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Adventure Awaits with My Amazing Pen Pal – Review

Do your children love adventure? Do they like to learning about the world, solving puzzles and making crafts? Are you finding it hard to find the perfect for them this holiday season? My Amazing Pen Pal may just be the right gift to give this year! I was excited to be able to review one month of this service because my kids are born adventurous who love to solve clues and create fun projects. I also thought the family would enjoy this experience!

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My Amazing Pen Pal is an interactive experience that lets children follow Greg, their guide on this journey, as he explores a new country every month. Children learn about that specific country’s people, customs, food, animals and things they do for enjoyment. This is accomplished through videos, the website, activities and crafts. Parents can choose from two membership packages (12-month and 3-month packages), starting at less than $20 per month. This experience is recommended for children ages 6-11.

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My Amazing Pen Pal consists of four components. They are:

• The Weekly Episodes – Greg finds himself in a new country each month, and explorers can follow his adventures by watching them each week.
• The Adventure Website – Explorers can find new supplementary videos, photos, blogs posts, games and activities posted throughout the week to learn from and to enjoy!
• The Monthly Packages – Once the final episode has aired at the end of each month, your child will receive a package in the mail that contains a 20-page activity book, crafts, recipes, stickers and a treasure that Greg found that month that he would like to share!
• Unlimited Correspondence – children can contact Greg either through snail mail (with one prepaid envelope provided each month) or via email him whenever they want to see how he is doing or if they have a question for Greg about something in their monthly packages. Children even get a personal video from Greg on their birthday!

My family had an accelerated experience with My Amazing Pen Pal since we were conducting a review. All of the components of the first month were send to us at the same time. We were given this gorgeous treasure chest which contained everything we needed to begin our journeys with Greg as he travels around the world.

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Right away, we were asked to crack codes and solve puzzles. These activities allowed for us to register ourselves on the My Amazing Pen Pal website and to be introduced to Greg through a series of videos. There were many more activities for my kids to do learn about Greg’s first stop on his adventures.

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The other package we received held even more activities, as well as crafts, a recipe, treasure and many more goodies for my kids to work on and to learn from. We attempted to create a paper lantern, and went through the activity book. We had fun doing all of the activities given to us, and we learned more about how others live in lands far away.

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My son also loved opening the mysteriously wrapped object Greg send us. We received a carved elephant. This was the perfect gift as my family love elephants.

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The one small issue we had with this whole experience was with the paper lantern craft. All of the items needed for the craft were not listed in the area on the page that this was allocated for, but I had the foresight to read ahead and find all of the items I needed. The craft was easy to put together, and my kids had a blast putting it together! My daughter still has plans to add some extra touches to our new lantern so it will look even better.

Overall, my family loved following Greg on his adventures in My Amazing Pen Pal! We learned so much about a culture far away from our own, my kids solved clues and puzzles that made them think, and they got to do activities that challenged them and that they could take something away from. We loved our experience with Greg and are so happy we were able to see the world through Greg’s eyes and learn so much in so many different ways. It was really like going along with a friend on their travels!

To find out more about My Amazing Pen Pal, you can connect with them on website, as well as on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

Disclaimer: I received a membership and products from My Amazing Pen Pal in order to write this review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Mine would love the puzzle box or stickers!

    Thanks to the Sponsor for giving and you for hosting.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

    • Hi Vickie!
      Interacting with kids (and parents) is my favourite part! Connection on a personal level is what makes us all feel special – not just a customer/employee/student.
      Have a great day, and maybe I’ll see your little dudes inside the adventure site!


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