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Best Tourist Destinations in the USA

The United States is home to hundreds of tourist attractions, both natural and man-made. America shows visitors the majesty of its natural formations, the expressiveness of its various cultures, and even though it is a relatively young country, the value of its history. The following best tourist destinations in the USA have appeared consistently in many tourism web sites, magazines, and books.

Top Tourist Attractions in USA

When selecting the top tourist attractions in the United States it is interesting to see the diversity of the selections. There is something for everyone in this list of 7 great destinations.

1. Times Square, New York City

times square, New York CityPin

Boasting an appropriate nickname of “Crossroads of the World,” the eclectic Times Square is not actually a square, but more of a bowtie shape, created where 7th Avenue, 42nd Street, and Broadway meet. This piece of mid-town Manhattan attracts visitors from all over the world for excellent entertainment, amazing food, varied cultural and artistic events, advertising and commerce opportunities, and of course, people-watching. There’s never a dull moment here.

Tagged the crossroads of the world, this is an amazing place to experience as 35 million people visit it each year. Known for its animated, digital advertisements that help create an exciting vibe. Time Square is home and adjacent to many of the Broadway theatres that feature some of the most popular productions ever produced. There are many upscale hotels, and restaurants availabe for tourist. The music, nightlife and shops to cater to tourists seeking to take a bite of the “Big Apple”.

2. The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada

The various hotels of Las Vegas Boulevard, otherwise know as The Strip, collectively offer a 4.5-mile haven for those who love glamour, food, shopping, live entertainment, and of course, casinos. “America’s Playground” is constantly rebuilding itself (literally) and striving for top-notch guest satisfaction. Not only do the big-name restaurants offer hip atmosphere and flavourful cuisine, but the hotels are built for more interactivity with casinos, pools, and shopping in Las Vegas.

3. Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney World- EpcotPin

One of the best tourist destinations in the USA is Walt Disney World! Florida’s most popular attraction opened in 1971, home to such wonders as Cinderella’s Castle, Splash Mountain, It’s A Small World” and Space Mountain. Disney does not release information about attendance, but through TEA/ERA theme park reports, it can be confirmed that the Magic Kingdom tops the theme park list with 16.6 million visitors each year. This is the happiest place on earth, or so it has been said. You can check out Disney’s website for seasonal hours of operation for the park and prices for admission.

True Disney fans go to Disney World and blissfully lose themselves in the magic of lights, sounds, and stories, both new and old. For the older folks, nostalgia plays a big part in the fun, while the kids get to meet and greet larger-than-life versions of their favourite characters. Everyone can enjoy rides, scenery, movies, animals, parades, and other delights created by the inspired team of Disney Imagineers, proving that “The Mouse House” is always an experience to remember.

4. National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington, D.C.

For those who prefer more traditional or historical destinations, The National Mall is your answer. Once you arrive downtown, you should remember only three words that will easily get you through the day: Smithsonian, monuments, and free. The Smithsonian Institution’s collection of 19 museums is the largest in the world, and seven of D.C.’s monuments reside here, including the Lincoln, Jefferson, and WWII memorials. All offer free admission.

There are an estimated 25 million visitors to this attraction each year. The collection of monuments and memorials include; Washington Monument, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Many visit these memorials and monuments for different reasons, but one thing is clear, they speak to all that is American and what has formed this nations. For many visitors its is an emotional journey and for others it is an educational experience that brings a personal touch to history.

Most monuments and memorials can be visited 24 hours each day, but park rangers are on duty to answer questions between the hours of 9:30 am and 11:30 pm. The only exception is the Washington Monument, which has tours beginning at 9:00 am and ending with the last tour beginning before 4:45pm.

5. Niagara Falls State Park, Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Falls has offered generations the majestic beauty and humbling power of Niagara Falls State Park. Visitors foster a sense of awe and wonder. There are many ways to experience the falls; dine at the Top of the Falls Restaurant, walk right up to the base of the falls during the Cave of the Winds tour, or let the water fall all around you during the Maid of the Mist boat ride. Niagara Falls have attracted the lovers and honeymooners, the artist and the writers, there is something for everyone to enjoy and everyone is taken by the beauty of this natural wonder. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the US, welcoming nearly 14 million guest each year.

6. Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, California

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, CaliforniaPin

Another best tourist destination in the USA is the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Fisherman’s Wharf, a neighbourhood and popular tourist attraction, located in the northern waterfront area of San Francisco from Ghirardelli Square or Vas Ness Avenue east to Pier 35 or Kearny Street. Known for Pier 35 San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, the Cannery Shopping Center, Ghirardelli Square, and the Wax Museum of Fisherman’s Wharf.

Restaurants and stands serve seafood, most notably Dungeness Crab and Clam Chowder, in sourdough bread bowls. The Golden Gate National Park encompasses 200 years of history, including Native American Culture, Spanish Empire frontier and the Mexican Republic, to maritime history, the California Gold Rush, the evolution of American coastal fortifications and the growth of urban San Francisco.

A vast amount of historical information about the forming of the western part of the USA is covered. Crissy Field Center is open all year Wednesday through Sunday 9 am to 5 pm for tours. The Fisherman’s Wharf and Golden Gate National Recreation is estimated to receive 13 million visitors each year. You can visit the website for additional information and schedules.

7. San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California

If you want to see animals that you’ve only heard about, from far away countries as well as local, get out to the San Diego Zoo. The Zoological Society of San Diego includes their famous 100-acre Zoo, the 1,800-acre Wild Animal Park, and the Conservation Research Center. Zoo visitors can see and learn about animals, insects, and plants from all over the earth, and partake in opportunities such as volunteering and adoption.

There are uncountable popular USA tourist destinations and all you need is the time, money, and wherewithal to seek them out. Whether it’s the excitement of an amusement park, the serenity of a protected forest, the peace of a sun-drenched beach, or the grandeur of a historical monument, the American landscape has something for everyone!

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