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4 Tips To Look Fabulous While Being Discreet

Fashion. For some people, it can be a daunting subject because it is subjective and changes very rapidly. Some people feel as though they need to keep up every trend, and that is not the case. Not every trend will work for everyone. Sometimes, looking fabulous is not about having the designer labels, but is more about having confidence and feeling comfortable in what you are wearing. What you wear also does not have to be flashy to be fashionable. Sometimes, being a bit discreet with your ensemble can go a long way to making you look and feel good. Below are 4 Tips To Look Fabulous While Being Discreet!


You do not have to wear a bold print to stand out. One accessory can make your outfit go from average to amazing! It could be a belt to add to a longer blouse or sweater, a fun scarf that adds a bit of punch of colour to your outfit, or a piece of jewelry that shows off your personality. Any one of these touches can bring your normal outfit a breath of life and fun, making you look and feel great and add a bit of your own personals style without being showy about it.

For your eyes only

For some women, being discreet is not always about what people can see. Adult Incontinence, or AI, is not something they want the world to know they have. AI does have many different effects on the daily life of women who are afflicted by it. 15% of women who experience bladder leaks believe that it affects their work or daily activities, and 8 in 10 women experience bladder leakage when they cough or sneeze. Some of these issues will impact the types of clothing they wear since they are afraid of not being able to make it to a restroom on time, ruining their clothing

What can women wear to help protect themselves from spur of the moment bladder leaks? A good friend of mine suffers from AI, and is a fashionista. She depends on Always Discreet Very Light Regular Liners to catch light leaks. It has a unique DualLock Core™ that helps to lock away incontinent odours and wetness for hours. It also has a thin and flexible design to give protection from your overactive bladder discreetly. From skinny jeans to little black dresses, she wear whatever she wants, feeling confident she will be protected from little leaks that may occur.

Love your legs

Your legs need a bit of loving, too! Your legs can look different based on how you are dressing them. It all depends on the style and dress them. You can look sleek or casual in a pair of jeans, dress pants or a skirt. Finding the right fit and colour for these items is key. Once you have discovered your body type and how to dress for it, there are endless combinations of with these simple staples to any wardrobe. For example, a pair of dress pants with a bit of a pattern to it can be paired with a buttoned down top, a blazer and a sweet pair of kitten heels for a cute work look. This same pair of pants can be worn with a flouncy t-shit, a knitted sweater and a fun pair of sneakers or flats can also look chic, but give off more of a cozy vibe. The pattern on the dress pants is subtle, but there are so many looks you can get from them.

Put your best foot forward

Shoes really do help to pull an outfit together. Whether they are heeled or flat, your foot wear says a lot more than you realize. Let them help to show off who you really are. On those days you decide to wear a power suit into the office, wearing a pair of shoes that have a fun print or are textured breaks up the dreariness and shows a bit of your playful side. Wearing a lot of greys and browns this fall? Wearing a pair of colourful shoes of boots can brighten up even the darkest of outfits.

No matter what your fashion type is, fashion can have flair while being discreet. Simple pieces can make an outfit fabulous. These simple fashion tips can also help to bring out your personality so you look great and feel confident without being too obvious you are trying to do so. Finally, it is okay to try and play with pieces in your wardrobe to make new outfits and have fun doing it!

How do you like to be fashionable while being discreet?

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I created this blog post as a paid ambassador Always Discreet. All opinions and advice are my own and I only work with companies I genuinely love/have used prior to being contacted.

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  1. Some good tips here, thankfully so far I’m not suffering from AI but at my age it could arrive at any time unfortunately. 🙁

  2. It’s nice to be able to hide things and disguise because I sit in a wheelchair and it’s all about camouflage to hide certain things


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