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3 Fun Reasons to Love Slow Rise Squishies – Review

Searching for a toy all three of my kids can enjoy is a task only the faint of heart can take on. How many toys can captivate a teenager and two younger kids? Let me tell you, there are not that many. Showcase, a brand that likes to have the hottest trending items in stock across Canada, asked my family if we could test the latest trend for kids to play with, Slow Rise Squishies™. They wanted to know if all three of my kids would enjoy playing with these soft and smushy toys. We Found three reasons why we would play with them over and over again!

3 Fun Reasons to Love Slow Rise SquishiesPin
Slow Rise Squishies baked goods, fruit and basketball products in a basket

Slow Rise Squishies Review

Originating in Japan, Slow Rise Squishies™ can be found exclusively at Showcase stores across Canada. They are the only place to see the entire collection of squishies in the country. There is a variety of Slow Rise Squishies™ designs for collectors to choose from. These squishy toys are available in numerous baked good shapes such as bread, cakes, doughnuts and macaroons to cute shapes from emoticons to basketballs!

Below are the Slow Rise Squishies™ designs my family received to test:

  • Slow Rise Squishy 6″ Large Mango
  • Slow Rise Squishy 9” Large Panini
  • Slow Rise Squishy 6” Shortcake Slice
  • Slow Rise Squishy 5″ Triple Layer Cake
  • Slow Rise Squishy Hello Kitty Donut Charm
  • Slow Rise Squishy Croissant
  • Slow Rise Basketball

Now that you know which Slow Rise Squshies™ designs my kids got to play with, take a look at why they got such a kick out of them!

1. Fun designs

The look of each squishy toy looked close to the real items they are replicating. I really liked the vibrant colours chosen as they really popped off of the toy. We all really love the look of the cakes and the baked goods. A lot of details went into decorating and shading of these pieces. All of this work make playing with these toys more fun to do! 

3 Fun Reasons to Love Slow Rise SquishiesPin
Slow Rise Squishies Large Panini Loaf, Croissant and Mango in a basket.

2. Texture

It felt as though each Slow Rise Squshies™ design had a different texture to them. My kids and I love feeling the bumps of fruit and icing on the cakes and the slightly rougher and crevices of the Panini loaf and the croissant. We spent a lot of time taking in all of the work put into this aspect of these toys.

3 Fun Reasons to Love Slow Rise SquishiesPin
Slow Rise Squishies Short Cake Slice, Triple Layer Cake and Hello Kitty Donut Charm in a basket

3. Squishability

I know, these toys have squishy in their name, but the manner in which they squish are REALLY fun! My kids could not resist to want to squish each one just to watch as it slowly rose and put itself back into shape. My eldest did a test with the “6 Short Cake Squishy. I had her smush it right down as much as she could, then hold it out in her hand so I could capture it as it put itself back to its original shape. When I had a chance to put these toys to the test, I had a ball crushing, crumpling and twisting them out of form, only to watch them unravel themselves as though they had not been tampered with.

3 Fun Reasons to Love Slow Rise SquishiesPin
Collage of photos showing the various stages of a Slow Rise Squishies 6″ Sort Cake from being squished to its original form.

One aspect of this product I was not a fan of was their aroma. It is a bit strong and stays on the product for a while after we received our toys. The Slow Rise Squisies™ site tells visitors that these toys are 100% non-toxic, but the smell can be a bit unpleasant when you first get them.

Overall, my kids and I really love playing with our Slow-Rise Squishies™. The colours used for these designs were executed really well, the attention to details for the texture was great, and watching these toys un-squish themselves was fascinating. The scent may be a bit of a surprise at first, but the fun we had so much fun playing with them, we got over this negative aspect quickly.

3 Fun Reasons to Love Slow Rise SquishiesPin
Collage of photos showing kids playing with Slow Rise Squishies

Want to find out more about Slow-Rise Squishies™? You can visit them at Showcase on their Facebook, Twitter @ShopAtShowcase, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest pages!

Disclaimer: I received products from Showcase in order to conduct this review. The views expressed are my own.


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  1. I think my daughter would like the Mango because it is so smooth. These toys are moving like hot cakes from Showcase!! We have that place on speed dial for Thursday morning shipments. It the simply things that really get the children’s attention!

  2. My girls would probably like the Triple Layer Cake since they are obsessed with Food Network’s baking shows.

  3. My granddaughter likes Hello Kitty so I think she would love to play with the Slow Rise Squishy Hello Kitty Donut Charm.

  4. The cake and mangos look like they taste amazing! Shouldn’t look at them while I’m hungry…

    Besos Sarah

  5. I would love to give my daughter the Slow Rise Squishy Hello Kitty Donut Charm. I will have to go to Showcase and check these out – wish I’d seen the post earlier today, because I was at the mall and would definitely have gone into Showcase to check them out. I know my kids would love these!

  6. I think my girls would love the Triple Layer Cake the best! They love to watch Youtube videos with slow rising squishies.

  7. I bought a squishie to use with my students as a calming tool.
    unfortunately one of the students bit it and then broke it to pieces.
    They are a huge fave in the classroom.
    I think the students would like the cake.

  8. I think my kiddos would love any of the reviewed squishies!!! But most of all my son would love the basket ball!!!

  9. My daughter love the squshies when wee shop @ showcase she make me buy more thank for the chance , like and share

  10. We would love to #win some of the more unique ones (like the donut, ice cream cone etc)
    Thanks for the opportunity to #win!
    Good luck everyone!

  11. My family would like the Slow Rise Squishy 6″ Large Mango cake.
    Gosh, they sure are unique and fun.
    great giveaway.


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