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Canvas Factory Helps Feed a Mother’s Pictures Obsession – Review

As a mother, I am completely obsessed with pictures. I love capturing that perfect moment to remember forever. Unfortunately, though, these days it’s easier to take pictures than it is to print pictures. The thing is, these days, you can even get your photos printed on canvas and get this done at websites like Canvas Factory.

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Photo Caption: Canvas Factory

I mean, 15 years ago, printing wasn’t easy, but at least you only had the ability to print 8 to 16 pictures on a roll; now you can take up to 100 pictures in one day and then you’re suddenly stuck, 6 years later, with over 20,000 pictures! I print what I can when I can, but these moments are so special to me I don’t want to just print them and then hide them away in some box or dusty photo album somewhere – I want to be able to display them and be able to see these special moments every time I walk into a room.

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Photo Credit: Canvas Factory

Well, enter Canvas Factory!

Canvas Factory is a Canadian company that produces prints on canvas and they take pride in their high-quality materials at an affordable price.

“Canvas Factory provides high quality canvas prints at an affordable price. We believe in providing the best canvas printing services to ensure that your photos are preserved on canvas exactly as you want them, easily and conveniently.”

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy To Order With Canvas Factory

Recently, I decided I wanted to get one of my most favourite moments printed – but not just printed – displayed beautifully as a gift for my dad. I visited the Canvas Factoryand although I was a little nervous, it didn’t take long for me to notice that everything from their website setup to their product selection to their customer service was great!

Initially, I had a question about shipping, so instead of looking around aimlessly (although it literally took me 15 seconds to find it when I did look – and might I add is pretty awesome – $12.84 for shipping anything under $120, and over $130 shipping is FREE! ), I started a live chat. Not only was the person I spoke to real, but I asked all kinds of random questions and not once did she refer me to call the customer service number (nothing irks me more than being told the people on the chat can’t help me).

Then I proceeded to peruse their product selection as well as their sizes. I’d already decided that I wanted a canvas picture, but I was interested to see what sizes were available and what the new technology these days (I’m not very hip and with it) may have developed since the last time I ordered something like this online.

Canvas Factory Helps Feed a Mother's Obsession #ReviewPin
Photo Credit: Canvas Factory

In addition to the canvas photos (which come rectangular, square, and panoramic and range in sizes from 12 in x 18 in to 40 in x 32 in – you can even create your own custom sizing), you can also order acrylic glass prints (which come in the same shapes and the same sizes), and HD Metal Prints made using high-quality aluminum (same shapes and roughly the same sizes), you can get any one of these as a single photo, a split image photo, a wall display, and even a collage.

The process itself – uploading and editing my image was easier than anything I’ve ever done with any other online company (not naming names but it might sound like smuddersmy). I was able to upload my image from either my desktop, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, of flickr. That being said, I know that once a photo is uploaded to Facebook, the image quality immediately decreases so I wasn’t surprised when the first image I chose wouldn’t upload because the pixels weren’t high enough.

But I eventually found the original photo on my computer and uploaded it. It’s a picture I took on a whim with my iPhone 6 years ago. It’s never been very good quality but I love the picture so much. I uploaded it anyways with the plan to change the filter.  

When I got to the next page, I was able to choose from all sorts of filters – B&W, invert, sepia, red, blur, edge, and more, and I could change the brightness, the contrast and the sharpness.

And just as I thought I was ready to order, I get to the next page and they start asking me about my wrapping style – whether I wanted mirrored (where the picture would look like it goes from front to back so the sides of the canvas wouldn’t be bare), continuous (like it was actually being wrapped around the canvas) and I could choose specific colours to make it resemble an actual frame.

Done and sent!

I woke up, though, the next morning to an email from Canvas Factory – and it wasn’t some automated generic email, it was an actual employee telling me that the quality wasn’t super great and asked if I wanted to continue or choose another picture. They’d even attached a picture of what it would look like on the canvas. I was pretty married to this picture though, so even if it was a little grainy, I would have tried to pass it off as “artsy.” I told them to go ahead. I was emailed later that day informing me my canvas had been shipped and they provided me with a tracking number.

Memories To Last A Lifetime With Canvas Factory

Canvas Factory Helps Feed a Mother's Obsession #ReviewPin

A little while later, I got my box in on my door step – and I will say – I am not AT ALL disappointed! In fact, it’s really not as grainy as I thought it would be – it barely looks grainy at all! It was packaged beautifully, the wood it’s made with is real road, not flilmsy poster board, the canvas is wrapped professionally and it’s just beautiful! On top of that, it was saran wrapped as well as being wrapped in a large box, so there was no chance this was getting damaged.

Canvas Factory Helps Feed a Mother's Obsession #ReviewPin

I am 100% completely in love with the canvas photo and although I can’t wait to give it my dad, I also kind of…just a little bit…sort of…wanna keep it for myself!

I definitely recommend Canvas Factory. I didn’t have to re-do anything 10 times while trying to upload, I didn’t have to ask about shipping times or shipping costs (cause it’s all right there in front of you!) and I didn’t even have to check up on it while it was shipping – it came quickly and safely. This is the perfect company to use if you’re looking to capture that perfect moment that’s just sitting on your computer and display it for years and years to come!

Note: The picture of the picture does not do it justice.

Canvas Factory Helps Feed a Mother's Obsession #ReviewPin

Disclaimer: I received a canvas image print from Canvas Factory in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

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  1. I would choose a single canvas print and would use the picture from three years ago when we were all together for Christmas. With our son living in Australia, we are hoping to get together again this year. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  2. I love the single Canvas print. I actually have one of both of my daughters and now being pregnant with baby #3 I would love to get one done of baby girl shortly after she is born

  3. I prefer the single print canvas because I can print a photo of my kids from our last vacation that would go perfect in our sitting room.

  4. I love them all but if I had to pick just one I love the collage canvas print. You can choice a bunch of your favourite pictures and get them all on one canvas and display all on one thing instead of having them all over the place throughout your house, etc. They can all be front and Center on one canvas

  5. I prefer the single canvas print. I have similar type of canvas already in my house so it would be cohesive. I would use one of my own pictures.

  6. I have 5 kids, so I’d love to have a collage frame on my wall! I’m wanting to put up more family pictures to enjoy.

  7. i really like landscape one because always want capture place where i love to most which is our cabin in mountains.

  8. My favorite are the collage type! Because I have a ridiculous amount of photos I want to display & collages are a great way to do so! Thanks!

  9. I love the panoramic floating frame canvas – I can already see my image on the wall but the HD Metal is also calling my name – so many options it could turn into an art gallery around here.

  10. The canvas split image. If I won this I would like to give this to my daughter. She went on a trip in Feb and she showed me some of her pictures and I think this would make an awesome memory for her

  11. I like the metal prints.

    With the way our weather changes here and our home being humid and dry then cold in winter I think this will uphold well.

  12. I prefer the simple canvas prints, because they go with my home style more. Plus they don’t show dust as much! 😂

  13. I’m going to still stick with the landscape category in a single canvas print. A lot of great ones in that category!

  14. There are really beautiful ones in the landscape category. I’m staying with that category in a single canvas print.

  15. For the last two days I keep getting an error message for the second tweet. There was an error while tweeting the message.

  16. I just wanted to let you know that I have been unable to post your second tweet over the past few days that I have tried. I am getting an error.

  17. I would like a canvas from the Japanese category. I really like the bamboo and cherry blossom prints in this category.

  18. I love the landscape and butterfly categories . Very nice . Can think of a nice picture that would go good with a landscape canvas .

  19. With the long winter we are having I think I would love a canvas from the Beach category to remind me of warmer days to come.


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