Zipadee-zip and We’re Ready for Bed #Review and #Giveaway ~ CAN/US 06/23

I was a little hesitant to take on the review of the Zipadee Zip.  My baby had long outgrown being swaddled and wasn’t fond of sleep sacks. But, then I read through the various uses for the Zipadee Zip and decided to give it a try. I was especially interested after learning that the baby can be buckled in to a car seat, stroller, or swing while in it!  The inability to do this with sleep sacks was always frustrating for me.

The Zipadee Zip design allows freedom of movement while still being less constrictive than being swaddled. The feet and hands are covered, keeping the baby warm and also preventing them from scratching themselves. The zipper runs straight up and down the middle all the way to the bottom. This makes it a good choice for visits to the doctor – a quick and easy to put back on a screaming baby after a set of needles!

My baby was never fond of being clothed. I wish I had the Zipadee Zip when she was younger. It could have easily replaced a sleeper to wear around the house or in the carrier. The looseness of the fit would have allowed her to move freely, feeling more like being naked than a sleeper while keeping her warm at the same time.

zipadee copyThe Zipadee Zip is a little tricker for the older baby who is able to crawl. I tried it out when my baby was 10 months old and quite an efficient crawler. She needs to be wrapped and held to get to sleep. It is the only way to get her to stop moving long enough to get to sleep! The Zipadee Zip helped keep her from grabbing at things, like mommy’s hair, when we were trying to cuddle her to sleep. However, when she was crawling around her legs were easily tangled, making her look a little like Maggie Simpson. It didn’t seem to stop her though!

The cotton Zipadee Zip is thin enough that you can safely use it instead of a blanket for the baby when travelling in the car in the warmer months. It also comes in fleece for the colder months. I really loved the colourful print of the fabric of the Zipadee Zip I was given.

The Zipadee Zip was created by a mom trying to find a way to get her baby to sleep through the night after outgrowing swaddling. It helped transition her baby from swaddling to a sleep sack. This wasn’t the case with my little one, but to this day she kicks off all blankets at night no matter how thin or how cold it is in the room. I don’t think it says anything about the Zipadee Zip, just her personal preference.

The Zipadee Zip was designed by and is sold by a mom and dad team. You can visit their website at to learn more or to order your own Zipadee Zip. The average cost is $34.95 USD and they ship to Internationally.


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  1. I like the My Little Sunshine one, not sure if we are having a girl or boy so that would be perfect for either! 😀

  2. I would pick the Little Angels in boys. My daughter is having her first boy child next month and she would love this.

  3. I love the Little Hoot, it’s adorable and my daughter has an owl-themed room, but the Pretty Poppy one is so beautiful that I think I would choose that one.


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