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Connect During the Holidays with Samsung Canada #Review

Being able to connect the ones you love during the holiday season is a challenge. Smartphones have made being close to family and friends an alternative to physically being together. Having the right device to get the job done is key to making this process work well. Samsung Canada’s Galaxy A70 smartphone is a powerful yet affordable device that provides features people are looking for in a smartphone to be closer to the ones they love. They asked my family if we would like to see if we could connect with each other this holiday season using this device and we could not wait to try it out!

Connect For The Holidays with Samsung CanadaPin
Samsung Canada’s Galaxy A70 smartphone on a table.

Connect During the Holidays with Samsung Canada

Here are some of the features that the Galaxy A70 smartphone have to offer to help connect my family:

  • Infinity-U Display
  • Triple Camera
  • Superfast charging
  • Fast CPU speed.

Viewing is big deal with Samsung Canada

Where on the hunt for a smartphone, one of the features I love to have is a big screen. The Galaxy A70 boasts a 6.7-inch full-frontal glass, edge-to-edge screen. Its SAMOLED Infinity-U Screen which brings looking at your phone and streaming videos and games more to life.

Connect For The Holidays with Samsung CanadaPin
Hand holding Samsung Canada’s Galaxy A70 smartphone.

Whether I connect with loved ones on a video chat or am viewing a great movie, the quality of the images are sharp and clean. I was floored by how nice images and photos come out on this screen. Viewing shows and films are lifelike. 

Connect For The Holidays with Samsung CanadaPin
Woman watching smartphone on a couch.

Triple the camera fun

It is three times the fun with the cameras on the Galaxy A70. Three cameras helps users capture larger than life images. An Ultra-Wide Camera gives a 123-degree view for Ultra Wide panoramic shots. Its 32MP (F1.7) camera provides bright, clear photos all day. The 5MP Depth Camera works to adjust the depth of field and taking those intimate shots.

Connect For The Holidays with Samsung CanadaPin
Samsung Galaxy A70’s Triple Cameras.

These cameras are really easy to use. I love how, with the use of my fingers, I am able to make adjustments to help me capture beautiful shots. One of my favourite functions to use when snapping pics on this phone is the light adjuster. All I have to do to add or remove light from a photo is slide the light adjustment bar to get the perfect picture. Taking photos helps my littles and I connect through the memories we capture.

Connect For The Holidays with Samsung CanadaPin
Photo of buildings from Samsung Canada’s Galaxy A70 smartphone.
Connect For The Holidays with Samsung CanadaPin
Christmas Tree in a mall.

Express yourself(ie)

Who doesn’t like taking selfies? Adding an extra bit of personality to these shots make taking them so much fun! Users can create and personalize an AR emoji, then they can take a selfie in Mask Mode to bring their emoji into the real world. People are able to decorate shots with AR stickers, stamps, and frames for photos to add a bit of whimsy to their shots!

Connect For The Holidays with Samsung CanadaPin
Image of AR Emoji.

My kids and I love creating mini versions of ourselves with this feature. It was funny to see how we looked as characters and to get to change how we looked. We found it easy to go through this feature and to see us in different situations.

Supercharged power

I am not a fan of my phone when it is almost dead. When on an assignment or on-the-run, being without power on a smartphone is not ideal. The A70 is equipped with a 4,500mAh (typical) battery (This depends on the amount you use your smartphone and other factors). This allows this device to handle more video and more pictures. This smartphone has an efficient 25W Super Fast Charging technology your device is fully powered, and ready to go in a flash.

Connect For The Holidays with Samsung CanadaPin
Samsung Canada’s Galaxy A70 phone, box and charger.

It was so great to be able to get charged up and be ready to go with the A70. It took about an hour for my device to go from being at a low percentage of power to fully charged. This is great, especially when I forget to charge my phone the night before a long day at work.

Connect For The Holidays with Samsung CanadaPin
Secure Files section of Samsung Canada’s Galaxy A70 smartphone.

Connect with less worries

Connecting with loved ones on a smartphone is a huge draw for owners to look out for when choosing a device. I would like to feel reassured that your phone has my back while I use it. The A70 boasts two fabulous features to help protect users while they use this phone.

The Samsung Secure Folder allows users to create secret files on your device that is encrypted and secure. It provides and extra layer of protection to the files, documents and photos you want to keep hidden. I loved being able to store certain files and lists I want kept away from my kids to while they use my phone for play.

Connect For The Holidays with Samsung CanadaPin
Secure Files section of Samsung Canada’s Galaxy A70 smartphone.

Users are also able to personalize the protection on their phone. The A70 provides the ability for users to hold their phone up to their face in order to unlock your phone. It works with a Face Recognition technology to guard your phone from allowing others to get in to your device.

There is also an on-screen biometric fingerprint scanner that can fingers in a wink of an eye. This provides quick and simple access to your device when you need it.

