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DK Canada Disney Pixar Books Review

My boys were so excited when the DK Disney Pixar books arrived in the mail. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity from Ottawa Mommy Club to review Monsters University – The Essential Guide and Pixar Character Encyclopedia.

Monsters University – The Essential Guide came at just the right time.  We had just seen the movie a few days earlier.  The kids were excited to  look through the book and see how much they already knew and how many new fun facts they could learn. The Essential Guide dedicates a page to each character including each character’s scare score. Of course Mike Wazowski’s Scare score  is only 5% whereas Sulley’s  score is  85%.

We also learn a lot of cool stuff about the teams like Oozma  Kappa, EEK, PNK, HSS etc. We get to discover what kind of Scarer we are, what it takes to become a Scarer, win the Scare Games and make some expected and unexpected friends along the way.

The Disney Pixar Encyclopedia features more than 200 of Disney Pixar’s beloved characters. The book is organized in chronological order starting with Toy Story and ending with Brave.  Sequels such as Cars 2 make the book but are included with the original movie.  Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. and Cars made the top of my boys’ list.  They enjoyed reading about the characters overall but one of my personal favourites was the ‘Did you know?’ about each character. For example, did you know that “Dory is a regal tang. These fish have a powerful smell and can be poisonous, causing sickness and headaches if eaten”? I didn’t.  Is it mentioned in the movie? If so I really don’t remember.

I did know this one though.  “If Buzz is switched to Spanish mode, his personality changes dramatically – he becomes romantic, poetic, and loves to dance”.

If you or your kids are fans of Monsters Inc./Monsters University and the fabulous Disney Pixar movies I’d highly recommend both these books.

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  1. Puzzle no longer. All these questions are answered in this wonderful and entertaining guide to Disney & Pixar’s awesome animated movie. Each page of the book is filled with pictures of the monsters from the film, and is filled with all new facts that were not even revealed in the movie!


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