Wrap Up Chocolate as a Gift from DK Canada Books ~ Reviews

Wrap Up Chocolate as a Gift from DK Canada Books!

Whether it is dark, milk or white, people LOVE chocolate! It is a treat given and enjoyed during the holidays and helps to make fun memories. Have you ever wondered how this sugary confection is made? DK Canada takes readers on the chocolate trail from cocoa bean to irresistible morsel in Chocolate! It is just one of the books DK Canada has available to wrap up as a great gift idea to give this year as a part of their Holiday Gift Guide! Who wouldn’t want to Wrap Up Chocolate!

Wrap Up Chocolate as a Gift from DK Canada! #Review
DK Canada Chocolate Book

Chocolate Book

Not only does Chocolate show readers how chocolate is made, it also teaches readers how to appreciate chocolate by demonstrating the following:

  • how to find quality chocolate when buying it,
  • taste the difference in different types of chocolate
  • make chocolate yourself at home
  • try different flavour combinations; and
  • create delicious chocolate dishes from more than 20 recipes!

I really enjoyed learning about the various places cocoa is grown around the world. Chocolate maps out each location, gives details on their role and importance in this industry, shares tidbits about how this popular commodity is produced and, in some cases, what is being done to improve the conditions of those who produce cocoa in that region.

Wrap Up Chocolate as a Gift from DK Canada! #Review
DK Canada Chocolat Book

3 Different types of Chocolate

What I found most interesting about Chocolate was the variations within the three different types of chocolate that are available to consume. I am a milk chocolate fan, but I was not aware that it could be made in so many different ways.  This book shows you the different kinds of milk chocolate produced, the percentage of cocoa versus other ingredients used to make it and to check for its quality.

Wrap Up Chocolate as a Gift from DK Canada! #Review
DK Canada Chocolate Book

Chocolate Recipes

As a chocolate lover, I also had to share one of my favourite sections of Chocolate: the chocolate recipes! From cakes, cookies, and brownies to tartlets, mousses, and truffles to brownies, this book will have your sweet tooth tingling! The ingredients and directions are laid out easily for readers to follow. There are also variations shared for some of these delightful dishes so you can have fresh twists to favourite treats.

Wrap Up Chocolate as a Gift from DK Canada! #Review
DK Canada Chocolate Book

Chocolate was a very pleasant surprise to crack open and read. I learned a lot more about the production of cocoa, how to evaluate the quality of various chocolates and how to make it in so many different ways. The 300+ photos from cover to cover are gorgeous, making you crave for a bit of this treat as your eyes devour each of the pages. I am so glad I was asked to review this book from DK Canada! It really will help to sweeten the holidays for my mind as well as my stomach.

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Disclaimer: I received books from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.




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  1. I can’t even tell you how much I like chocolate. I could eat this every day all day. This sounds like a good book. Very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

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