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What Are the Best Windows to Install for Your House in Ottawa?

Choosing new windows for your home can be a real chore, especially in Ottawa, where you have so many factors to consider. Ottawa is a city prone to harsh winters and hot summers; hence you need energy-efficient windows that are durable and able to resist damage from heat and storms. Moreover, you also want to maintain the character of your home with windows that are classy, stylish, easy to operate, and of course, within your budget.

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So how do you choose the best products and avoid top window replacement mistakes when shopping for new units? Keep reading to find out!

The list of windows available in Canada is probably inexhaustible; however, there are a few window styles that stand out to homeowners in Ottawa. These units are the most popular in Ottawa for their curb appeal, durability, affordability, and versatility. Let’s get to know a few of them.

Casement Windows

These are unitswith hinges by the side that open inwards and outwards, just like a door. They are one of the most popular windows not just in Ottawa, but all over the world, and it’s not too difficult to understand why. Casement windows work with almost all home looks. They would blend well in a traditional or more contemporary setting without breaking a sweat. Casement windows also offer an ease of operation and maintenance that is quite unlike many other units. Casements are also one of the most energy-efficient options available to you, especially with their multipoint locking system. They happen to be a perfect mix of efficiency, convenience, and versatility.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have two operable sashes that can be lifted upwards and downwards. These windows will probably never go out as style and are even more popular than they were back then. A simple reason is the excellent ventilation they provide, which can be controlled depending on which of the sashes you choose to lift. Double-hung windows are also more affordable than many other options because of how common they are. You should consider them if you happen to be on a tight budget. Getting vinyl double-hung windows will help prevent potential air leaks and give you a very satisfying outcome.

Picture Windows

Picture windows offer a huge glass area designed to give you an unobstructed view of your surroundings. These windows are fixed and usually come in simple rectangular or square shapes. They are trendy in Ottawa due to their energy efficiency and ability to be combined with other window styles for more benefits:

  • Go with a picture window in the center and two casements by its side for optimal ventilation;
  • Another option is a combo of a picture window with two hung windows that add to aesthetics and overall house design.

The only downside might be the fact that these units offer no ventilation if installed individually. Still, it doesn’t stop the windows from being energy efficient, easy to clean and maintain, and aesthetically pleasing. Keep in mind, though, that these units are hard to install and require a professional who follows the CSA guidelines to be installed correctly.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows need no introduction as they remain a popular choice in Ottawa because of their versatility, ability to let in much natural light, energy efficiency, and excellent ventilation. Sliding windows can function just like picture windows, offering extensive unobstructed views, but they come with a bonus by providing ventilation options, unlike picture windows.

They also offer a host of other benefits such as low long-term operational costs, ease of use, durability and well, beauty. If the interior of your home is something that should be shown off, do consider a sliding window; if not, you can always add some blinds to get additional privacy.

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How can new windows add value to your Ottawa house?

You would be surprised at the impact that installing new windows could have on your house. You could derive immense value and satisfaction by simply installing new windows. What do we mean? 

Cut down on energy bills

You wouldn’t have to spend so much on energy bills if you invest in energy-efficient windows with good Energy Star ratings. These windows will provide adequate insulation to ensure that your home can conserve heat. You would need to ensure that you look out for double or triple glazed glass to get the best of it. Vinyl or aluminum frames are also an excellent choice for energy efficiency.

Enhance your curb appeal on a budget

Investing in the right windows will add character to your home, giving it a modern or traditional feel, depending on what you prefer. It will also be a great way to entice potential customers if you ever plan to sell by choosing windows that provide a good view into the home. 

Better soundproofing

Choosing double or triple glazed windows that provide adequate protection from noise boosts the value of your home and is always an added advantage.

Boost the security of your home

Windows designed for egress, for example, provide additional escape ways in cases of emergency, such as fire. Casement windows are a standard option for egress windows, but must meet certain building code criteria. Investing in double or triple-paned glass with durable frames and secure locks would make you feel safer and contribute to the value of your home.


Top-5 crucial mistakes to avoid when getting new windows

Canadian homeowners always strive to get the best products when replacing old windows, but unfortunately, they often overlook some crucial aspects. That is why we have gathered these top DON’TS for you to avoid some common pitfalls when shopping for new windows:

  1. Do not purchase new windows based on price only. The cheapest, just like the most expensive, might not be the best pick;
  2. Do not go with the same window styles, experiment and ask installers what will work best for your house;
  3. Do not neglect to choose the correct glazing and frames. The right ones will make your home much more energy-efficient.
  4. Do not overlook security issues. Ask your installer what hardware, glazing and sashes will get you the best security level.
  5. Do not DIY the installation of your new windows. Always go with the experts since window installation is a complex task requiring skills, tools, and experience to serve you correctly for many years to come.

The Final Thoughts

Ottawa has a good number of window styles to pick from without having to compromise on your style, budget, and convenience. Remember to look out for the right insulated glazing options, Energy Star ratings, frames, and window installation companies. Regardless of whatever your preference is, there are windows in Ottawa that will suit your needs.

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