Enjoy Quick and Easy Dinners with Ropot #Review #Giveaway ~ CAN/US 10/12

Enjoy Quick and Easy Dinners with Ropot

The kids are back to school! With this change comes a busier schedule for our family. We have after school activities and playdates to work our family meals around. There are nights when, as parents, we relent to a junk night, but we want to try to have as many healthier dinners together.  Ropot, a machine that quickly prepares meals, understands the need for busy families to be able to enjoy a home-cooked meal together. They asked our family to try making a family favourite dish in one of their machines to see how quick and easy it could be. I could not wait to test it out.


Enjoy Quick and Easy Dinners with Ropot
Gold Ropot.


The Ropot was created to make cooking quicker and easier for you family. The built-in paddle stirs the ingredients and to continually at the right speed. The upper and lower elements help to cook your meal thoroughly. Once the meal has cooked completely, the Ropot will shut itself off to prevent over cooking. Finally, an aspect your kitchen will love, is that it has a seal-tight lid that keeps splatter inside of the unit, preventing a mucky mess to clean up after dinner is done.

The inner pot is a 4-inch deep by 10-inch in diameter, triple-layer, non-stick pot. This allows for a good-sized meal to be cooked at one time. Dish duty is simpler with only one pot to wash.


Enjoy Quick and Easy Dinners with Ropot
Inner pot of Ropot.


How easy is it to cook in a Ropot?

All you have to do is prep your ingredients, place them in the Ropot, close the lid, select a cooking mode, and let the Ropot take over.

Not sure how you can cook with a Ropot: Here are the many different ways you can prep your meals:

  • Stir fry
  • Braise/Steam
  • Stew
  • Pan fry
  • Sauté
  • Roast
  • Manual
  • Toss (when certain dishes need extra seasoning near the end of cooking).


Enjoy Quick and Easy Dinners with Ropot
Finger selecting function on Ropot.


Time to get cooking!

One of my favourite meals to enjoy, is beef stew. It is such a warm and hearty meal to sit down to with a family. The only issue with I have with making beef stew is the amount of time it takes to cook. A good beef stew on the stove takes at least two hours to complete. The only days we would want to make this dish is on the weekend. Our hectic schedules make it hard to make this meal during the week.

I could not wait to try out the stew function on the Ropot with my beef stew recipe. Putting it together took the same amount of time, but there was a drastic amount of difference in time when I used the Ropot.

After I braised my beef and prepped the rest of my ingredients, I put them all into the Ropot, put the lid down, set the unit to the Stew function, and let the Ropot cook. You can also put raw meat in the Ropot.


Enjoy Quick and Easy Dinners with Ropot
Vegetables on a cutting board.


The Stew function is programmed to run for 20 minutes. Once the cycle was complete, I gave things a taste, and decided to let it go for another cycle.


Enjoy Quick and Easy Dinners with Ropot
Beef Stew ingredients in an open Ropot.


The end results…

When the machine buzzed for the last time, I gave this beef stew another taste, and oh, it was ever ready! The beef and the veggies were tender. I found the broth to be thick and rich. There was also a lot of stew in the pot, so I was happy that there would be enough for my family to enjoy.

And the taste? It was really good! I was so happy it came out this well. My other half was a bit skeptical about how well this stew was going to turn out. He was impressed by the tenderness and the taste of this beef stew!


Enjoy Quick and Easy Dinners with Ropot
Beef Stew in a bowl.


One thing to consider

There is one thing I have to share about the Ropot that I feel may improve the experience for users. It is great to have so many functions to choose from on this expedient machine. I believe it would become even more valuable if there was a keep warm function. We made our stew, but we were not ready to eat it at the time it finished. It would be amazing if this function was on this unit to keep a meal warm for longer, it would make cooking dishes in it so much better!


Enjoy Quick and Easy Dinners with Ropot
Open Ropot on a kitchen counter.


More quick and easy dishes to come!

Overall, I was really happy with our Ropot! It was simple to use, I was able to easily adapt a favourite family meal to be made in a fraction of the time in this machine, and it lessened the amount of clean-up after dinner. Though there were a few features that I wished were different about this unit, my family and I were happy with the results we experienced. We cannot wait to try out more of our family’s favourite recipes in our Ropot!

Promo Code

Ropot would like to make it easier for Ottawa Mommy Club followers to get their own Ropot to try at home! Type in USD30 OFF at the checkout on Ropot’s site to enjoy an exclusive discount !



Enjoy Quick and Easy Dinners with Ropot
Enjoy Quick and Easy Dinners with Ropot


Want to find out more about Ropot? We learned more about them on their website, and we connected with them on their Facebook, and Twitter pages!

Disclaimer: I received a Ropot in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

A Ropot Giveaway!

Would yo like to make quick and easy meals for your family this fall? Ropot would like to give one lucky Ottawa Mommy Club follower a Ropot to enjoy!


Enjoy Quick and Easy Dinners with Ropot
Ropot on a kitchen counter.


The ARV of this prize package is $289US!

This giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents and 

ends at 11:59 EDT on October 12th, 2018.

Good luck!

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  1. I have always wanted one of these! The first meal I would make in it is a thick soup/stew.. perfect for this cooler weather! Thank you for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  2. This looks like a handy appliance to have. I’d love to make split pea soup in it. My kids really like it, and soup is so delicious in the fall.

  3. I’d like to try their recipe for Mexican Beef Chili. I’ve always used ground beef, but theirs calls for beef chunks. It looks great.


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