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Here’s What Parents with Little Computer Knowledge Should Do if it Crashes

Here’s What Parents with Little Computer Knowledge Should Do if it Crashes

If you’re a parent with little to no computer knowledge and your child has encountered crash issues with their computer, it could be time to get involved and get their computer working again. Trying to fix crash errors is a daunting process, especially for inexperienced users. However, there is plenty of help available online and just by chance, one of the following solutions could be exactly what you need to fix the computer yourself.


Here’s What Parents with Little Computer Knowledge Should Do if it CrashesPin
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Check Your Cable Connections

One common fault of computer crashes is simply that a cable has been loosened. Turn off your computer and check for any loose cables. Don’t just look at the cables, always make sure you’ve put in the effort to check them physically. Some cables look like they are in properly but can always be pushed in further. This is a simple fix, but you’ll be surprised by how often it happens.

Back Up if Possible

When your computer crashes, it’s not always possible to access your data again. However, if you’ve managed to fix the issue thanks to one of the above methods, you should look to back up any data you want to keep straight away. There’s nothing to suggest the problem your computer is facing isn’t going to come back in the near future. Therefore, you should back up your data in case your computer crashes and isn’t fixable next time.

Here’s What Parents with Little Computer Knowledge Should Do if it CrashesPin
Here’s What Parents with Little Computer Knowledge Should Do if it Crashes


Take Note of Crash Errors

Taking note of crash errors will help you find a solution with ease. Once you have taken a note of the crash error, use another device that has internet access and type the crash error in Google, along with the model of your computer. More often than not thousands of other people have had the same problems and get help easily from professionals in Google. If you can’t find your error code, look for computer-related forums and ask someone if they have any idea what’s causing the problem. You could also look at Secure Data for a solution if you’ve haven’t been successful in your search.

Hire a Computer Tech Expert

Hiring a computer tech expert isn’t cheap, but if your computer is new and expensive it’s an effective way to fix it to normal standing again. A professional will fix any and all errors and replace any components if they aren’t doing their job any longer. It’s also a good way if you have absolutely no experience working with computers yourself.

Start the Recovery Process

Many of the latest computers have a recovery procedure that can be initiated from safe mode. Look at your computer manual to see how to boot in safe mode and then follow the recovery options stated. Bear in mind that you will likely lose all your data if you are restoring to a factory state. However, your crash problem will likely be software related and that means it will be gone once you start your computer again after the recovery process.

The above are just some of the simple solutions available if you’re looking to solve a crash issue. If you have no luck using the above methods, it could be worth contacting the computer manufacturer to see if you still have warranty left – more often than not they’ll repair the computer for you so that you don’t have to.


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  1. I’m not a high tech person and wouldn’t have a clue what to do but thankfully my husband knows quite a bit, so he’s usually able to help if I need it.

  2. These are great tips I have had a black screen a couple times and used safe mode to fix it Googling the crash error helped. On my old computer few years ago I had to replace a battery for the clock as that went; Google was great for that.


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