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Weekend Disney World Getaway: Best Tips and Tricks

If you have just a few days to escape to Disney World, then make sure you do it right! Different types of Disney World vacations require different strategies. So, if you have a weekend Disney World getaway planned, follow these tips and tricks so that you have the most fun without burning out!

Weekend Disney World Getaway: Best Tips and TricksPin

Weekend Disney World Getaway Tips and Tricks

Arrival and Departure

First, maximize your time as much as possible. Make your arrival early and your departure late into the day. Unless you have amazing dinner plans, show up on the first morning you have availability. This cuts back on hotel cost and gives you a full day to play. Delay your departure too, so you arrive back at home at the latest possible time.

Don’t Try to Do Everything!

Since you have a very limited amount of time on a weekend Disney World getaway, be aware of those limitations and don’t try to cram a whole Disney vacation into one weekend. Set lazy goals for yourself so that it feels like you are undershooting. Give your schedule plenty of room so you aren’t working yourself too hard all weekend.

Stay at a Moderate Resort

Conventional wisdom will tell you to stay at a Disney resort that is super close to your favourite park. That’s a good game plan, especially if your tastes are very specific and you have money to burn; however, those locations are always deluxe hotels that have amenities you most likely will not have time to use. Don’t plan a weekend Disney World getaway to have a spa day. Stay at a well themed but less pricey resort!

Weekend Disney World Getaway: Best Tips and TricksPin
Weekend Disney World Getaway: Best Tips and Tricks

Save time with Uber or Lyft

When every second counts, you might not want to be at the mercy of a bus schedule. Using a ride sharing app with Uber or Lyft is a low cost and convenient way to get around Disney World quickly. You can even request the Minnie Van Service. You are not at the mercy of bus routes, so you can go to any resort hotel or park from anywhere you are on Disney property. This is a huge advantage over the Disney buses. It costs money, but it is very reasonable considering how much time it can save you.


Park Hopper Passes

A short trip is the best excuse to buy Park Hopper passes, if you want to experience a sample of each of the parks. If you have three day park hoppers, I recommend using them every day and dividing your time up so that Epcot and Magic Kingdom get the most time. It’s also a good idea to have nighttime shows available to you from Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.

For example, here is how an ideal three day park hopping weekend Disney World getaway would look:

Day one: Magic Kingdom in the morning and Epcot at night ( dinner reservations at any restaurants at the World Showcase and Epcot Fireworks)

Day two: Epcot in the morning and Hollywood Studios at night (Make sure to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge and dinner reservations for Brown Derby)

Day three: Animal Kingdom in the morning and view the fireworks at Magic Kingdom at night.

Weekend Disney World Getaway: Best Tips and TricksPin

If you have to leave early on the third day, these days are interchangeable so you can choose what nighttime show you can miss. The only thing I strongly recommend is combining Epcot with Hollywood Studios because the park hopping is so easy. It’s also easy to hop between Epcot and Magic Kingdom via monorail!

What is your must-do attraction for a perfect Disney vacation? Share in the comments below!

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  1. I would never have thought of having a weekend getaway at Disney World but this is super planning and makes it possible. I didn’t know that they had Disney’s Minnie Vans to get you around to where you need to go quickly and I’m glad to hear that they are reasonably priced too.

  2. My biggest problem would be trying to do everything. There’s so much to explore and I wouldn’t want to miss out on anything amazing. I agree however, it would be way too much to try.

  3. I would love a weekend at Disney but I’m handicapped so my trips take a lot of planning and I go away for longer periods of time

  4. We are thinking about taking a quick trip for my sons 30th birthday. WE would only be able to go for a long weekend due to his work schedule so these tips are very helpful. He’s a Disney fanatic and now that they also have Star Wars he really wants to go back. Thanks for the tips.


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