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Enhance Memories with CanvasChamp Canada Review

Memories. We like to capture them in photos on our smartphones and share them over our social media channels or put them in frames. Both of these methods are great, but there is nothing that makes these moments in time pop. CanvasChamp likes making memories special by transferring your favourite photos onto canvas. This can help to bring special moments to life and make a specific spot in your home more of your own. They asked if they could take a special image of mine to help enhance this memory by creating a canvas print. I was curious to see how it would turn out!

Decisions, decisions!

I thought that the process of putting an image onto to canvas was going to be difficult. With CanvasChamp, it was simpler than I thought. The first thing I had to do was go through all of my images to find one I wanted to put onto a canvas. I love photography and nature. I wanted to do something special with one of my first shots I took that came out well. This was the perfect opportunity to do it.

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Easy steps to follow with CanvasChamp

Once I found the photo I wanted to use, CanvasChamp took over. Here are the steps to get custom canvas prints with CanvasChamp:

  1. Import image (you can grab them from your Facebook, or Instagram)
  2. Choose the size of your canvas print
  3. Choose the border around the print (it could mirror, wrap around the border or have a border colour).
  4. Optional colour finishing (this is an extra fee to help protect the image from fading due to light exposure.

There are also other refinishing options to help enhance look of your canvas print such as:

  • Lamination
  • Mirror photo retouching
  • Proof request (so you can see what your canvas print will look like before you receive it).

What I really enjoyed while ordering my custom canvas pint was how simple it was to go back and make changes to my order before paying for it. It only took a few seconds to return to the page I needed to edit to make the changes I needed.

There is also a free option for customers to have a follow-up with your order. It is CanvasChamp’s way of making sure customers are satisfied with their orders. This is a great feature because it allows for customers to ask questions or voice their concerns about their order.

From the computer to the wall

When my canvas print arrived at my door I could not wait to see what it looked like. I was impressed with how it was packaged. There were three layers of packing plastic, secured with tape around the edges to help secure it and protect it from damaging weather. Once the box is opened, there is more protective film around the canvas print to further protect it from harm.

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Here is the finished product.

Enhance Memories with CanvasChampPin

I was really happy with how my first great photo memory turned out. The tulip leaves and the edges of the snow were crisp and clear. I was really happy with choosing to have the image wrap around the print as it is a continuation of the image and makes the print look really nice. I feel that the colours of the print came out a touch darker than the photo I used, but I am still so happy with the print itself.

The walls around my home are all open and ready for a touch of décor to enhance the space they are in. I chose to put this print at my workspace. It This space has a view of the backyard where this tulip pops out of the snow every spring. It is such an inspiring space, and this print is adding more life and inspiration to this spot in my home.

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Not a photo person?

Are photos not your thing? You could have an image like an emoji, phrase, or even lyrics on canvas! Anything image with meaning can be put on a canvas from CanvasChamp. This print can be put in your child’s room, a game or rec room, or music room to add some character to these spaces!

CanvasChamp is an easy way to enhance a space

I am so happy with how my custom canvas print turned out from CanvasChamp! Though the image seems a bit dark, I love the beautiful results. The image on the print is sharp, I love how the image wraps around the print and how it adds life to my workspace. I would love to have more of my favourite photos put on canvas to adorn the walls of my home. I would have ones of my kids done to put in their bedrooms, a photo or two of our cat, and other fun photos. Canvas prints are so easy to have done and are a great way to enhance our images and our home at the same time!

Enhance Memories with CanvasChampPin
Enhance Memories with CanvasChamp

Are you wondering what other products you can get from CanvasChamp? Head over to their website to find out more! You can also connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages!

Disclaimer: This post was compensated from CanvasChamp. I also received a custom canvas print in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. I have so many pictures I would love to use at CanvasChamp.. I would love to make a Custom Photo Book, and love to make a Photo Collage!

  2. I could use about a zillion canvas prints to cover up all these blank walls I have around here… but just one would be a good start 🙂

  3. A canvas wall display of my family – I have a wedding photo from my wedding last October and I would LOVE to suprise my husband!


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