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Colourful Paper Flower Wreath Craft
Colourful Paper Flower Wreath Craft
Prep Time
30 mins
Servings: 1 wreath
  1. Step -1:
  2. Select different coloured craft papers, would be great if you can gather 2 shades of each colour for the flower craft. Grab 2 shades of any coloured craft paper and trace the big flower pattern on one paper and the small flower pattern on the other paper. Trace the small circle on yellow paper and the leaf patterns on green paper. Cut out the traced patterns nicely.
  3. Step -2:
  4. Stick the small flower pattern in the centre of the big flower pattern. Stick the small circle in the centre of the small flower pattern.
  5. Step - 3:
  6. Grab as many coloured craft papers as you wish and prepare enough paper flowers to fill the whole wreath base. You can use our wreath base template or you can prepare a customized base.
  7. Step - 4:
  8. Determine a size for the wreath and cut out the base from cardstock paper.
  9. Step - 5:
  10. Start to attach the paper flowers on the wreath base. Keeping the flowers close to each other but also keeping enough space to attach the paper leaves on the base.
  11. Step - 6:
  12. Once you are done sticking the flowers and filling the wreath base, you can stick the leaves in between the flowers to give it a nicer look!
Recipe Notes

List of Supplies:
1. Coloured craft papers
2. Craft glue
3. Wreath base or cardstock paper.
4. Pencil
5. Scissors

6. Print template