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Paper Rose Craft Tutorial

Paper Rose Craft Tutorial

This Paper Rose craft is so easy to do and has such great results. You’ll be making these for everyone and attaching them to packages, cards, and more. Imagine the 3D cards you could make with these.
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  • Coloured craft paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Template


  • Step (1)Cut 4 pieces of the same coloured craft paper into a square, all 4 cut-outs should be of the same size. Mine was cut into 4 x 4 inches. Take any one of the square papers and use a pencil to trace the 6 petale pattern from the template on it.
  • Step (2)Simply cut out the traced pattern. Similarly cut 3 more patterns.
  • Step (3)This step is really important, cut the 6 petal pieces into 2 parts but each piece should be cut differently. Cut out 1 petal from any two of the 6 petal pieces. Cut out 2 petals from the third pattern and cut the last pattern into half (3 and 3). So, now let’s check, we have 5-1, 5-1, 4-2 and 3-3 petal patterns.
  • Step (4)In this step we’ll have to cut the 2 petal pattern and any one of the 3 petal patterns slightly from their outer edges to make them a bit smaller.
  • Step (5)Use a small round object to create curves on the sides of the cut-out petal patterns. Try to keep the curves neat.
  • Step (6)Time to glue the sides of all the patterns and give them a 3 dimensional look! Simply, Apply glue on one side of the petal patterns and join it with the other side. Join the sides of each pattern one by one.
  • Step (7)Now we have – 2 pieces with 5 petals, 1 with 4 petals, 2 with 3 petals, 1 with 2 petals and 2 with 1 petal. Check and make sure they’re all there!
  • Step (8)Start to join the patterns by gluing one on the top of another one. Try to arrange them nice and neatly to create a beautiful, blooming pattern. The ones with more petals should be on the bottom and the ones with fewer petals should be on the top. Follow this from the bottom – 5-5-4-3-3 small-2-1-1.
  • Step (9)Once done joining all the patterns allow the glue to dry. Cut out some green leaves from green coloured craft papers and glue them with the flower as well.
  • Grab all the colours you have and get crazy crafty!


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