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Aqualife Swim Academy In Ottawa – Review

The first activity I did with my kids were swim lessons. I was anxious to get them into the water as soon as they could (which is recommended at 3 months). Of course, at such a young age they aren’t learning to swim, it’s like a playgroup in the water. The point is that it gets them comfortable with the water. And for me, swimming is a non-negotiable life skill that my children will be in as they grow so getting them comfortable in the water is step one! We had the pleasure of reviewing the Aqualife Swim Academy swimming program in Ottawa this summer!

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Boutique Customized Experience At the Aqualife Swim Academy

When Jax was around 2, I heard about the Aqualife Swim Academy from a friend that had great results with her kids far exceeding what the city lessons were providing. I also started to notice the local Facebook mom groups saying the same thing – that their kids who kept failing in city lessons were suddenly flourishing with Aqualife. I was pretty much convinced at this point and decided that I would register Jax when he turned 3, which is the age that a parent no longer has to go in anymore.

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Five Convenient Locations

Aqualife Swim Academy conveniently has 5 locations to choose from across the city of Ottawa and surrounding area. We chose the Brookstreet Hotel, Kanata location. One of the huge bonuses of this location is the free underground parking with your lessons! Let me tell you, when it’s -30 Celsius outside you’re thanking your lucky stars your swim class has underground parking!

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Top Notch Instructors

The classes are either semi-private or private, and they take them from babies to even adult swimming lessons. We were excited to get Jax started in the lessons and he started enjoying them right away. I noticed a change in him within a few short months and there were improvements every week. I saw the change when I compared our trip to Mexico last year in April versus this year in February. He was a totally different kid and didn’t even have his floaties on half the time! It’s truly amazing how much confidence he has in the water. 

During the 30 minute lesson they get so much done. I couldn’t imagine having to share that amount of time with other kids in a city class. When Jax is in school this September I plan to take Hudson to the city lessons only until he turns three next February, at which point they can conveniently share the same semi-private class!

Hassle Free Registration

Also super convenient is that I’m not having to fight with all the other residents of Ottawa on city registration days for swim and other lessons. With Aqualife Swim Academy I signed up when I was ready and there is no end date, you simply have that time slot reoccurring and get billed monthly until you decide you want to switch or cancel. One less thing for this mamma to worry about! They also email you with new time slot openings which is great.

I HIGHLY recommend the Aqualife Swim Academy. We cannot wait until Hudson is old enough to be in the same class with his brother!

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Would you like to keep your family safe this summer in the water? You can discover more about The Aqualife Swim Academy on their website! We also connected with them on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

Disclaimer: I received swimming lessons from The Aqualife Academy to write this review. The views I share are my own. 

Born and raised in Ottawa, I’m a wife and mom of two beautiful toddler boys that keep me busy having fun at home and running all over the city exploring new adventures. I studied Communications and Marketing at Carleton University which led me to a Marketing career in the Shopping centre and Real estate industries. That led me to selling homes. I’m currently employed in my hardest and most rewarding role of all, as a Stay at home mom. I love being a mom and am a huge kid at heart, hence why I love taking my kids to everything and experiencing all that this city has to offer. I’m fun loving, love shopping, reading, and watching movies. I also am a dog lover and have a beautiful German Shepherd Nika.

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