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Beside-U Handbags Review

When it comes to purses and handbags I look for functionality and comfort and then at style (and admittedly I am not a fashionista). Luckily, handbags and purses from Beside-U Canada combine all these features, making their bags the perfect addition to any woman’s handbag collection regardless of what it is needed for!

Beside-U Cherie bagPin

When I was offered the opportunity to review a bag from Beside-U I knew I needed a bag that could keep up with my lifestyle – between my daughter’s swimming lessons and horseback riding lessons, as well as family hiking and road trips I am constantly on the go. I can also be found running from client-to-client, usually with not a lot of time to switch handbags if the one with my stuff in it isn’t appropriate for the occasion. 

Cherie Bag from Beside-U

I was lucky enough to get the stylish Cherie bag from Beside-U‘s Endeavour collection. I chose the Cherie because it is a practical bag for those who travel a lot or for the commuter who likes the option to hold a bag by a small handle or drape it over their shoulder. In addition to the ability to drape the Cherie bag over one should, the single strap unzips to become two straps, which means it easily converts to a lightweight backpack – perfect for when you are running to catch a bus, travelling with little ones or when you just need your hands free to carry groceries, luggage, etc. The shoulder straps are also adjustable and lightly padded making this bag comfortable to carry, even when full.

Beside-U bags, including the Cherie bag, are also designed to coherently organize your belongings by offering many pockets throughout – including one at the back which allows you to keep your most valuable items closer to your body and more difficult for someone to steal (perfect for travelling!).

Cherie Bag Features

The Cherie bag, along with all new bags from Beside-U, also have a full zippered pocket inside the bag that is RFID blocking. What this means is that these bags feature special German-made material that block the radio frequency found in credit cards that have the wireless tap feature. The radio frequency from a credit card can be picked up by anyone with the right equipment; all they have to do is stand next to you to pick up your credit card’s signal and steal your banking information – but not with a Beside-U bag by your side!

Whether you are a university student, a professional or simply looking for a handbag that compliments your fashion-forward style, Beside-U offers 17 different collections, each featuring a different kind of nylon, attractive colours, and all of which are available for viewing on their website. Each collection has its own unique logo plate, zipper pull and inner lining, and each Beside-U collection has the basics: a crossbody, a tote, a backpack, etc.

What Makes the Handbags from Beside-U so Impressive

So, to summarize the features of Beside-U handbags:

  • Stylish designs both inside and out.
  • Made from lightweight nylon.
  • Many functional pockets, some of which have a zipper to ensure items big and small are safely stowed.
  • The inside of their larger bags feature slots for tablets and laptops of varying sizes.
  • Water resistant, which means when a little one accidentally dumps their glass of water on your bag the items inside have a good chance of staying safe (but remember, nothing with a zipper can be ‘waterproof’!)!
  • Exteriors can be easily washed with soap and water – perfect cleaning off stubborn winter salt, spring muck and fall mud!
  • RFID blocking for secure travelling, even in your home city.

Beside-U handbags are sold in 14 countries worldwide, including Canada and the USA. You can check their store locator at www.beside-u.ca or visit them on Facebook or Twitter. There is a style, design and colour for every taste and purpose – look for yourself and see and then let me know in the comments what bag you could see yourself wearing!

Disclaimer: I received the Cherie bag from the Endeavour Collection for the purposes of this review. The opinions expressed are my own.


Tracy (Redefined)
Tracy (Redefined)http://www.VirtualOfficeResources.ca
In addition to being a freelance writer and blogger, Tracy is a virtual assistant specializing in marketing and communication at VirtualOfficeResources.ca. She is also a devoted mother to an imaginative daughter and wife to her best friend of more than fifteen years. In her spare time she enjoys baking, kayaking, snowshoeing, walking her energetic Australian Shepherd, and cuddling with her perpetually grumpy cat. Depending on the time of day, Tracy's downtime is spent with a good book and hot cup of fair trade coffee or a glass of Canadian red wine.

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  1. I like the crossbody Mika or the Reina. What a great selection of bags, they`re all so fashionable! I`d honestly be thrilled with any of them. Love the colors, and the RFID technology!

  2. I would definitely get the Cherie, it’s so versatile and it looks like it’s great as a travel daybag which is what I’m looking for. All of the colours are great, but if I had to choose I would go with black.

  3. Wow, I can honestly say it was hard to choose a favorite. They are such beautiful bags and look so well made. But I did narrow it down to the Amelia. It’s a style I could use with any outfit. Thank you for the Great giveaway 🙂

  4. I was sure I’d already written which bag I liked best but I can’t find it so I must be dreaming! I’d choose the Isabel in Red Cordovan. Lovely colour 🙂

  5. I love the Jolie bag. I like the various pockets to store items. I like the Khaki colour. I need a bag that is both handles and a long shoulder strap.

  6. I really like the SOPHIA / BCT-01
    It’s beautiful and absolutely perfect for my needs!
    Thanks so much for introducing me to this awesome site.
    Their bags are so practical and gorgeous!! Love them!!

  7. I don’t think i could pick just one!! they’re all so awesome! i love handbags and yet I have only one. If i haaaad to choose I’d go for the Luisa or Sophia in black

  8. I can’t find my comment again! So to be on the safe side here it is again.
    I love the LUISA / BCR-13 in Cardinal Red.


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