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Entire store on liquidation. All sales are final. The end is near. In just a few weeks, Zellers will be closing its doors for good.

When the announcement came back in 2011 that Target Corporation had acquired the leasehold interests of the majority of Zellers stores, I heard the news but didn’t really stop to process how I felt about it. Amongst family and friends, there was the occasional comment about how shameful it was that a Canadian company was shutting its doors because it was no longer profitable only to have those doors re-open to an American company. For the most part however, comments from those around me, women in particular, were more about how excited they were that Target was coming to Canada. It seemed like thrifty Canadian shoppers were ready for fresh new stores and Target’s Expect More. Pay Less. promise.

But now, all these months later, as many shelves sit empty and I observe shoppers quietly searching through the leftovers to get their final fix of Zellers, I think back to what Zellers meant for me and realize that like a good friend, I will miss her when she’s gone.

Growing up in Saint-Laurent, the largest in area of Montreal’s boroughs, I made countless trips to Zellers with my mother and friends. It was one of two anchor stores at les Galeries St.-Laurent and it was the one closest to our home so no matter why were going shopping, we always went in and out from Zellers. It was where I got my first training bra, my first lipstick and my first perfume (well technically it was Jean Naté After-Bath Splash and I loved it).


Anyone else remember this?

It was where I had hours of one-on-one time with my mother, laughing, browsing, chatting, even weighing ourselves on the scales in the houseware section because we didn’t have one at home. I’m guessing we probably weren’t allowed to do that but it was fun all the same. It was also where I drove my mother crazy each time begging for something from the toy section. Ask her. She’ll tell you how I would plant my feet and refuse to leave the store. Unfortunately for her, the toy section was right near the exit so there was no avoiding it and I stood there longing for Barbie’s Townhouse. Mom endured this fuss way too many times. You know that old saying “Payback is a bitch”? It’s true. I’ve had to walk out of stores a time or two (or three …) with my own child tucked under my arm kicking and screaming like she was being kidnapped. Zellers was also where I used my own saved up money and proudly bought my father and my brothers Christmas presents for the first time (Old Spice for dad, Brut 33 for Tony and a table hockey game for George). You can pause to laugh about my choices of Old Spice and Brut 33 but you should know that at the time, it most definitely felt like I was buying the best gifts in the world. The table hockey game led to many hours of play with my brother and I hosting neighbourhood tournaments before school each day.

That’s what I see when I look at the nearly empty Zellers stores. My childhood. This is why I will miss her and remember her fondly.

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  1. Ambereen says:

    I’m with you on this.. Although I’m sure Target is great, it will never replace our fond memories of Zellers shopping trips when we were young.

  2. Life of K says:

    Just catching up on OMC posts… I’m glad I finally got to this one. It’s true – I think we all have memories of shopping at Zellers through the years. I hadn’t even thought of it until reading this so thank you for that.

  3. 🙂 Thanks for reading and for taking a moment to comment.

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