special tweaks they added to this book and growth chart such unique gifts.

If you are looking for a company that creates great personalized books and gifts, then look no further than I See Me! to have an item made for that special child in your life!

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Disclaimer: I was compensated with a book and a growth chart in order to write this review. The opinions expressed within this review are honest, and are my own.



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  1. Night before Christmas for my eldest, there’s a few more I saw that I would like for baby gifts too. Will have to have a c,over look at all the options! I also love the growth charts and lunch boxes…. Too bad you don’t get paid for being a SAHM, as there’s so much I would like to get!

  2. When my daughter was little, it was hard to find any personalized items with her name. Children get so excited when they see their own name on a gift. I!m so happy that it is much easier to be able to order personalized gifts for my 2 granddaughters now.

  3. A Christmas Tree For Me Placemat would be a great stocking stuffer. Also my daughter would enjoy reading the Pirate Adventure book.


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