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Tips for Choosing a Wedding Caterer in Toronto

When you are planning your perfect wedding day remember that hungry guests are the worst guests in the world. This is why you need to remember to plan a perfect wedding reception and hire professional wedding caterer in order to make your day unforgettable. Below we present you several tips for Choosing a Wedding Caterer in Toronto and make this day special!

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When you start looking for a Toronto wedding caterer it is important to meet with every perspective ‘employee’ in person. Come to caterer’s office and discuss in person your thoughts and ideas in order to create a perfect tandem of your ideas and his or her professional implementation.

When you come to the any wedding catering in Toronto you will have to bring your own ‘estimate’ of the event. Make sure to include the number of guests, you venue or at least perspective options of it, bring photos of the reception facilities to explain how caterer’s work place will look like. Explain your theme, if there is one, and any cuisine preferences or styling choice.


Beverages is a totally different thing than food. First of all, if you are planning to serve alcohol at your reception then you need to choose wedding catering company in Toronto that has a liquor license to serve it. Pay attention to this fact when choosing your wedding caterer otherwise you will have to pay double to hire a caterer and a bartender separately.

The standard ratio of drinks at a wedding reception is considered to be one drink per hour per person, so calculate the number of alcohol needed yourself and of course ask your caterer for some advice. Keep in mind that some kinds of alcohol are more popular than others so you need to order more of them. But, at the same time you should remember that people will have to get back to their homes, so do not ‘overorder’ alcohol drinks.

Apart from alcohol make sure to get enough water, coffee, tea, juices, and sodas especially if you will have children at your reception.


After you have checked several wedding catering companies and considered their offers it is time to make the final choice. Weight all pros and cons of every company in terms of style and menu offered, services provided, and your personal feeling about the chef. Once you decide on the team you are choosing you will need to sign a contract, but before doing so make sure that you have the following information written in the contract:

  • Name and contact info (both yours and theirs)
  • What: the list of everything provided by the company (including food and beverages, services, number of workers, etc.)
  • Where: the location of your wedding venue
  • When: date(s) and time of their service
  • How much: cost of services in total and detail description of every point as well as deposit paid
  • Additional details: cancellation policies and emergencies

After you made sure that you have all this information you can sign your contract with the company offering wedding catering in Toronto and finally stop worrying about your dinner and proceed to choosing your clothes and inviting friends!

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  1. If I could add another tip it is know your contracts with your vendors well, what they offer and do not offer, what extra charges will be or not be.
    That way you avoid extra charges when it is all said and done.


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