Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada – Review


Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada – Review

Adventure. Ships. Dragons. Do you know a child who is a fan of all of these things? My kids are! They have been on the deck of a few bosts and ships and love the adventures each trip has brought them. The thought of bringing ships, adventures, and dragons together would be a winning combination for them. Luckily for them, Playbmoil Canada has done just that with their Drago’s Ship playset from popular Dreamworks Dragons© series. I was asked to see just how much fun my family would have sailing away to adventure with this playset at home.


Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada
Drago’s Ship Playset box.


Drago’s Ship allows for young adventurers to take to the high seas in search of dragon hunting. This ship (that actually floats!) comes equipped with tools to defend against and capture giant winged creatures. Once it was assembled, it was a beautiful boat to take in. We could not wait to explore every inch of it.


Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada
Drago’s Ship playset completed on a table.


Drago and Bludvist are on-board, ready to take on any danger or dragon they come across. Each of them are ready for battle at a moment’s notice and have fun while on their adventures.


Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada
Drago character from Drago’s Ship playset.


Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada
Bludvist character from Drago’s Ship playset.


There is an on-board cage with a dragon-shaped lock to keep captured dragon prisoners within it. Itis so much fun to open and close the cage, especially when prisoners are inside of it.


Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada
Collage of the cage aboard the Drago’s Ship playset.


Every large boat like this needs a way to defend itself. Flanking each side of Drago’s Ship is a huge crossbow that Drago and Bludvist can use to ward off enemies and take down dragons.


Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada
“Flaming” Crossbow aboard the Drago’s Ship playset.


The sail is truly a sight to behold. It is large and sturdy, perfect for a voyage across the high seas. The symbol on it warns others that this ship is not to be messed with!


Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada
Sail of Drago’s Ship playset.


One of the aspects of this ship, along with many of the playsets from Playmobil, is the amount of detail put into each of their playsets. The mast of the ship is cute and menacing at the same time. There are even little touches, such as a torch for sailing at night that are really nice to see. It is also fun to be able to give the Wheel at the helm of the ship a whirl and watch it spin.


Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada
Collage of the mast, torch and wheel of the the Drago’s Ship playset.


My son went nuts when he saw Drago’s Ship! He picked it up and turned it around in his hands to see every inch of the ship before playing with it.


Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada
Boy playing with Drago’s Ship playset on a table.


A favourite feature on this vessel are the functioning crossbows. With the flick of a finger, kids can send “flaming” arrows to bring down anything trying to harm the ship. We spent a lot of time aiming and shooting the crossbows across our home. We loved that they functioned so well.


Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada
Child’s hand playing with the toy crossbow of the Drago’s Ship playset.


We loved traveling across the ocean with Drago’s Ship from Playmobil. The larger than life crossbows, the massive sail and Drago and Bludvist keep kids of all kinds wanting to begin a new journey every day. The little details from port to stern makes kids feel as though you are on a real ship and helps to capture their imaginations while they play. The fact that you can actually set this ship on water to play is an added bonus! It is truly an adventure each time Drago’s Ship is out at playtime!


Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada
Sail Away to Adventure with Playmobil Canada


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Disclaimer: I received Drago’s Ship playset in order to conduct this review. The views I shared are my own.








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  1. Knowing my nephew I think he would spend a lot of time playing with the “Flaming” Crossbow aboard the Drago’s Ship playset.

  2. My nieces are fairly bloodthirsty, so I think they’d enjoy playing with the crossbow, and making people walk the plank :0

  3. I know my grandson would freak out with this great set, but I can’t pick out one specific item that he would play with the most because he would play with absolutely everything on this ship!!

  4. I think the kids would have a lot of fun with the Crossbow built into the ship and moving the characters around the different parts of the ship.

  5. Haha, without a doubt I know it would be the functioning crossbows that they would love the most!! The steering wheel is very cute too!

  6. My son has been completely obsessed with all things HTTYD since he could talk (he’s 3). He regularly tells my wife and I we are specific characters from the movies of show, and we have to play the parts.

    If he had this ship, He’d probably play with Drago a lot, but also the dragon cage. He’s always pretending to trap dragons.


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