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How To Be Well With DK Canada Books Review

As we continue our solidarity in the COVID 19 pandemic, it’s more fitting than ever to be gifted with DK products from their Be Well boutique this month. In addition, we are celebrating Earth Day, so they have lots of publications suited to learn and celebrate this. A perfect learning opportunity for my children! 

DK Canada Books Review

Below are the three Dk Canada books we were given to review:

Calm – mindfulness flash cards for kids 
Did you Know? Earth – amazing answers to more than 20 awesome questions!
The Bacteria Book – The BIG world of really tiny microbes  

How To Be Well With DK Canada Books – ReviewPin
How To Be Well With DK Canada Books – Review

Calm – mindfulness flash cards for kids 

Let’s be honest – we are all going a little crazy being cooped up, am I right?! My boys have SO much energy! Boys are a different breed I tell you. And who can really blame anyone right now, we are all just trying to keep sane. I chose these flash cards for a little break in the day for them to practice quiet time and calmness. Something that can be challenging with a 3 and 5 year old. 

Calm Flash Cards - insidePin
Calm Flash Cards – inside

The cards are divided into six sections for a variety of activities – Focus, Calm, Move, Change, Care, and Reflect. I think it’s great to have something for the kids as they need to take time for themselves as well.

Jax’s favourite calming activity was ‘Breathing hands’ where you breath in and out in correlation with tracing your hand. He was so focused! Both Jax and Hudson really enjoyed the “Take a Walk’ from the move category, really focusing on our senses and what we see and hear etc. It’s taken our walks to a whole new level!

The Bacteria Book – The BIG world of really tiny microbes  

The boys were drawn to this book with its colourful cover and all the little Bacteria monsters that depict the various microbes. This one resonated with Jax as when school was still in session in early March, the teachers were educating the children on the Coronavirus. They enjoyed learning about bacteria in a fun format and it helps to re inforce how important hand washing is in a fun way!

The Bacteria book - inside pagePin
The Bacteria book – inside page

They both were fascinated with the two-page spread about our body and how bacteria help you to digest, starting from the mouth ingesting and ending with a fart. Being boys of course that was funny for them.

Did you Know? Earth – Amazing answers to more than 200 awesome questions

How To Be Well With DK Canada Books – ReviewsPin
Did you know Earth Book cover

This beautiful colourful book is so timely with Earth Day. Jax has such an interest in learning about the world so he was happy to receive this book which is divided into five sections – Our planet, The Earth’s surface, Blue planet, Up in the air, and Living on the Earth. Jax loved sitting with his dad reading about the Blue planet as they are both lovers of the Ocean and bodies of water in general. He was excited to discover Underwater volcanoes again since he just learnt that on one of his favourite shows, Wild Kratts, and saw a land volcano recently in Costa Rica.

Did you know Earth Book- inside pagePin
Did you know Earth Book- inside page

All three of these books would make excellent gifts for birthdays or to help pass the time during social isolation! Check out their Be Well boutique for more books ideas!

You can find more books, like my family did, on DK Canada’s website! They are also now all available on Amazon for purchase! We also connected with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages! 

How To Be Well With DK Canada Books – ReviewPin
How To Be Well With DK Canada Books – Review
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  1. I would like to read “Did you Known: Earth” with my grandchildren as it answers so many questions and opens up discussion.

  2. I would love to read The Bacteria Book to my grand kids so they can understand that we have good bacteria as well as bad.

  3. I would love to read all of them because they all look interesting, but I’d start with the Calm Flash Cards because we could all use a bit extra mindfulness and calmness in our lives right now! It would be a great thing to start each day with!

  4. I would like to read the The Bacteria Book – The BIG world of really tiny microbes with my grandson, so that he can relate the content to the current pandemic.

  5. I would like to read the Did you know? Earth book with my kids because it would be very interesting and create good discussion.

  6. I would like to get the The Bacteria Book – The BIG world of really tiny microbes as my kids don’t seem to get it sometimes regarding bacteria. Also, my dad as he doesn’t seem to get it either.

  7. I would love to read The Bacteria Book to my nephew’s little girl because she’s fascinated with this sort of thing.

  8. I would read The Bacteria Book with my family as I think that especially at this time of a deadly virus we could learn a lot and knowledge is power.

  9. The bacteria book would be interesting to read and for kids to find out and understand what’s going out out there (wobbles13)

  10. Big Bacteria Book would be a good book to read with the grandkids. Would be interesting and they would learn some new things!

  11. Would love the book Did you Know? Earth – amazing answers to more than 20 awesome questions! My grandchildren are always curious and ask millions of questions and this would be great to have to help answer them.

  12. We would enjoy Did you Know? Earth. It looks like a fun way to learn about the earth by offering little tidbits that keep the child’s attention.

  13. The Bacteria Book – The BIG world of really tiny microbes would be very interesting reading with my grandson, would generate a good conversation.

  14. During these times, “First Emotions: How Do I Feel?” would be a great book to help children express their feelings.

  15. Was looking through the books and in need of some inspiration I found “Remarkable Books”. This is such a beautiful book and would be a great read, and you just might find another book to read.

  16. My kids devour books and they’re always so curious about everything. These would be great for our collection.

  17. I would love the read the Bacteria book with my boys because I know they would be interested in this book the most.

  18. I have some young people I would want to share the calm flashcards with, especially now when social emotion learning is so important during Covid-19

  19. I would like to read The Bacteria Book with my grandchildren. It would help them understand more about germs and how they are spread.

  20. I’d love to read Calm – mindfulness flash cards for kids with my family. With everything going on I think we all could use some calm.

  21. I would like to get the book Made For Baby, as a few of my nieces are having babies over the summer and fall. I could make them a gift from the book.

  22. I would get the book 1,000 Inventions and Discoveries. It is always interesting to hear about how different things were started and developed.

  23. Since I have limited garden space I think I would like to get the book Veg in One Bed. It would help give me ideas on how to grow more efficiently.


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