I personally did not use the Face Recognition technology or the on-screen biometric fingerprint scanner. They are great methods of security to make your phone private and personal to the user. I am happy with being able to use a difficult password to access my device.

An assistant at your fingertips

Bixby is the assistant that is built into the A70 that helps users to use their device more efficiently. This feature manages phone features so users don’t have to navigate through their phone to find something. All users have to do is speak to Bixby for assistance! 

Connect For The Holidays with Samsung CanadaPin
Samsung Canada Bixby Home home screen.

My kids loved meeting Bixby and having it answer their questions and connecting them to  different areas on this device. They found Bixby fun to use and engaging. It is a great tool to have on hand!

Connecting made fun and easy with Samsung Canada

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is a fun way to connect to the ones we love during the holiday season and beyond! I love being able to stream movies and television shows with the help of its SAMOLED Infinity-U screen. Taking photos is a snap with this device’s triple cameras and AR Emoji feature. We like using the security folder on this phone to keep saved documents and files private. Bixby helped my kids get around this smartphone easily. We are so pleased to have this powerful little phone! Connecting this holiday season is made more fun because of it, and since it is affordably priced, it can make a great gift idea!

Connect During the Holidays with Samsung CanadaPin
Connect During the Holidays with Samsung Canada

Want to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy A70 smartphone? We discovered all about it on their website! We also follow Samsung on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages!

Disclaimer: I received a Samsung A70 smartphone from Samsung Canada in order to write this review as a part of our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. It would be nice to have a smartphone as my cell phone is a dinosaur. I would use the 3 cameras and think that would be a feature I would get good use out of.

  2. I love that it has 3 cameras. I take a lot of pictures with my phone and the battery runs out quick too. This phone looks like it has a great battery and awesome cameras.

  3. My favourite feature of this amazing Samsung phone is the Triple Camera. Since I don’t own a regular camera and love to take pictures it’s important the my phone have a great camera. I also love the Superfast charging so my phone is always available to take those pictures quickly.

  4. The feature I would love using the most is the camera. I currently have an old phone with a pathetic camera, so I still have to bring my old-school camera everywhere with me if I want to take photos; it’s a pain. I’d love a phone with a useable camera!!

  5. The triple camera, I’d really enjoy that. My present phone’s camera sucks, I’d be really excited to have this to play with. 🙂

  6. I don’t see a form to enter this giveaway. When I click on the Click here to view this promotion link I get a warning page “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead”.

    • Yes, Promosimple is dealing with these issues. In the meantime, you can click on Advanced, and click proceed to promosimple. Their certificate expired, meaning their site is not as secure anymore, but it will get fixed.

  7. I have had Samsung phones for many years now. My latest phone is almotst 2 years old so it is time to get a new one

  8. My current smartphone takes crappy photos so it would be nice to have a phone that actually takes decent photos.

  9. This phone would be perfect. I’m homeless and don’t have one, and the fast charging feature would be perfect for charging up fast over a warm coffee in timmies

  10. I’d love using Bixby! That sounds perfect. I really don’t want to spend a bunch of time slogging through everything, looking myself – if Bixby can do it for me, that’s a time-saver. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Bixby would be my new best friend! So useful. There are so many things I have difficulty navigating in my phone so this would really help clear the way!

  12. The ” Galaxy A70 phone” and sounds amazing. The camera sounds like top of the line. Far better than the camera on my Samsung Galaxy Cell Phone.

  13. I love that the phone charges quickly because sometimes I forget to plug it in before work . I also love the three cameras feature .

  14. I like the secure folders. My daughter always wants to take photos with my phone, but she doesn’t understand when she’s accidentally moved or deleted something.

    – Amber Y

  15. I would love to use Super Fast Charging technology feature on the Samsung Galaxy A70! I use my phone a lot so being able to charge my phone quickly would be a time saver.

  16. I would love the fast CPU speed. My current phone lags a lot and doesn’t always cooperate with me, so would love something that works well.

  17. I would love to have Samsung’s 55″ NU6950 Smart 4K UHD TV. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity and Merry Christmas!

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  19. On my dream big list there would be a 65″ 2019 The Frame 4K Smart TV. I love that you can choose a frame as well have art displayed on it when it’s off.

  20. I would love to use the 3 cameras. This phone would be a great upgrade for me, my S6 camera does not do well capturing my kids events and family gatherings. The Samsung Canada’s Galaxy A70 smartphone would make things so much easier.

  21. The Triple Camera would be awesome! I take so many pictures of our son, currently 8 months old. Having a camera that can capture him more clearly is a must!

  22. I would love the quick charging of the phone! My current samsung doesn’t hold a charge for long and takes awhile to charge so this would be a game changer!

  23. I love the personalized emojis. So cute! I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and love it but it’s time for an upgrade so this one sounds like it would be a nice improvement on the features I already love along with some new and better ones to enjoy. Thanks for the chance to win!

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