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The Ontario Science Centre Makes Science Learning Fun!

On Sept. 26, 1969, the Ontario Science Centre, located at 770 Don Mills Road in Toronto, was inaugurated by a radio signal over 1.5 billion light years away that struck a circuit to raise the curtain at the Science Centre. It was one of first interactive science museums in the World. Since then, the Science Centre has welcomed over 48 000 million visitors. Now that’s quite an accomplishment! The Ontario Science Centre is built on a beautiful ravine and contains 6 levels, so the higher the level number, the further you actually go down. 


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The Ontario Science Centre showcases an array of science experiences, memorable exhibitions, engaging programs, 30 to 45 minutes demonstrations, and breathtaking films.

The Ontario Science Centre Makes Science Learning Fun!


On Level 1

You can take part in viewing movies in Ontario’s only IMAX® Dome theatre.


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Demonstrations: The Science of Flight: Live, free-flight demonstrations on eagles, hawks, falcons, or owls.

On Level 2

Special Exhibition in the Procter and Gamble Hall: Until April 10th, 2016, Circus The Exhibition! Your children will explore the secrets and science of juggling, the human cannonball, sword swallowers, daily demonstrations at the High Wire and Elastic Acrobatics, and more. They can also try to balance their act on the High Wire! 


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Demonstrations: Cool Science: Chill out with Liquid Nitrogen: You will discover the science of ultra-cold, and how gases become fluids at extreme temperatures. My daughter and I took part in this 30 minutes vivid demonstration and enjoyed the knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor, and finding out more on the properties of liquid Nitrogen. Good thing the instructor’s helper did not put her hand in the liquid nitrogen container and a mum was used instead!!


YouTube video


On Level 3

Outdoor Terrace: View outdoor art and science installations.

On level 4

KidSpark is the extremely popular hall designed for children under the age of eight to learn, explore and create through play, building, water, and a variety of activities. 


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In Space, you can check out a real Moon rock, a meteorite from Mars, and explore the Universe in Toronto’s only public planetarium.

On Level 5

Question of Truth explores how beliefs and biases can influence scientific research.

On Level 6

At the Weston Family Innovation Centre, your child will experiment with sound panels, play with ferrofluid piano, test the material orchestra, and see his/her face in bubbles. 

Living Earth delivers natural wonder, including a simulated tornado and a full rainforest environment.

The Science Arcade is a fan favorite with a complete hands-on science experience that includes the famous electricity demo.


YouTube video


Special Exhibition Hall

Special Exhibition Hall: Mammoths and Mastodons: Titans of the Ice Age until April 24th, 2016. Visitors will investigate mammoth and mastodon family life, habitats, and the other species that called these places home during the Ice Age. You will find more than 100 rare fossils and specimens from collections around the world including the model of Lyuba, the baby mammoth recently discovered in the Siberian tundra, sharp-tipped spear points and hunting instruments made by Ice Age hunters, fossil casts, and full size, fleshed-out animals that create immersive scenes from the past.


Mammoths and Mastodons Titans of the Ice AgePin


This was my favourite exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre! I loved seeing the displays, including fossils and life-sized replicas of Lyuba, a bear, and the sabre-toothed cat. The interactive display that challenges visitors to reach and clasp with robotic trunks in order to experience what life would a trunk be like was lots of fun too!

Are mammoths the ancestors of elephants? 

Aren't mammoths the ancestors of elephantsPin



What’s the Matter?: Take part in an explosive exploration of solids, liquids and gases.


Ontario Science Centre- What's the Matter showPin


Electricity Demo: You can get charged out of the Van de Graaff generator and find out more on electricity.

Papermaking Demo: You can transform plants and cloth into paper.


Papermaking- Ontario Science CentrePin


Science HotSpot: Live presentation on how to plug into current science stories.

Upcoming Special Exhibition

Ripley’s Believe or Not: Explore the real science behind the unbelievable from late May to Early September, 2016.


If you get hungry or thirsty, the Science Centre offers many food services consisting of a bistro, cafés, and a restaurant on different levels of the Science Centre.

Regular Hours

Monday to Friday
10 am – 4 pm

Weekends and Holidays
10 am – 5 pm


Ontario Science Centre and Shoppers Drug Mart® OMNIMAX® Theatre

  Science Centre
Science Centre
+ IMAX Film
Adult (18-64) $22 $13 $28
(save $7)
Youth (13-17)
Student (with ID)
Senior (65+)
$16 $9 $22
(save $3)
Child (3-12) $13 $9 $19
(save $3)
Infant (2 & under) Free!
Members Free! 50% off Learn about all the benefits of becoming a Member!
Gold Members Free! Free!


Parking is $10.00 per vehicle (50% off for Members, Free for Gold Members).


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As you can see, the Ontario Science Centre offers plenty of learning, interactive and hands-on exhibits and demonstrations for the whole family to enjoy. You can spend an entire day without even noticing how fast time is actually going by. Make sure you stop by when visiting Toronto!

For more information the Ontario Science Centre, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube!


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  1. I love it when museums are interactive, especially science museums. This sounds like a fabulous one to visit. The size of the mammoths is incredible and I’m glad you thought to have a photo taken as that really does show how massive they were.

  2. This place looks like so much fun. We are going to ON in june and I cannot wait to take my lil guy here. 🙂 Thanks for the insight!

  3. I love how many fossils are in the ice age exhibit! We loved the ice age exhibit at Science North. It was mostly models (sound and movement) with a few fossils. Different focuses, but both amazing exhibits!


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