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Bubble Bouncing Fun with Messi FootBubbles – Review

Soccer (or football) is becoming more popular for kids to play in Canada. Kids love seeing and trying to do the skills the elite players display with a ball during games. Leo Messi is a star player many players love to emulate, and Messi FootBubbles wants kids to feel as though they have some of his awesome moves with this Starter Kit! I was asked to see if my kids would enjoy trying to see if they could juggle bubbles like Leo Messi.

Ottawa Mommy Club Messi FootBubbles Starter Kit Photo 2Pin

Messi FootBubbles aims to let kids feel as though they can be like him with their one-two combination of their FootBubbles Super Solution and their Messi Socks. The specially formulated Super Solution and the Messi Socks make it so you are able to bounce, juggle and do all kinds of tricks with bubbles on your feet. This toy is recommended for kids 6+.

The Leo Messi FootBubbles Starter Kit includes the following:

  • Two (2) Messi Socks
  • One (1) bubble blower
  • One (1) solution tray
  • One (1) bottle of Super Solution, 2oz

Check out this instructional video to get bubble juggling like Leo Messi.

YouTube video

I can see why this toy is advised for kids of this age group. After following the directions laid out in the video, my younger children (age 4 and 3) were not able to get anything bubble bouncing or juggling action happening.  They did have fun with the Super Solution and the bubble blower, creating a bubbly sky in our backyard. We figured it was because it was due to the wind blowing the bubbles away.

My eldest found more success with Messi FootBubbles than my little ones did in their attempt. We changed the location for testing from outdoors to indoors to eliminate any weather issues that may cause for this toy not to work. After a few attempts, this is what happened.

YouTube video

It worked! She was able to get a few more bounces off of her feet, and even pass it from one foot to another before her bubble popped. After she finished playing, she said she really enjoyed trying to bounce and move the bubbles from one foot to another. We also realized that there was a bit of a learning curve to mastering this toy. Kids should have a bit of patience until they are able to become successful with this toy.

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All three of my kids enjoyed playing with Messi FootBubbles. My younger children loved making bubbles with the bubble blower and bubble tray, and my eldest had a ball bouncing bubbles and trying to juggle them on her feet. Playing with bubbles just went to a whole other level of fun for them.

Ottawa Mommy Club Messi FootBubbles Meg Bounce Collage PhotoPin

For more information about Messi FootBubbles, you can connect with them on their YouTube pages!

Disclaimer: I received products from Messi FootBubbles in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. I think it would be great fun to try and catch bubbles with my feet this summer. I would play with the grandchildren.

  2. This look like so much fun, my granddaughter would love it. My children played with water balloon but I would fill them for them until they were old enough to do it them self. This is so cool.

  3. What an oddly enticing product! My first reaction was more along the lines of “what the?”. After pause, I can see the fun in it. Bubbles you can kick!

  4. I cant because of my disability but im sure other family members would try catching bubbles with their feet too using the Leo Messi FootBubbles Starter Kit

  5. I definitely would try!! I would probably end up hurting myself but looks like to much fun not to try!!

  6. I would definitely try to catch bubbles with my feet! This would be so much fun for the whole family 🙂

  7. We would definitely try catching with our feet. With a 13 yr old and a 3 year old this could be lots of backyard fun!

  8. I would try catch the bubbles with my feet using the Leo Messi FootBubbles starter kit, but I think most of the bubble catching would be done by my kids. Thank you.


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